Forthcoming on KSV, Pt. 14

KSV 219 Orbital Trash - Legislative Shin

01 Legislative Shin (41:16)

Recorded Dec ‘11-Feb ’12 by
Orbital Trash at Qin Vost, Brooklyn.
OT: Jank, Limb, and Svob.
Thanks to Haukur and Maciej at
King Wellness Records (IS) for their support.

Composed/Performed/mixed/produced by Orbital Trash.
Mastered by Maciej at King Wellness.
Artwork by Limb.

Takk: KSV.


"Dub the recordings, represent Masonite hands that accurately (with acrylic) rough up The Fountain in one rouged studio take: the sum of Orbital Trash's assessment of the expectation of rage and the processed tape echo of yellowed, out-of-pitch brain putrifcation that Legislative Shin paints in blue pitchblende portals. Raw, rough heads name the apathy, and worm through acrylic assaults with searing, dromedary gloom. Syncretic blacks dispose of radiophonic vanguard hues and mildewed nooks gape at archaic disjoints. Shin is kingly, and king's lead studio assault pulls the choroid paean down around its coheirs."

Gala Z., Women's Wear Dunkel No. 9, 2012


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