Forthcoming on KSV, Pt. 21

KSV 231 Dona Ferentes - Troubadour and His Shadow

01 Usciaioli (18:13) *
02 Lying Horizontally on the Ground (3:29)
03 Crepèt (2:27)
04 Gagana fa'a Palagi (9:56)
05 Grave (2:58)
06 Beiva (3:52)
07 Camerota (9:43) **


* Multiple field recs tape-caught in the woods near Case Blancobalardi and Colla dei Tre Faggi / Italy Apennines - summer 2012

 ** Multiple field recs tape-caught through the rocks in Cilento / Southern Italy - summer 2012

Other tracks recorded and mixed by DF early 2012 purchasing tape loops, effects, voice, digital-analog mess.....

*/** Feature musical-vocal contributions from various random people: you know who you are!

More info here.


 "Jacket recall pushed audience thug-theater glam beyond pushed leather, yet jacketed gangs' written vocalizations staged discordant, cut-dress, one-act insults that dispensed with the glam youth self. Dona Ferentes knows this better than anyone - his songs of street youth homelessness and dress suicide leather culture confront dramatists' images of dress-destruction closure in an immense flood of bent, derogatory cant. Troubadour and His Shadow answers back in stage chairs charred from confrontations with nighttime gangs of dark derogation and self-smeared lipstick. Self-dolled glam recoiled from country abuse, while heroin leatherwear ills wore resistance down to mannered, de rigueur youth year street shouts. Ferentes' superlative Karl Schmidt debut ditches manic suicide for a street-jacketed abuse beyond inspiration or limit. Nighttime youth punk equals black satin numerology."

Voss, Powder-Box No. 2, 2012


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