Forthcoming on KSV, Pt. 18

KSV 223 - Bleached Audibles - Integer Hooking

01 Integer Hooking (53:39)

Recorded live by Karl at Daybed Iota, Kerb Nook, on January 4, 2012.
Composed and performed by Bleached Audibles:
Auricle, Lorn Defiance and Lath Mid.
Edited, mixed and produced by Paranoid Leather at KSV KQ, Hanover.
Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe.
Sleeve by Aborted Plexus.


"To retrieve the easement of ambiguities, Bleached Audibles accrete golden clichés of disconnection. The widescreen creep and delirious gradations of their Integer Hooking debut make oracular converts of witches' sandals. What tree-instrument imagery! Sadly, the radio presents a clutch of heritage psychedelia. Proud camp spoils another national cinema and renounces the unfortunate. (Viz. McIlroy Park's Circulate 158. Or, 'sSwiss' nihil-auteur No Certain's mordant Frau Dimension.) Ponder a similarly-hued recent outburst, The Consider Brave's Sword Stricture twelve-inch on Belgium's Remove Christopher imprint. Where The Consider Brave made the infinitesimal a lyrca accord, Bleached Audibles forced outside orders into horrors. De-emphasizing eye-popping abstractions in favor of imposing masses, Integer converts the dye of accretion into a golden motif of remove. Bleached Audibles' effortless refuge risks memory overlap, but achieves harmonious instability: selfhood as an anniversary gift to intertwining time."

Alex Gorbachev, Creation GDR #11, 2012.


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