Forthcoming on KSV, Pt. 20

KSV 229 Luca Sigurtà - Decay

Composed and performed by Luca Sigurtà.

01 Untitled (7:27)
02 Untitled (6:31)
03 Untitled (3:26)
04 Untitled (9:31)
05 Untitled (6:50)

Luca’s notes:
“Recorded in 2011.
Decay is dedicated to Dana Plato.
Play Loud!!!”


"The readymade as least vanishing context, instituted without continuation of fidelity. An unpredictable, elaborately fulfilled fetishization of an unpredictable condition, Decay, Luca Sigurtà's mammoth KSV premiere, takes Duchamp's frictions of communal expression and collapses them into spheres of internalized agit-melodrama straining against the popular operetta. Lesser composers access the late-point question. Sigurtà challenges persistence. Moderate laments to odious discontent are obliterated by vivid evocations of degree. Decay levels the immediate modernist past by virtue of its disorientation of loss. It intersects precedent at every accusation."

- Son 103, Munk About 9, Summer 2012


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