Thursday, February 10, 2005

I'm Loathe to Respond, but Too Vain to Resist...

(Posted 5 Feb; revised 9 Feb.)

Many of you have asked for a list of my fave 2004 recordings... This, as you may have inferred from previous writings, is least amongst those things I am inclined to do. As sad as it is for me to admit, however, I have developed such a inventory.... Just for you.

But only one notable in each category; I can only stand so much of this shit.

These are my opinions. I claim no prescience.


Fave Single

Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - Hide the Tears EP (Metalheadz Meth 56, 12'')

Psychotic* darkside jungle; precision rocketeering via Venusian gravitational assist. Snares like the footsteps in Fassbinders' Love Is Colder Than Death... Flipside remix was, for my wizened ass, perfect. No other track enjoyed more in '04. Jaw hit the fucking vanilla shag, etc.

If KM and Leon go to the toilet, I download the residue.

(* Literal; I developed sympathetic Capgras' Syndrome after listening to the remix. I was certain my mp3 player had turned into a vengeful steel mesh collander.)

Tiny-ass KM&LS pic stolen from discogs site.


Fave Album

Blevin Blectum - Magic Maple (Praemedia/Bleakhouse praecdb01, CD)

First grabbed it in October, and, by November, hadn't given it more than a cursory listen... Backstory: when OHNE were in Helsinki, we were housed in a villa often rented by Avanto. Incredible views, agreeably luxe...

Elvira and I shared a room overlooking a half-frozen lake. Before going to bed on the evening of the 18th, I queued a handful of albz on Winamp and closed the lid of my laptop. We could hear the music well from where we lay, but we didn't want to blast Daniel (Lowenbrucke), who was sawing logs in the adjacent suite. The Discreet Music vibe was ideal, and we slept blissfully. My dreams were filled with wings, kites, and lengths of colored thread. Geometric shapes were traced and plotted... Then I awoke to Magic Maple. I lay in bed, warm and secure, with Elja's head on my shoulder. She slept, still, and I smiled like a goddamned fool; I was enraptured. Snow skittered across the upper sash of the wide, double-paned window, a faint but audible analogue to Blectum's floodlit, drywood termite quadrilles. (Particularly, as Maple's particles are wont to construe themselves, during "David & Justine, 47th & San Leandro.")

No need to compare it with anything save itself. No missteps. No irritations.

Again, for me, perfection.

Blevin Blectum in her regal magnificence. (From the BB site.)





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