Sunday, May 13, 2007

Now and Forever, the Balto Freak Scene Fucking Rules...

(Amended May 16, 2007, and again on May 20, when new photos were also added.)

Holy God... Completely insane evening at the Bank. Wish you all could have been there...

There'll be no retelling. You just had to witness it for yourself.

Thanks to Max, Ian, Twigg, Carly, True Vine, the neighbors, and the throng.



PS: Peach of Immortality sound-manipulator Mark Shellhaas (also a veteran of '83-ish DC emo progenitors Beefeater, the astounding Ill Humor, and current half of diabolist duo Truth Serum) and his delightful wife Kelly Jamison (Ill Humor, Cranial Hemorrhage, and the distaff fraction of Truth Serum) joined us on the opposite floor of the Bank on digital percussion and roller skate treatments. Such a blast to commiserate with them again. We go way, way back...

Mark appeared on "Jehovah" My Black Ass - R.E.M. Is Air Supply! and the dozen or so unreleased albums we created in our Rockville acid hovel before the DC offices of POI closed in mid-1987. Expect more from this woefully unexplored collaborative tangent in the near future.

Re performance: the lineup was Gaybomb (Andrew Barranca), Rat, Ben, Chris Grier (who joined us in Philly the night before), Mark, Kelly, and me. Just too wonderful for words... Except for that fucking singer!


Earlier in the day, heady commiseration at True Vine, and later, a trip down the block for sweet potato tots and strange Kill Bill broadcast edits... Perfection, as always, in Baltimore.


(Jen was obviously far too wasted after our show to say hello...)

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