Thursday, April 05, 2007

TLASILA Flood: Live, Southgate House, Newport, KY (12 Sept 04)

Privet Droogi,

This is the sixth and final installment of our reclamation series of TLASILA concert rarities. Each recording was offered briefly (in February-March of 2006), and withdrawn almost as quickly... Collect 'em all! (Or, burn these painful recollections from your memory...)


To Live and Shave in L.A. - Live, Southgate House, Newport, Kentucky, Sunday, September 12, 2004.

Rat Bastard, small electronics and radio; Don Fleming, guitar and backing vocals; Mark Morgan, guitar and backing vocals; Tom Smith, vocals; Andrew W.K., drums and electronic treatments; Ben Wolcott, oscillator. Majordomo: Chris Grier.

Recorded by CG on stereo mini-disc; remastered and edited by TS at Western Blot 3/06...

Lovely venue, a raft of excellent groups arrayed in support, Sonore (Peter Brötzmann, Mats Gustafsson, and Ken Vandermark) performing upstairs prior to the show, and... a disappointingly small turnout.

Humbled, we had but one option: r*ck the f*ck out.

Started nodding at the afterparty; comandeered someone's bed and snored blissfully until morning. CG scored, however...


01 Row Houses

02 Dignity Overnight

03 Pictures at an Exhibition

04 Party Hard (audience recitation)

05 Ideas Make Men Hard


(80.7 MB, ripped at 320 kbps, and compressed to RAR.)

Get it here.


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