Friday, May 01, 2009

New from Karl Schmidt Verlag!

Hello Again,

As promised, two new albums arrive today from KSV. Each deserves your undivided attention, but of course, as a monster with an alienating bias, my entreaties should be weighed acccordingly. Decide for yourselves if you can stand another bloody second living in a world of denuded culture. If you're ready to run toward a resolutely opaque zone, we'll be happy to serve you...

Feinkost Lampe: 26. Februar (KSV 018)

Recorded, as might be inferred from the title, at Feinkost Lampe, Hannover, on February 26, 2009. Karl left his digital recorder at home by accident, so he deployed a Sony DSC-S800 camera and captured the bulk of the evening's performances.

RK2 hail from Hannover. Liondialer split their time between London and Berlin.

For this performance, RK2 were: Andreas Brüning (bass), Torsten Heilmann (elektronik), and Jan Gieseke (elektronik und percussion). Ruediger Klose (federphon, etc.), the fourth member of the combo, was unable to attend.

Liondialer are: Greg Haines and Danny Saul (cello, acoustic guitar, voice, and electronics).

01 26. Februar (37:24)
02 Version (37.24)

Intense, crypto-krank improvisations battle calcified shards of sloughed causality...

File conversion, edit, mix and mastering by Karl Schmidt at HQ, Hannover, April 2009.

Sleeve by Jens Meier.

Edition of 20.


Tom Smith & Blue Sabbath Black Fiji - Ich werde nicht nackt sein (KSV 022)

The evening before Tim Lane Seaton arrived in Hannover to begin rehearsals for the Rope Cosmetology tour, I joined forces with Blue Sabbath Black Fiji to improvise a wrathful demiurge capable of winning three falls out of five with Die Kosmokrator...

Digital room recording, Silke Arp Bricht, Hannover, March 24, 2009.

01 Untitled I and II (with Pause) (44:00)
02 Every Third Aversion (11:32)

Charles Lavenac (guitar, voice, electronics)
Janin Benecke (guitar, electronics)
Tom Smith (voice)

Live mix by Olaf Voigt.

Mixed and produced Karl Schmidt at KSV HQ, Hannover, April-May 2009.

Sleeve by Michele Kaufmann.

Edition of 20.


Pricing (new):

€ 8.49 within the EU, €10 outside the EU. Postage paid. Add €1 for each additional album.

(Sorry, but glossy double-sided color A4s and postage have become more expensive. I'll try to hold the line on these prices as long as possible...)

As always, send orders to: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com.


All the Best,


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