Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Last Orders!

Last call for the most recent swarm of albums from Karl Schmidt Verlag! Alert: two of the releases went out under (easily sussed) pseudonyms. The response to those mystery items, and the fourteen other new albums, has been gratifyingly wanton. Long-time enthusiasts will receive a free copy of KSV 234, Run Dust's forthcoming Protestation. Killer, killer, if I do say so mice elf... LAST CALL!


Left to right, top row: KSV 090x ommyth - Visualizations of Hemocyte Morphology (soundtrack to the 2011 book Peed Inks); KSV 171 Rev. Mink Mud - Defacer: Unisex Rim; KSV 178 Christian Galarreta & Karl Schmidt - Tomb Out of Phase (2xCD); KSV 190 Astma Tom Smith - Notation Forces Notation (2xCD, in wraparound poster sleeve); KSV 191 Underrated Close-Ups - Bodies Screen with Shrugs (2xCD); KSV 192 Eneidi Pándi Duo - A Hint Traumatized. L to R, middle row: KSV 193 Born Opting - Wrenching Droves; KSV 194 Poseur Baby Massacre - Serial Vat (2xCD); KSV 195 Evil Moisture - Waxing Your Hearse; KSV 196 Doombruder - 6117511; KSV 198 Feigned Only Rubber - Telephone Tin; KSV 199 Thieves' Who's Who - A Moan Unbent (with wraparound poster sleeve). L to R, bottom row: KSV 200 To Live and Shave in L.A. - La réprimande (with free bonus DVD); KSV 201 Or, Kurt Wolff - Ich steh auf Neuwied; KSV 202 Academia Riding Rust - Parallel Apertures; KSV 203 Peach of Immortality - Succumbs (Restored) (DVD compilation), and KSV 234 Run Dust - Protestation.


Sincere thanks, as ever.

Love to All,


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