Thursday, September 30, 2010

101 Convergences: #9


Kiss the Blood Off My Hands (1948, Norman Foster) vs. Luminous Procuress (1972, Steven Arnold).

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)

Until #10,


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

101 Convergences: #8


Diary of the Dead (2007, George A. Romero) vs. Extra Action (2007, Richard Kern).

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Until #9,


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Civilization Cannot Tolerate Their Being Ignored..."

(Amended September 29, 2010.)

Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today.

Restored, showing now. If you're in or near NYC, go.


101 Convergences: #7


Union City (1980, Marcus Reichert) vs. Frankenstein 1970 (1958, Howard W. Koch).

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Until #8,


Monday, September 27, 2010

101 Convergences: #6


Sedmikrasky (Daisies) (1966, Vera Chytilová) vs. The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959, Terence Fisher).

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Until #7,


Heroism Amid the Paradox...

RIP Wiliam Harrison.

"The higher moral value to Dr. Harrison was salvaging the future of an often disadvantaged girl or woman."

Read the Times obituary here.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

And the Archive Door Creaks to a Close...

Hello, good evening, and many thanks for your participation. I'll get started on the orders later Monday afternoon.

The next vault opening, as outlined earlier, will occur on December 10th.

Yours in (Gouts of) Christ's Blood,


101 Convergences: #5


F.T.A. (1972, Francine Parker) vs. La femme du boulanger (1938, Marcel Pagnol).

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Until #6,


Saturday, September 25, 2010

101 Convergences: #4


Tomorrow I'll Wake Up and Scald Myself With Tea (1977, Jindrich Polák) vs. Urga (1991, Nikita Mikhalkov).

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Until #5,


Vaulting Above (the) Routine...

Dear Afternoonsters,

A little stunned by the flood of orders (most of which were barked via megaphone, natch) - thanks for coming to the aid of abandoned senses. We'll begin folding and burning and licking and gender reassigning sometime Monday. As for previously received orders, every last scrap was shipped off in this morning's post. Look for your swag to arrive within the week. North American customers may need to wait ten to fourteen days, but our packages rarely take longer to arrive. Feedback is always appreciated - when you've given the albums a proper listen, send us your thoughts, no matter how scurrilous, doleful, or wide-eyed and addled.

In light of the chaos surrounding The Obstacles of Romantic Exaggeration, Karl, Linda and I have been discussing moving away from numbered editions, and switching to time-based distribution. Each new release would be made available for two or three weeks, then sent to the vaults. Every three months, we'll open a different sector of the archive (as we've done this weekend) so that latecomers can have the opportunity to chew the strings with which the more senior cakes of KSV scag were tied. So, a missed meisterwerk may only swerve back into view every nine months, but at least you'd be able to more accurately time your breeding cycles.

Collector frenzies are way fucking old media - we prefer a more circular approach. The label is a life diary, an idea generator. It really shouldn't matter if you were first off the block or the last mannequin aboard the lifeboat.

(KD and I wrongly assumed, re Obstacles, that nineteen lovely cheloveki would politely queue, and not repeatedly stab each other in the jugular with quarter-inch amplifier cables. Oops!)

We just want you to dip your hooves into the plasma when you feel like having an agreeable grand mal. As ever, your pleasure is our malpractice...


Friday, September 24, 2010

KSV: Open Vault Weekend #1!

Hi Again,

This, the first of many posts scheduled for this weekend, should set certain hearts ablaze. Karl and I have decided to open well-fortified sectors of the KSV archive once every three months and allow those who missed purchasing titles now long out-of-print the opportunity to get with the advanced program. These aren't re-pressings, and the offer expires Sunday at midnight, our time (GMT +2). If there's something you need, grab it. When Monday rolls around, the vault closes.

Why? We want to keep the sounds in circulation. Only a few of you will take us up on the offer, but we'd rather have one or two more curious passersby hear Anne's crazed album or the sterling Crvi disc than not.

What's available this weekend? Any album from the following sequence: KSV 001 (To Live and Shave in L.A. 666 - Konstriktion und Narzissmus) through KSV 051 (Crvi - Two Adaptive Behavior Collisions).

(We're not including KSV 044, Tom Smith's Naturally Occurring Black Metal λόγος, as our publications remain in print via our I Demand, Goddammit division after their initial release periods have ended.)

Again, only KSV 001 through KSV 051. If you order anything outside this moldering graveyard plot, your funds will be returned.

(Of course, the currently available KSV albums - 097-100/102-105 - are exempt from the conditions outlined above.)


KSV 001 TLASILA - Konstriktion und Narzissmus (2008)
KSV 002 Analog Suicide/Hull Curve - Live at Pit's Salon (2008)
KSV 003 Brüning/Schuhmacher/Schmidt - Extrakte und Deformationen (2009)
KSV 004 Tom Smith - Limmerstrasse Vol. 1 (2009)
KSV 005 Three Resurrected Drunkards - Lange Pause, dann noch eine Zigarette (2009)
KSV 006 Karl Schmidt - Remediated and Decontectualized Field Recordings Vol. 1 (2009)
KSV 007 Azul-Cobalto - Patrocínio e Inibição (2009)
KSV 008 Carlos António Silva - Lissabon Lieder (2009)
KSV 009 Karl & die Leidenschaften - Unnötigerweise Auto-Getunete Klassiker (2009)
KSV 010 Tom Smith - Vampire Weekend Is a Timeshare in Secaucus (2009)
KSV 011 Rope Cosmetology - Discoteca Festival (2009)
KSV 012 Nevai Myth - Hirtenlieder (2010, postponed from 2009)
KSV 013 Und Andere - 31. Januar (2009)
KSV 014 TS - LRRH im Schimmel (2009)
KSV 015 Unbeabsichtigte Begleiter - Salon 6. Februar (2009)
KSV 016 Drei Leselampen für ein Hallelujah - Ich tanze Go-Go (2009)
KSV 017 Female Reggae Showcase - Ascendance Surged Red (Distorted in Hegel) (2009)
KSV 018 Feinkost Lampe: 26. Februar (RK2 vs. Liondialer) (2009)
KSV 019 Three Resurrected Drunkards - Begriffsschrift (2009) (2-CD)
KSV 020 Rope Cosmetology - Spezial: Gedankengefüge (Compound Thought) (2009) (2-CD)
KSV 021 Rope Cosmetology - Diffusion de la rue de la Double Identité (2009)
KSV 022 Tom Smith & Blue Sabbath Black Fiji - Ich werde nicht nackt sein (2009)
KSV 023 VA - Twenty Years of Sudden Infant: One Participant's Perspective (2009)
KSV 024 Katja Fregatte - Coldplay Nancarrow Burzum Hines (2009)
KSV 025 VA - Karl Schmidt Verlag: Was du nicht wissen wolltest... (2009) (2-CD)
KSV 026 Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson & Tom Smith - Todesröcheln (2009)
KSV 027 Rope Cosmetology - Hinterzimmer-Apotheke <3 illegal Metzgerei (2009)
KSV 028 Boyd Roigk vs. Der Wolfsburger 32,002Hz Chor - The Silent Din (Abgeklärt Pts. 1-4) (2009)
KSV 029 Silke Arp Bricht: 3. Juni (Rémi Groussin / Michel Henritzi & Junko Hiroishige) (2009)
KSV 030 TLASILA - Die Fehde des Gemischs (2009) (3-CD with obi-lock and poster)
KSV 031 Fête de la Tourette: 21. Juni, Hannover (2009)
KSV 032 Tom Smith - Hintergrundmusik (2009)
KSV 033 27. Juni: Strict Sevens (A Dogma Diary) (2009) (2-CD)
KSV 034 Schützenausmarsch: 5. Juli, Hannover (2009)
KSV 035 Karl Schmidt - Remediated and Decontextualized Field Recordings Vol. 2 (2009)
KSV 036 Maude - York Year of Critical Will (2009)
KSV 037 Alpha 66 - Pax Sovietica (2009)
KSV 038 Gaunt Exes - Trunk Situ (2009)
KSV 039 Anne - An Innkeeper's Totems (2009)
KSV 040 Three Resurrected Drunkards - Baukasten: Exact Linearity (2009)
KSV 041 TS - To Which Clotted Horrors Do You Fail to Refer? (2010)
KSV 042 Christopher Fleeger - 1977, USA (2009)
KSV 043 Ikea Cafe Ambiance vs. Schützenfest Autumn Carnival (2009)
KSV 045 Eugene Chadbourne - Live, Silke Arp Bricht, Hannover, 19 Sept 09 (2009) (2-CD)
KSV 046 Academia Riding Rust - A Perforated Rink (2009)
KSV 047 Withered Runes - Unworthy Censer (2009)
KSV 048 Silke Arp Bricht: 29. Sep (Core of the Coalman vs. Pit Noack) (2009)
KSV 049 Atelier Grammophon: 16. Okt: Generator 2 (2009)
KSV 050 40 Berlin Versions (2009)
KSV 051 Crvi - Two Adaptive Behavior Collisions (2009)

Pricing: single albums from the vaults are €9 in the Eurozone, €12 elsewhere. Double-disc vault sets are €13 in the EU, €16 elsewhere. KSV 030, a triple-disc set from the depths, is €16 in the EU, €19 elsewhere. Postage paid, as always.

Paypal: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com

On December 10th, we'll open the archive again and offer the KSV 052-KSV 105 sequence for late-comers, minus KSV 054 (Unpunished, a book, still in print), KSV 061 (What's a qNadsat Word for Tank Jazz?, a 50-disc retrospective which won't be offered again), KSV 090 (the forthcoming Peed Inks: Visualizations of Hemocyte Morphology tome), and KSV 101, which was and remains a free download.

We have no standing inventory. Everything on KSV is made to order. If you want to dip your toes into our brackish pools of memory, you're more than welcome.

Until 11:59 PM, Sunday.


Karl und TS

101 Convergences: #3


Dr. Calagari (1989, Stephen Sayadian) vs. Five Element Ninjas (1982, Chang Cheh).

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)

Until #4,


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Workshop of the Swarovskis...

(Amended ever so slightly 24 Sept 10.)

Hi Again,

Evidence of the lengthy production and design regimens necessary to create multiple works in parallel at KSV HQ:

At the KSV werkstadt, Thursday, September 23rd...

Left to right: a sliver of KSV 099 Tenerife Monitor - Without Compass, I Am Found; below, a sideways school of KSV 097 Karl Schmidt - Jourdain; a tightly wedged packet of sleeves for KSV 102 Das Mildeste von Milden - The Leech in the Anodyne; atop those, seven covers for KSV 103 Von Uexküll Trio g. Das Versagen des Akkus; then, adjacent bonus double-sided A3 posters included in each edition of KSV 104, the double-disc compilation Was ihr verpasst habt...; underneath those, KSV 100 Tom Smith - Solo Vocal No. 1, and the final, distributor-bound copies of KSV 093, Kevin Drumm's The Obstacles of Romantic Exaggeration. Skewing ever-leeward, KSV inlay cubes, now employed for all of our multiple-disc albums; the A3 poster accompanying all copies of the KD album, and the newly re-designed cover of the third edition of Tom's Unpunished essay tome (aka KSV 054).

If you peer upward, past the leg of Karl's work desk, you'll see, left to right, the sleeve for KSV 105 Messeparkplatz Ost & Aperçus - Aufruhr im Hamburger Botschaft!; just below, KSV 104 Was ihr verpasst habt..., and above once more, the cover of KSV 106 Salon Oberdeck: 9. September (B*Tong), which isn't even officially on sale yet! You think you're busy? We blast your busy to a primordial Hell. (Or, a 70s kino heaven, where Panic in Needle Park laps slowly against the takeup sprocket for eternity.) We're gonna continue working, regardless...



101 Convergences: #2


Die Puppe (1919, Ernst Lubitsch) vs. Teenage Doll (1957, Roger Corman).

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)

Until #3,


Savage Land Re-Reconquered...

Hi Everyone,

Received excellent news yesterday from Savage Land. Their printer owned up to the rather painfully obvious error committed while fabricating the gatefold for Reconquer Sleep or Disappear, and will now re-print new sleeves for the label at no cost. Magnifique!

Uncertain if we can meet the original September release deadline, but we ought to come fairly close.

Regarding the duo tour, I'm pretty sure we'll have to wait until May to begin, but perhaps we can find the time to add a few Scandinavian dates to the late Spring schedule.

Still a little shaky after last week's illness. Forgive the gaps - I was really out of it for a couple of days...



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

101 Convergences: #1


La mala ordina (1972, Fernando Di Leo vs. Vengeance (2009, Johnnie To).

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)

Until #2,


The Slow Road to a Complete Recovery of One's (Relative) Debauchery...

Hi Again,

Easing back into the social stream after sloughing off the worst of last week's cold. Spent last night with the CP and friends at Elena's, a picturesque-esque dive with a cool semi-circular motif and a cheap jukebox that unfortunately won't allow any selection with an "8" to be belted out into the haze. Only bar in Hannover with songs from both The Sweet and Brian Connolly's New Sweet. Very close to perfection.

We're going to watch L'immortel now...



Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bungle in the... No, I Refuse to Evoke Ian Anderson. Or Eric Andersen. Or, Arn Anderson. (Shit! Too Late...)

Hello Again,

A printer's error may derail the September release of Reconquer Sleep or Disappear, the duo album Kevin Drumm and I have been meekly pimping for months. Manu, the very patient supremo of Lyon's Savage Land Records, broke the news to us today: each sleeve seems to have been purposely leeched of at least one primary color; they're a ghastly mess. For an ornate, true-color, triple gatefold package, not the best fleck of news phlegm to wipe from one's morning. (Yes, of course I find this mild catastrophe to be of perverse aesthetic interest, but the original design was really rather lovely, and it's the iteration KD and I prefer.)

(Not what we'd had in mind, despite the tonal amputations. Click for a larger version of the image.)

No way that Savage Land'll have to pay for the fucked-up sleeves, but the mistake puts the album's deadline in serious jeopardy. Forget September. Perhaps early 2011, in time for our Scandinavian trek?

Oy, oy, etc.

Mind, the actual compact discs are already safely stored at Savage Land's atom-proof command bunker in Lyon, and it's not the end of stew beef or even middlebrow theatre criticism as we know it. A mere annoyance in the continuing series. I'm sure each of you can relate.

Still sick. Missed work today - first time that's happened since I moved to Deutschland. It felt strange to leave my students in peace for a change...



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Update: Me

Hello Everyone,

Apologies for the unusual lack of activity here, but I've been slowly succumbing to a cold picked up Sunday afternoon during a torrential downpour. There's so much going on in the background - we just got back from another of Pit Noack's salons at the Oberdeck - but the foreground has the floor through this evening. I'm pretty exhausted, and I have a 7AM class to teach in the morning. No time for anything save collapse.

On tap: a pair of videos to post, two new KSV titles to introduce to you, and several installments of Show Fruit that need to be uploaded. Plus, I'll probably relaunch the previous Karl Schmidt Verlag fusillade, as there were a few details I never got round to adding.

Also: the new Rope Cosmetology, KD/TS tour info, the various 20th-anniversary TLASILA releases, etc.

Love to All,

Your Sick-Ass Friend,


Monday, September 13, 2010

Kushima/Jaspers/Arn, Before the Hoarfrost...

Below, the summoning trio. Brilliance soon ensued...

(Left to right: Stefan Kushima, Wouter Jaspers, and Eric Arn, pictured at the Oberdeck, Hannover, on September 11, 2010.)



Sunday, September 12, 2010

Good Morning and Good Night!

Epic performance last night at the Oberdeck by the trio of Wouter Jaspers, Eric Arn, and Stefan Kushima. Absolutely stellar in every respect...

More later,


Monday, September 06, 2010

Karl Schmidt Verlag: Six New Releases!

(Amended 8 Sept 10.)

Hello Again,

So, more or less recovered from Saturday's immolation. Below, the new Karl Schmidt Verlag releases, including pricing information. Tomorrow, more info on each, plus teaser sound files.

KSV 104 Was ihr verpasst habt... (2xCD)

Two-minute excerpts from each of KSV's first 103 releases (including some of the rarest bits from last year's 50-disc retrospective box/rucksack), condensed, remixed and newly mastered.


KSV 099 Tenerife Monitor - Without Compass, I Am Found (2xCD)

Location recordings from Costa Adeje, Los Gigantes, Santa Cruz, and other parts of the island. An idolatrous evocation.


KSV 100 Tom Smith - Solo Vocal No. 1

Revolutions have to begin somewhere. This one began at the Oberdeck. You can kill with a word...


KSV 102 Das Mildeste vom Milden - The Leech in the Anodyne

Raw industrial power trumps anything you got. A Siemens 480-megawatt turbine takes the solos...

(Note re title: I'd mucked up the German (supplied by the turbine, of course) ever so horribly, so to reverse the course of my arrogance I made a few changes (capitalization, correction of a preposition), and reverted to the English for the album's title. ..."Kraftlose" doesn't exactly jibe with the idea of an anodyne, which, for those of you standing in the glaring light of day, indicates both an analgesic and the inoffensive. The double-pun was meant as an homage to Germanic titling/headline norms. Transparency is golden, and I thank you for your eyes. Vielen Dank to Frau CP for her kind heads-up!)


KSV 103 Von Uexküll Trio g. Das Versagen des Akkus

A diary of explicit error, transmuted beyond omission.


KSV 105 Messeparkplatz Ost & the Aperçus - Aufruhr im Hamburger Botschaft!

The sound of booze-fueled excision and supplication. No intolerant impulses survived the riot...


And remember KSV 101. It's a free download, an open-ended edition. Take it as it comes - the link is still hot. (Check back a couple of pages for info.)

KSV 101 Re TLASILA Blog - Damnable Iteration



Single discs are € 8.49 EU / € 10 elsewhere, postpaid.

Double discs are €14 to destinations in the EU, € 17 elsewhere, with the exception of the Was ihr verpasst habt... album (KSV 104), which is only €12 to EU locations and € 15 elsewhere. Postage is included.

PayPal: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com.


Alright? More tomorrow, so hang loose.


Your Pals at KSV

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Ohhhhhhhhh Me 'ead...

A woozy Sunday evening greeting to everyone. The party was amazing, but your KSV staffers drank one synapse-scrambling concoction too many. Functions are slowly returning to normal, but updates will have to be posted on Monday...

KSV is a life-diary, after all. We're not Parlaphone.

Best (hiccup!),


Saturday, September 04, 2010

And Another New Album from KSV...


Heading out soon for a birthday party, but before the first shots are poured, a heads-up on the new KSV compilation, Was ihr verpasst habt...

(Or, for those of you not yet conversant in German, What You Missed...)

It's a two-disc set, subtitled "A Karl Schmidt Verlag Totem Collision." Using a randomizing algorithm, we re-ordered the chronology of the first 103 KSV releases, then mixed one-to-two-minute segments together to create the pair of compositions contained within.

For example, the first disc begins with an excerpt from KSV 072 Tom Smith & Blue Sabbath Black Fiji with Pit Noack & Olaf Gehrke - Six Resurrected Sabbaths (2010), then segues into a bit of soft tissue snipped from KSV 019 Three Resurrected Drunkards - Begriffsschrift (2009), and so on, concluding on disc two with an extract from KSV 082 17. April -- Auf Wiedersehen Silke (Jacques Palminger & The Kings of Dubrock / DJ Booty Carell) (2010). Nearly two hours altogether...

Here's the outer sleeve:

If you want a copy, you can reserve one now, or just want until tomorrow, when they'll go on sale. Limited edition of 15, with a special price of only €12 in the EU (postpaid), and €15 elsewhere (also postpaid).

OK, off to celebrate a friend's imminent drunken decline.

Until Later,


Friday, September 03, 2010

"Reconquer" Update:

Good Morning,

Manu, the ever-industrious proprietor of Lyon's Savage Land Records imprint, has informed us that Reconquer Sleep or Disappear will be ready for release by the end of next week, or thereabouts, depending on the usual random decelerating factors. Still, we're very near the end of the process - the point where the music is shuttling between your ears - and that makes us very happy indeed...

Below, the final revision of the outer sleeve.

You can download a short preview file here:



Thursday, September 02, 2010

KSV Update: September 2, 2010

(Amended 3 Sept 10.)

Hi Again,

As Kevin Drumm's album recedes into the fetid mists from which it was sired, a review of the releases still available, and those about to come...

We have exactly four copies left of both Karl Schmidt's collection of Parisian field recordings, Jourdain (KSV 097), and Linda, Viola & Uwe's translucent detournment of residential construction sounds, Eine ruhige Nachbarschaft (KSV 098). Justin Bieber failed to guest on the latter.

(Above, KSV 097 Karl Schmidt - Jourdain, and KSV 098 Linda, Viola & Uwe - Eine ruhige Nachbarschaft.)

The books that we publish are open-ended editions. If you want a copy of one of them, just request the title, and we'll print it on demand.

We have two books currently in stock: KSV 044 Tom Smith - Naturally Occuring Black Metal λόγος (2010, including a bonus soundtrack CD), and KSV 054 Tom Smith - Unpunished (2010, with a forward by Aaron Dilloway).

(Left to right: KSV 044 Tom Smith - Naturally Occuring Black Metal λόγος, and KSV 054 Tom Smith - Unpunished.)

Forthcoming releases:


KSV 090 Ommyth - Peed Inks: Visualizations of Hemocyte Morphology (A 120-page photobook with accompanying soundtrack disc.)
KSV 099 Tenerife Monitor - Without Compass, I Am Found (2xCD)
KSV 100 Tom Smith - Solo Vocal No. 1
KSV 102 Das mildeste von milden - Der Blutegel in der kraftlose
KSV 103 Von Uexküll Trio g. Das Versagen des Akkus

In holding patterns

KSV 094 VA - Valencia Postcard
KSV 095 Kevin Drumm & Greg Kelley - TBA
KSV 096 I Nosh at El Al - TBA (The return of Andy Bolus and Tom Smith's extremely short-lived super-super-stuporgroup of the late 1990s!)



Single discs are € 8.49 EU / € 10 elsewhere, postpaid.
Double discs are €14 to destinations in the EU, € 17 elsewhere. Postage is included.

As for books, Naturally Occurring is €45, and Unpunished is €25. Both are postpaid.

PayPal: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com.

Everything else is SOLD OUT!


Best Wishes,

Karl Schmidt & TS

Auf Wiedersehen!


Kevin Drumm's debut recording for Karl Schmidt Verlag is SOLD OUT, so please, stop ordering it. I thank you, and KD thanks you. Sincerely.



Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Re KD's KSV album...

Only three copies left, so either act fast or weep copiously...


New on Karl Schmidt Verlag!

Hello Everyone,

We have a dozen new KSV releases (including Om's Peed Inks tome) nearly ready for dissemination, but for those of you itchy for fervently outré kicks NOW, we have the solution:

KSV 093 Kevin Drumm - The Obstacles of Romantic Exaggeration (2xCD)

Prepare to die.

Composed, recorded, edited, mixed and produced by Kevin Drumm for Karl Schmidt Verlag.

Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

Sleeve design by Karl.


Disc One

01 Cupcake-Focused Militants
02 Stochastic Sophistication
03 Humidity Can Suck It
04 Violent Daydreams
05 Shortwave Intermission
06 A Hairdresser Who Suddenly Went Mad and Decapitated a Duke
07 A Therapist's Lazy Nightmare
08 Brutal Nothing
09 This Sounded Like a Bad Fennesz Rip so I Bagged It... Until Now
10 Transgressive Yawns
11 Farewell Reprobates

Disc Two

01 Hang the Hustlers
02 Hypnagogic Jerk
03 Fauxnakis
04 Gutsynth 2000 (Version 1)
05 Nanoplankton
06 Gutsynth 2000 (Version 2)
07 Gutsynth 2000 (Version 3)

Download a special preview mix here.

Edition of 19. Many have been reserved in advance, so act immediately or lose out.

As always at KSV, no press, no promo, no re-press, no trades. We're a private imprint offering private pleasures, catering to the advanced aesthetics of a very peculiar audience: YOU.

Pricing and ordering: double discs are still €14 to destinations in the EU, € 17 elsewhere. All prices include postage. Add €1 for each additional disc.

Payment via PayPal to tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com.


More on the new raft of releases soon.



TLASILA: Show Fruit (Série B) 27...

Sifting through the psychic debris...

TLASILA - Show Fruit (Série B) 27: Mamey Sapote

Assembled from extracts of the following recordings from the official To Live and Shave in L.A. archive:

TLASILA - Post-Cortege sessions, Valdosta, Georgia (October 2008)

Composed, edited, mixed and produced by TS for TLASILA.

27B (mamey sapote) (20:07)



Clarity of re-purpose,


Happy New Year from the Harz...

Hello Droogs, Happy 2019! I‘m in the Harz region of Germany, enjoying a three-day getaway to cap off an eventful year, one marked by celeb...