Tuesday, October 18, 2011

KSV: Mid-Okt Flood...

Hi Again,

New releases via KSV. All single-disc efforts. €8.49 Eurozone, €11 elsewhere, postpaid. PayPal to the usual address...



KSV 162 Contrarian Composers Series #1: Lazim

KSV 163 Contrarian Composers Series #2: Niccolò Malipiero

KSV 164 Contrarian Composers Series #3: Gbessi Hazoumé

KSV 165 Contrarian Composers Series #4: Choe Iseul

KSV 166 Contrarian Composers Series #5: Nested Corruptions

KSV 167 Tom Smith - Poor Dears (Solo Vocal #4)

KSV 170 Four Flawed - Interlingua '11

KSV 173 Iodide Stud to Antimalarial - Night Gistss

KSV 174 Toys Moaned Urine - Haggish Lily Quirt

KSV 175 Volcano the Bear - 30. Juni, Oberdeck, Hannover

KSV 176 Bled Creche - Mainspring Ovum

KSV 177 Christian Galarreta - Resonances

KSV 180 Blue Sabbath Black Fiji - Annulled Alleles

KSV 181 Kunt - Stormbell Steambooty

KSV 182 Astma - Consumer Vorticism

KSV 185 Crank Sturgeon - The Kiss-Lunch-Ibiza Loop

KSV 186 Dental-Exorzismus - RPV

KSV 187 Bill Orcutt - Freise (16. Okt, Bremen)

KSV 188 Ava Mendoza - Oberdeck (17. Okt, Hannover)

KSV 189 Eradicates Own - Boohooed Book Trait


More info, edition sizes, etc., tomorrow. Off to bed!



Monday, October 17, 2011

Ava Mendoza / Bill Orcutt / KSV Update...

Hi All,

Excellent set by the formidable Ava Mendoza just under an hour ago at the Oberdeck. Last night, Bill Orcutt fed us the raw, undiluted EYE at Friese in Bremen. Superb back-to-back events - what a great time to exist. Both artists have authorized their performances for release on KSV, so I beg your indulgence while I complete sleeves and editing and add them to the bulging larder in queue. OK?

Yours Sincerely,


Sunday, October 16, 2011

KSV Addenda Addenda!

Hi All,

Nineteen new albums (and one new book) will be available from Monday via Karl Schmidt Verlag, including the first five installments of our Contrarian Composers series, and releases by Astma, Christian Galarreta, Volcano the Bear, Kunt, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Crank Sturgeon, Four Flawed, Toys Moaned Urine, and more. Pull your peepers from their stalks and place in range of your smart device, as info will soon flow...

Re Blue Before Blackface: about twelve sets left. Make a note to move, if need be.



Thursday, October 06, 2011

KSV 179 Addenda...

Hi Again,

Can't quite afford the 5xCDr/DVD Drumm Smurf box? There's a special "Sediments" edition available at the usual KSV single disc price (€8.49 Eurozone, postpaid, and €11 elsewhere, also postpaid), one that collapses the five-disc tangle into a raging 64:39 inferno of mothlight.

The sleeve, as you can weep/peep below, is nearly identical.

No extras, just the hand-folded sleeve and the muzak, but for demons on a budget, hard to fuckin' flail...

Note: the Sediments mix comes along with the full-blown box, so don't buy it if you've already shelled out for KSV 179 proper. OK?

PayPal via the usual channels.

Who said we didn't love you, albeit semi-anonymously?



Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Blue Before Update...

Achtung: KDTS tour box already 20% sold, so... Make your move or etc.

Available from Friday on KSV...

Hello Droogs,

Incredibly busy here - the last weeks have been non-stop erotic neurotic necrotic, with scarcely a moment to slash and burn, much less turn worms. The usual backdated updates will follow. More news than I can relate at present, but...

KSV 179 Kevin Drumm Tom Smith - Blue Before Blackface (5xCD/DVD)

Five hours of audio culled and cudgeled from the May 2011 tour recordings, with accompanying video jumble.

€34 Eurozone postpaid; €41 elsewhere, postpaid.

PayPal: tlasila@gmail.com

Edition of 50.




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