Monday, June 08, 2009

Told Original Cure "Active Rest, Rowland's Binge"...

Hello Again,

Sitting in the kitchen, readying that second cup. Hope all of you are well, and similarly enjoying the slow trudge toward the shower, the bus queue, and those first, joyously disorienting minutes at your places of work or study. In Hannover, we've experienced an unseasonable and altogether cruel cold snap. Over the weekend it was rainy and grim, but even as I type the words, a shaft of sunlight sets the cabinetry ablaze. That's more like it.

Biz: last month's Karl Schmidt Verlag orders are set to hit the post today. I went back to the TS/Blue Sabbath masters and reedited the album, and this all-too-typical act of self-flagellation accounts for the shipping delay. Verisimilitude has its limits, y'know. Rather than present a straightforward document of our session, I preferred this time to introduce supporting narrative elements. For instance, last week at nearby Braunschweig University's electronic music lab I recorded the sounds of a piano I'd prepared with the tools available - my Sony digital camera, and a bag in which a chocolate croissant had previously been resting unmolested. Those alternating notes and thuds were later edited, and inserted into the mix. I added the odd vocal line (or fragment) to undergird certain passages as well... The result? An even more gnarled exegesis, one that awaits the gentle caress of Deutsche Post. Shipments should be on their way by late afternoon.

More later,


Brothel Fibrin...

Thomas Fehlmann and Gudrun Gut on the Birth of Berlin Techno and Life Beyond the Wall We approve. Read the piece in Sleek .