Thursday, May 03, 2007

The First of the Tour Photos Have Been Uploaded: Scores More to Follow

See below; pertinent posts are marked as amended.


Seattle: Still Sleepy After All Those Lattes

(Amended May 13, 2007.)

The berserk drive vibe was quickly subsumed into gray; Seattle's upwardly proletariat gauze muted our energies to a measurable but no less potent extent. Wound configurations resembled those gouged by rotisserie tines rather than thresher scythes...

Prior to an all-ages set at quayside kolektiv S.S. Marie Antoinette, Rat, Graham, Ben and I indulged in an early 90s second unit nostalgia reverie by visiting Snoqualmie Falls. The Double R Diner (Twede's), the Great Northern Hotel (Salish Lodge), and the falls, which were predictably spectacular. We hiked the park, hopped back into the SUV, and roared into Rain City...

(Twede's Cafe...)

(TS indulges. He and one of his ex-wives hosted SoBe Twin Peaks parties back in the day. Yeah, he's a dork.)

(The view from the observation deck; just a kiss away...)

(Salish Lodge...)

(The Falls, the pumping station, assorted detritus, a body wrapped in plastic...)

(Meta-ditherings on the perch.)

(Houdini Jr. broke clear of the cage, but at least the lads made an effort at containment.)

(The Unibomber, trailed, as ever, by lumbering fans...)

Our second gig of the day brought us back to the Rendezvous, at which we'd previously performed in 1996. Lovely venue, but the church bench seating scheme negated ass-shaking. Bemused onlookers wished secretly for Temple of the Dog, but the bar staff were kind, and management skimmed only just enough from our percentage to make goodbyes sincerely unstilted.

(Rattus, and thousand-foot lead, at Rendezvous.)

(Graham contemplates a first-chair laptop offer from competing Hovercraft cover cabals...)

(Cross Rat's checks with Wolcott's orange cords and the whole fucking grunge foundation collapses.)

(The comatose congregation... Praise Vedder, and pass the tepid chai.)

The premiere display took place, as mentioned above, at the SSMA, where noise saplings bent in the wind of the geist. A great space; we were compelled to compose new pieces in honor of the occasion, but a software glitch fouled their debut during the encore.

(God bless this vessel and all who crash within her...)

(The crème de la crème of Rainburgh noxiousness. Grade A compatriots, one and all.)

(We needed a serious yawn break after Seattle... A great goddamned day, regardless.)

(Beware the 90-degree stare...)

(Ben, a step ahead of the outer limit.)

(We'd packed the files onto my mp3 player, but the bloody thing failed to synch. The same problem affected playback at the Rendezvous.) We departed Seattle bowed but unbloodied.

Pix to come.



Post-Seattle Portland Interlude

We're at the Fresh Pot in Portland. First extended internet connection for days...

Yesterday we went hiking at Snoqualmie Falls, then did a pair of gigs. Insane fatigue, insane exultation... Tonight, we wreck the Rotture. I'm being dragged out the door to vegan eats, so I gotta jet.

More soon.



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