Friday, November 18, 2005

Don't Miss...

...this ethics op-ed from the WP.


Yeah, blah fucking blah, Froomkin's a dork, but read it anyway, c****. You need it.


"Noon" Nine Million Light Years Distant...

Or so it seems...

Spoke with AWK a few hours ago; he was in the back of a cab, heading to the studio where he'll be recording Sightings' new album. (They'll be at it through the middle of next week.) Finally managed to connect with Mark Morg last night; we had a long confab re all you might imagine. I'll probably be flying up to NYC in December (or January) to cut guest vox on the alb. Psyched, naturally.

Mark saw Whitehouse last week; said it was kinda so-so, sometimes amusing, at moments (whenever P. Sotos opened his yap), positively dire.

(Aside: so many shitty New York bands now... The Brooklyn thing died the death long ago.)

Reports indicate T. Moore opened for WH, plying a feedback trade. Whatever floats one's boat, say I, but I'd rather be caught with an Atlanta Rhythm Section LP sticking out of my ass than stand senselessly bored at a "power electronics" gig (either as performer or onlooker). Ultra-mega-motherfucking-yawn.

Note to Giffoni Nation: Whitehouse are Maroon 5.

The composite mix of Noon (combining elements from the July and October sessions) probably won't be ready until early December. Fuck - edging too close to our Menlo Park release deadline. (February.) Not happy to be running late.

Sending beta listeners copies of v0.9c next week...

My left foot fell asleep whilst sitting on the toilet reading Nils & Ray Stevenson's Vacant. I run seven to twelve miles every goddamned day, and yet my blood turns to mortar. It's not as if I'd been hogtied and bundled into the boot of a Citroën C1... (Just had a flash of Kimberly Stewart's leg warmers.) What fucking good is flesh for anyhow? Wouldn't pure consciousness be far more efficient? The best sex is mental, after all. Who needs a body? Can exposure to an image of Steve Severin lead to peripheral vascular disease?

Smack Shire: we're scheming, and that's all I can say at this juncture. A new release has been added to the sked, but I'm not at liberty to divulge. Otherwise, Dave Philips' rarities comp Curses is in the mastering stage, and I reckon GK is prepping Nandor Nevai's I Mine the Ore and Wooden Machine Music discs... This, I know, is semi-old-ass news. For the hotter varieties of TSSR poop, keep your ears to the rail.

Only 300-plus new d+b plates to sort through! I've fallen so far behind... Goddamned avarice! From the bulge, standout polyps: Ancronix' "Hook and Bling," Dave Akuma's formidable "Code 46." Terror comes in rainblo pop shapes.

More Tomorrow,


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