Monday, August 18, 2008

They Fucking Out-Booed the Boo Birds!

Just uncovered, a bloody shard of pre-Shavian meta-PRE:

Peach of Immortality - Live, Destroy All Music 4*, Nexus Center for Contemporary Arts, Atlanta, March 31, 1989

We closed out the festival. An actual riot ensued. I got arrested. Agony, ecstasy, etc.


01 Complete Set (21:23)

It's shot through with hiss, but it's the only document of the performance we have. Adjust yourselves accordingly...

Personnel: Tim Lane Seaton (bass), Lowell Ginsberg (bass), and Tom Smith (tape manipulation).


(48.9 MB, ripped @ 320; recorded off the four-channel soundboard by an unknown hand...



Antagonized antagonist,


*P.S. You'd think after four tries they would have succeeded, or at least made some headway!


Billie Holliday, performing a stark, mournful, mordantly reverberant version of "Strange Fruit."

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