Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Keep Your Hand's Off My Socilli!

Amazing new Flickr set: Teabonics.

The page's author? The aptly-named "Pargon." Classic.



Little Claw: Sturmglocke Excerpt...

Good Morning!

Just crawling home after a night out with CP at Sturmglocke, where we saw a very fucking good performance by Little Claw. Lotsa gab with the band - it was great to catch up with them again, as we hadn't hung together since a TLASILA gig in Portland in 2007. (Consult ancient posts herein for details.) They've given me the go-ahead to release the show on KSV. Something to look forward to, ja?

Until then, here's a few minutes of video, shot an hour ago by yours truly.

Off to bed...


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

KSV Outflow: Status Report vs. Prostrate Rust...

Hello Again,

All Karl Schmidt Verlag orders are in the post. Let me know when you've received yours!

Faith Folly Usury,


Happy Birthday Evan!

Beloved Fellow Earthlings,

My son, Evan, turns 28 today! (Gasp!)

As a graying eminence of the global avant-whatsis scene, I'm now old enough to be everyone's perverted egghead dad. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than luxuriating in my splendid decrepitude, and ceding terrestrial/celestial footpaths to my spawn.

I love you, E!



Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fisher Hums a Precipice...


Our own Balazs Pandi (also a member of Rope Cosmetology) had an opportunity a week ago to interview the immeasurably great Archie Shepp in Budapest.

Excellent questions, fervent, well-considered responses.

Great job, B!




Friday, March 26, 2010

Waking to Find the Day Serrated...

Hi Again,

Nearly aced the German exam. Thirty-four of 35 responses correct. (Whew...) It's just a start, of course. I'm much older than I was when I began studying Chinese and Russian, and in its way, German is as complex a language as either. I've a long, bloody, limb-strewn road ahead.

All twelve of the recent KSV releases are SOLD OUT. Many thanks to everyone valiant enough to take the plunge. Orders will be shipped in three waves - some today, a few on Saturday, and the remainder on Monday. Let us know when you've received yours!

New interview mit mir: The Captain Is Dead blog.

Sayeth one anonymous commenter: "The EGO has landed." He or she, of course, was gripped by altruism.

Guest DJ/podcast curator for the April 20th edition of WLUW's Delirious Sunrise program. Two hours of music, a few minutes of explanatory blather...

More Later,


Monday, March 22, 2010

"Three Words: Not Good for the People..."

Off to my first class of the day soon. I've got German pouring out of my ears (and millions of full-sized Germans oozing from my pores - very disconcerting), and I'm uncertain if I'll slip and break a femur on the test today, or smoke the motherfucker instead. If the former, well, I can always hobble over to the nearest hospital, allow socialist fascist communists (sorry, no Nazis allowed here) to treat me, and suffer the indignity of being charged 10 Euro for killing my mother and destroying our children's children's futures. (Er, not really. Here, universal health care has been in place since Bismarck.) If the latter, cough! I'm an A2, a full-fledged German-speaking neophyte. (And a highway.)

In light of recent developments, a reminder of the idiots who stood in the way of c-h-a-n-g-e Stateside, courtesy of Wonkette.



Saturday, March 20, 2010

Illiterate Filth: Embalm Henna Chic...


Very busy for the next few days. I have a big German test coming on Monday, so I've disconnected from Internet distractions. So much to remember. Still, despite the stress, I love being in this situation...

Just saw the following posted on HuffPo. Too good to not share with others...

Michele Bachmann 'Amarica's Congress Woman,' Her Website Declares

Screengrabs by yours truly.



Thursday, March 18, 2010

"This tiny parasitic wasp has been magnified 1,000x..."

Nano GigaPan. Cooler than the cool I may have referenced earlier...


"It would probably not be a good idea to bomb his own production..."

Requiescat in pace, Harry Koutoukas.

Read the New York Times obituary here.

"In 1966 he received a Village Voice Obie Award in the category of Assaulting Established Tradition."

What more need be said? Either live life to its fullest, or slink back to the ooze.


Monday, March 15, 2010

The Imperial on the Stab-Happy Baronial...


Karl Schmidt Verlag is usually promo-shy (pomo, not so much), but these words from the ever-perspicacious Donnadieu (writing in Imperial Dreidl) regarding our new Skewed Plural release (KSV 063) hit the skein on its head...

"Countering civilization, escaping the self-induced neurasthenic rationality of the theatrical model - the severe industrial Mumford drugs telegraphed in the forced sublimation of the beard - deflects disturbance theories of throttled misery and inexorable discourse. Skewed Plural's spectacular barrage of early-century baronial, détraqué suffrage is the knife in the readymade, an overbearing frivolity restaging the devalued, reasonable carnage of the radical avant-garde. Brutes escape the light and fix ambiguity to a bruised thigh."

Merci, mon frere!



Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gimme Gimme Mutual Deformation...

A phenomenological treatise on the compensatory aspects of physiognomy. Part One (On the Street): Ugly women with absolutely killer bodies. Part Two (On the Bus, last Friday): A woman I might charitably describe as not-so-hot recoiled, thoroughly repulsed, at the sight of me. I love when this happens...

(Note that I realize I'm well past my sell-by date, etc.)

Yours Languorously,


Friday, March 12, 2010

Fathead's Folios Only...

It began a few hours ago. A portal opens, no fanfare, no flickering, no labored transition. Fully formed melodies, hooks, lyrics, an album title even. And scenes from an accompanying video, no lie. It doesn't happen every evening, but several times each month, the flood surges. All I have to do is remember.

This morning, I awoke, grabbed the H2, and recounted the dream. Didn't nail the melodies in their entirety, as recollections, like Hammer vampires, tend to crumble with the first wan shafts of dawn. But, as I told an interviewer just yesterday, this is how it happens. Automatic, complete, passing before me, through me.

It's the goddamnedest thing.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

TS: Solo Vocal Tour, Europa, Autumn

Good Evening,

I'm planning a solo vocal tour for the fall. Nothing extravagant, five to seven destinations tops. I want to collaborate with a writer friend on basic concepts, then elaborate those into a larger narrative. I already know what the album will be called. ("Album," such a lovely future archaism...) Each city will have its own text. I may do all the dates without amplification, so more intimate spaces, or, modified sections of traditional venues, will have to be targeted.

More on this soon, etc.


Monday, March 08, 2010

KSV March 2010 Preview Mix!

Hello Again,

If you're fence-sitting about which new Karl Schmidt release to snag, perhaps this 20-minute preview mix can help.

You may download it here. (Choose your poison.)

Excerpts follow a numerical progression: KSV 012, then 062-072. Ready?



Twelve New Releases from Karl Schmidt Verlag!

Hi All,

No need for additional introductions. If you're a follower of this blog, you know that these have been in post-production since late January. Five weeks later, and we're finally ready with the second release fusillade of 2010...

KSV 012 Nevai Myth - Hirtenlieder

Postponed from 2009, now ready for public renunciation. Nandor Nevai's unused vocal (and percussive) contributions to TLASILA's The Wigmaker in 18th Century Williamsburg album, posited within (extremely) sympathetic late 60s/early 70s Christian folk arrangements. As splendid as it sounds...

Edition of 15.


KSV 062 Soi-même - Let the Clots Come

New TS side project with ur-portraitist Liz Peyton 2.

Dilations and recriminations of a far higher order.

Edition of 15.


KSV 063 Screwdriver (sic) - Skewed Plural

Originally scheduled for a 2006 release on The Smack Shire, this exorcism will forever alter your perception of a certain musical group's particular recording. More perfect that even we dare admit...

Edition of 15.


KSV 064 Minimal Man / Peach of Immortality - Hardart Gallery, Washington, DC, November 16, 1984

Minimal Man's Patrick Miller and Peach of Immortality's Tom Smith met via last century's peculiar land post technology (i.e., mail), eventually resolving to bring the former's group to the nation's bleak capital (then under the charred thumb of the fetid cockblocker Reagan) for a performance. This indeed came to pass (at POI cellist Rogelio Maxwell's Hardart Gallery).

Minimal Man performed first, and then Miller joined Peach for a convulsive collaborative set. In your heart you'll know it's right...

Available here for the first time anywhere. There were a few dropouts in the Minimal Man cassette, and they were interpolated as digital glitches during the transfer process. Nothing too distracting, however. It's the only extant recording, so we must be tolerant. The POI recording was made from sound engineer Joe Kennedy's board mix, and it's absolutely fantastic for a 26-year-old chrome bias transcription.

Minimal Man:

Patrick Miller: voice, taped instrumentals (mostly reel-to-reel backing tracks from the Safari album.)
Kristin Oppenheim: tape op and live mix

Peach of Immortality:

Rogelio Maxwell: cello and treatments
Jared Louche: tabletop guitar, motors, clip-on devices
Tom Smith: cassette decks, tapes
Joe Kennedy: live mix, vocal interjections
Patrick Miller: voice

Edition of 15.


KSV 065 A-Aachen AAL Nevada Jim - Monitor Worm (The Complete 1996 Studio Sessions)

The late Brian Cook, Fred Ware III, and Tom Smith sparingly recorded and performed in 1996 as A-Aachen AAL Nevada Jim. Their three sessions at Atlanta's long-shuttered Microgroove Studios have been remastered and collected herein.

I wish that a lot more of you on the, er, "scene" way back in '96 could have seen this trio live. We only played out a handful of times, but those who saw us seem to have gone slack and gimpy afterwards...

A two-disc set.

Edition of 15.


KSV 066 VA - Aerating Hortatory Trove (The Complete Tora Tora Tora Festival Recordings)

A fourteen-disc set comprising every bloody peep recorded during the 1996 three-day festival. Recorded on 16-track digital by the Microgroove Mobile at Atlanta's sleazy-ass Dottie's Club, and mixed and produced by fest curator Tom Smith, this collection is guaranteed to numb both halves of your bifurcated mini-dome.

Artists are arrayed A-Z, as this seemed the fairest, most appropriately (non-)stochastic dogma. Some performances were excerpted for 2003's Tarot or Aorta compilation release on the Smack Shire label. Here, of course, all sets are presented unedited for the first time.

Disc 1

Amoeba (raftboy)

Disc 2

Bobby Conn
Brian McMahon & the Choke Cherries

Disc 3

Davey Williams & LaDonna Smith

Disc 4

Dixie Blood Moustache
Eugene Chadbourne

Disc 5

The Flying Luttenbachers

Disc 6

Harry Pussy
The Hercules
Leslie Q

Disc 7

Loren MazzaCane Connors

Disc 8

Medaglia D'Oro Orchestra
Monostat 7

Disc 9

Original Members of (Electric Eels)
Pagan Holiday

Disc 10

Quim Gremlin
Mr. Quintron & Miss Pussycat

Disc 11

Simeon Coxe & Obliterati

Disc 12

Temple of Bon Matin
Tête á Gifle
To Live and Shave in L.A.

Disc 13

William Carlos Williams
Zeke Scheck Care Co

Disc 14 (studio recordings made during the festival at Microgroove, in Atlanta)

Amoeba (raftboy)
Braid, Cord (Bobby Conn & Friends)
Simeon Coxe & Obliterati
To Live and Shave in L.A.

Edition of 10.


KSV 067 Juror Murk - Jowl Rig Rumor

The latest solo venture from label founder and punishing überlord Karl Schmidt. Location soundings from the depths of the Hannover U-Bahn, twisted and deformed into caustic, twining vistas of screeching steel and slang-inflected teen babble.

Two disc set.

Edition of 15.


KSV 068 VA - Silly Art Fick 25

Strict and unforgiving documentation of a crazed January night at Silke Arp Bricht, with immense thanks to curator Claudia Franke for taking concepts of the possible through an invertebrate wringer.

The line-up: Child Abuse, Jan van Hasselt, Family Battle Snake, and Steve Warwick. The DJ was our very own TS. Perfidy plus predation somehow edges close to (craven claims of) (im)perfection.

Two disc set.

Edition of 15.


KSV 069 Three Resurrected Drunkards - Wohlklang, 13. Feb

The most recent concert performance from the duo of Pit Noack and Tom Smith, and their fourth album to date.

See previous posts regarding the Wohlklang set. Needless to chirp, the juke was disjointed, the paracetamol hastily packed. Members of Kasabian and The Big Pink dropped in to sing backup during the Pierre Schaeffer medley!

Edition of 15.


KSV 070 Sightings Tom Smith - Complete Gardens of War Sessions

Recorded in Brooklyn in 2003 during the sessions of the TSSR release, albeit with a secondary mic and an altogether less organic medium. These digital takes HURT.

Three discs, stuffed with the compositions your great-great-great grandchildren will be interred to...

Edition of 15.


KSV 071 TS - Aarau Adversarials

Turntable experiments and proto-mashups created following Ohne's 2002 of Eastern and Central Europe at the group's headquarters in Aarau, Switzerland.

One contiguous mix, and more than a few insalubrious stabs.

Edition of 15.


KSV 072 Tom Smith & Blue Sabbath Black Fiji with Pit Noack & Olaf Gehrke - Six Resurrected Sabbaths

Chaos at Wohlklang. You know the rest.

Edition of 15.


Pricing: still holding down the former rates, at least for the next few months.

So, single-disc sets (KSV 012 / 062 / 063 / 064 / 069 / 071 / 072) are €8.47 within the EU, €10 elsewhere. Please add €1 for each additional disc.

Double sets (KSV 065 / 067 / 068) are €12.47 within the EU, and €14 elsewhere. Add €1 for additional copies, as always.

The lone triple set (KSV 070) will set you back €15.47 in Europa and €17 elsewhere. Add additional postage where applicable.

KSV 066 is a fourteen-disc package and costs €49.99 in the EU, and €60 elsewhere. Why the discrepancy? Postage, my droogs. In Deutschland, well, believe me when I say that it isn't cheap.

If you buy a copy of the Complete Tora set and any other disc, additional shipping fees will be waived.


I'll post a free promo mix (and video) later in the evening.

Best to All,


Sunday, March 07, 2010

As I Was Saying...

Dear Bloodied Others,

I won't have the artwork for the new sled of KSV releases ready before tomorrow, so please forgive my prognosticative shortcomings and meet me back here in a few...



Painful, Depressing, But True...

I know I'm always pushing Frank Rich, but his gift for incisive political and cultural critique is far too impressive to ignore. He's been damned good for the last half decade, taking full advantage of the raw material provided by the ignoble foibles and stark freakishness of American elites, always revealing compelling sets of caustic truths.

His Sunday op-ed is an uncomfortable read:

"The problem is not necessarily that Obama is trying to do too much, but that there is no consistent, clear message to unite all that he is trying to do. He has variously argued that health care reform is a moral imperative to protect the uninsured, a long-term fiscal fix for the American economy and an attempt to curb insurers’ abuses. It may be all of these, but between the multitude of motives and the blurriness (until now) of Obama’s own specific must-have provisions, the bill became a mash-up that baffled or defeated those Americans on his side and was easily caricatured as a big-government catastrophe by his adversaries."

Read Rich's complete text here.

Stay low to the ground,


Saturday, March 06, 2010

Girding for the Onslaught...

KSV Update: All the new albums have been finished. (Well, almost. I'm still tweaking some of the artwork, but the music is 100% done.) Probably begin taking orders on Sunday.

Here's the rundown:

KSV 012 Nevai Myth - Hirtenlieder; KSV 062 Soi-même - Let the Clots Come (the fruit of my new side-project with Liz Peyton 2); KSV 063 Screwdriver (sic) - Skewed Plural; KSV 064 Minimal Man / Peach of Immortality - Hardart Gallery, Washington, DC, November 16, 1984; KSV 065 A-Aachen AAL Nevada Jim - Monitor Worm (their complete studio sessions, two discs); KSV 066 VA - Aerating Hortatory Trove (the complete 1996 Tora Tora Tora Fest recordings, 14 discs!); KSV 067 Juror Murk - Jowl Rig Rumour (Karl's newest project, two discs); KSV 068 Silly Art Fick 25 (Live, Silke Arp Bricht, 22 Jan 10, with Child Abuse, Jan van Hasselt, Family Battle Snake, and Steve Warwick, two discs); KSV 069 Three Resurrected Drunkards - Wohlklang, 13. Feb.; KSV 070 Sightings Tom Smith - The Complete Gardens of War Sessions (three discs); KSV 071 TS - Aarau Adversarials (turntable experiments made during downtime after rehearsals for the 2002 Ohne tour); KSV 072 Blue Smith & Fiji Noack with Black Olaf - Six Resurrected Sabbaths. I'll post images and a lot more info tomorrow...



Wednesday, March 03, 2010

44 Thumbs, A-Z: #44

Thumbnails from Ira Schneider's fascinating 1978 video documentary, Weekend at the Beach...

More on the video here.

This concludes the 44 Thumbs, A-Z series. Many thanks for your restlessness and barely disguised loathing!

Yours Conditionally,


New Certanties...


I've forgotten or neglected to mention that:

1) There will likely be a new Sightings/Tom Smith album recorded in October, and for a change, here in Germany. We're very excited to begin our fifth collaborative endeavor.


Yes. Firstly, there was an abandoned attempt at a TS-produced Sightings album in 1999. (They were a little too green and unfocused at the time, and I didn't have the required swagger to bend the universe to suit our collective will.) Secondly, there was the (eventually unissued) album begun at Jerry Teel's long-gone NYC studio Funhouse in 2000, and completed in North Miami Beach on the Western Blot Mobile (i.e., a big-ass HP Pavilion desktop running Windows 98) in 2001. (It shreds, completely, compulsively, but cruel transpositions of fate intervened.) Thirdly, Gardens of War, the inaugural Sightings/Tom Smith platter recorded in Brooklyn in 2003 and released on The Smack Shire (the label I co-founded with the still-late, still-great Gerard Klauder) in 2004. Fourthly, the fruitful (though somewhat cramped and stress-strewn) rehearsals that culminated in our collaborative performance at the 2005 No Fun Fest in Red Hook, Brooklyn. There was also a 2004 (?) one-off S/TS gig at the now-sundered Tonic where we introduced our "I never liked The Pop Group/I only loved Happy Mondays" narrative into the too-cozy Manhattan club biome, mainly as a reaction to a fucking godawful opening act who visually aped Suicide while trolling in shallow On-U/Maffia silts.

2) In recognition of the above, KSV 070: Sightings/Tom Smith - The Complete Gardens of War Sessions. Three discs, three hours, sourced from the digital rather than the analog recordings, and thus wonderfully shorn of organic warmth and natural resonance. No, these takes just HURT. Coming soon, as a poisoned spine of the larger release anemone. Official, approved by both parties, and limited to 15 copies...

3) Two new TLASILA live albums are on the way, both from the 2008 "TLASILA 666" European campaign, which for me produced the ultimate expression of the live group as a fully gesticulated ensemble. Some of the performances (Lyon, Toulouse, Hamburg, Valencia, Geneva) don't just rank among the best we ever created - they are the best we ever created. (The dead weight had to be excised.)

4) There will definitely be a new batch of releases from Rope Cosmetology. I'm wrapping up the vocal overlays for our forthcoming release on 905 Tapes, and we also hope to issue a long-player later in the Spring/Summer of 2010 as well. And, fuck yeah, we absolutely have to tour again.

There were six or seven other bullet points I'd intended to address, but I have to bust out of the office and meet the CP for a movie...



Tuesday, March 02, 2010

44 Thumbs, A-Z: #43

Thumbnails from Hermína Týrlová astounding 1945 live-action/stop-motion animation short, Vzpoura hraček (aka Revolution in Toyland)...

More about the late writer-director here.

Best Wishes,


Monday, March 01, 2010

44 Thumbs, A-Z: #42

Thumbnails from Jonas Mekas' collected Super-8 films of the Velvet Underground & Nico (ca. 1966)...

More on the redoubtable Mr. Mekas here, and here. I don't suppose any of you have heard of the VU...


Cobbling the Disinfo Together...

I'm chatting with my son, Evan, who's online in Kabul. He leaves Afghanistan for good in a few days, and will be back in the States on the 7th. (He'll visit Deutschland, if we're lucky, for a dual birthday bash - he and I are both Aries demons - in April.) He mentioned that he and his wife will soon go kayaking. I had a mouthful of musili while relating this to the CP. "Hijacking?," she asked. Evan loved this...


Communique from the Front...

Hello Again,

Josh F., a faithful follower of Karl Schmidt Verlag and obviously one of this planet's sturdier souls, just sent an account of his receipt and initial perusal of the What's a qNadsat Word for Tank Jazz? box/rucksack. He was kind enough to give me his permission to publish both his words and images.

Here's what Josh had to say:


Hi Tom,

Just wanted to say, the box is incredible. I look forward to peeling away the layers and unpacking it slowly. Just a few discs in and already have been sucked into heavy space throb, hot fire music, and German marching bands (plus version). I know that many other worlds await in the days, months, and years ahead. The book and artwork that accompany the discs are a magnificent complement to the sounds contained. I'm overwhelmed.

I've attached two pictures. You can decide which, if any, to use. My wife says I look incredibly creepy, so I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad. I'll let you be the judge...



Firstly, Josh, I long ago penned the definitive text on "incredibly creepy." You have nothing to worry about... Secondly, many, many thanks for your very generous appraisal of the KSV box, and for taking the time to snap and attach the two photographs. I'm equally overwhelmed...



Happy New Year from the Harz...

Hello Droogs, Happy 2019! I‘m in the Harz region of Germany, enjoying a three-day getaway to cap off an eventful year, one marked by celeb...