Thursday, December 31, 2009

71 Minutes to T Minus One!

We're drunk, grooving to Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band. 2010 is just an immoderate glace and brazen ass-grab away. We'll soon be stumbling up the strasse to watch fireworks, and only Satan knows where the night will take us.

Thanks to everyone who loves, supports, or supplies a glancing blow to the superstructure of TLASILA Corp. Massive, unending, unyielding thanks to all who helped Karl Schmidt Verlag lift off - the 50-disc retrospective boxes should be in the post by the end of next week (my printer took two weeks off instead of one, so there's been a wee delay - no worries, gang, as you'll be rewarded for slight inconveniences).

Huge thanks to all who came out to see Rope Cosmetology, Three Resurrected Drunkards, my infrequent DJ sets, Claudia's (exceptional) sets, etc. Expect much more from all of us in the new year...


Tradition time:

Every year I offer a list of my favorite recordings from the previous twelve months, and as in recent cycles, I must first warn that these aren't "bests" by any stretch - I haven't listened to two-thirds of the stuff I have, much less the preponderant tsunami of sound available to all of us. I never mention recordings by band members, associates, labels that support my art, their artists, anyone with the slightest connection, so keep in mind before I list my Top 3 for '09 that I really loved the track Mark Morgan sent me from the forthcoming Sightings album, and I was very proud of Andrew W.K. for releasing two collections as contrary and compelling as Gundam Rock and 55 Cadillac. Ditto releases by pals Magas, Balazs Pandi, Sickboy Milkplus, et al. Well done, all!

My favorite recordings of 2009:

Kryptic Minds - One of Us (Swamp 81 SWAMPCD001 CD)

Wax - Dub Shed Sessions I EP (Subsolo SUB005 12")

Kiki - Kaiku (BPitch Control BPC196 CD)

These have been locked in for ages, and I was hoping one would be bumped from the list, really just to disturb my own notions of primacy. But fuck it, these blew my mind. So there you have it...

44 minutes to Year 20!



AdFreak's Top 30: #5...

Arcade omens...

ADVERTISER Casa de Menor
SPOT "Burden"
AGENCY McCann Erickson, Milan


Cesarean Mod,


All Hail Doris!

Fifty years ago, my late friend Doris Wishman's debut feature, Hideout in the Sun, had its galactic debut at the Paris Theater on Miami Beach.

Most filmographies attribute a 1960 release date to her plucky crime 'n' boobs opus, but when I lived in South Beach and was running the Sick Sinema/Giallo Fever/Hiroshima Rising film series for the now-defunct Alliance Film and Video Co-Op, I did a lot of time in the stacks of the University of Miami library, printing period Miami Herald cinema ads from microfiche. (I made hundreds of copies, many of which were repurposed for Sick Sinema fliers.) Lo and behold, on December 31, 1959, Hideout's debut was blazoned, nay, trumpeted, on the Herald's movie pages. It was a monster hit for Doris, playing for months in the local art houses and drive-ins.

Years later (1991, to be precise), I met Doris while she was at work in the Pink Pussycat erotic boutique in Coconut Grove, and literally took her home with me. She hadn't made a film since 1983's A Night to Dismember, and although I was unable to lend her the $50,000 she'd asked of me at the time of our meeting, I did offer her a directorial assignment, which she accepted - she shot two hours of video (with the assistance of Syd Garon and Rodney Ascher) for the proto-TLASILA EP (credited at the time to Peach of Immortality) Spatters of a Royal Sperm.

There was no real TLASILA group back in 1991, just me, with a rotating band of co-conspirators (Fred Ware III, Tigra DeRougement, and Oscar Perez), and we used the POI moniker in anticipation of the release of Spatters on the Noiseville imprint. As you may know, Noiseville collapsed, and Doris left the project, slightly confused by the change from film to video production and the general chaotic nature of the lives of her young charges.

We remained friends, and she was a regular and welcome visitor to my flat. I was cajoled to appear in her late-90s slapdash sex comedy Dildo Heaven, and I although I tried to channel the combover anomie of her hapless male protagonists from My Brother's Wife and Another Day, Another Man, mainly I was just fucking awful. In retrospect, of course, it was pretty cool. I was in a Doris Wishman feature, and she directed the very first TLASILA video! No complaints here...

You are missed, you sweet, crazy lady...


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Re RSH: Delirium...

The death of Rowland Howard sent this house into a redoubt of melancholy. Can't lie.

The day began quietly enough, with enjoyable spins of the soon-to-be-issued Hell/Bryan Ferry collab EP "U Can Dance" (easily Herr Ferrari's best work in eons; more can be heard on Hell's new Teufelswerk disc), but as soon as the news broke, Howard's peerless Pop Crimes (and later, a Townes Van Zant soundboard boot from 1990) gave voice to our sadness.

It's fucking cornball, I suppose, but there are so few people who consistently get it right. RSH was one of them. Thus, the grey, muted mood.



This just fucking sucks... Rowland S. is gone, having succumbed to liver cancer at the too-young age of 50. Damn, damn.

There was a decade-long gap between the release of his superlative '99 album Teenage Snuff Film and the recent, extraordinary Pop Crimes compendium, but, as many others have opined, there seemed to be no diminution of his craft, only an elevation, a knowing weariness which rebuffed easy sentimentality and approached genuine grandeur.

Never another like him.

Below, an audience vid of the album's second (and perhaps most harrowing) track, "Shut Me Down," from ATP Australia, January '09...



Sewn Own (Grebe Dizzied REM)...

New blankets of white...

First approach, just after midnight:

Approx. 9:00...

A light dusting, but with temps falling below 0° for the remainder of the week, there's a good chance my melancholy (engendered by news of my father's perilous health) will be intensified.

Sigh, etc.


AdFreak's Top 30: #6...

A separate slop tryst thrown...

ADVERTISER U.K. Department for Transport
SPOT "Always There"
COUNTRY United Kingdom


Faraway nightdress poor,


Monday, December 28, 2009

AdFreak's Top 30: #7...

Folk tempt a headhunter...

ADVERTISER U.K. Department of Health
SPOT "Act F.A.S.T."
COUNTRY United Kingdom


Stagnant clock downed a fly,


Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Holidays Are Killing Me...

Just wrapped our third or fourth (or thirty-fourth) dinner party in the last few days. Feeling staggered. So much good food and drink, such convivial guests (and hosts), and, earlier today, hours of unimpeachable Schlager/Volksmusik, spilling forth in a constant loop of wholesome depravity. The diabolical black forest cherry cake went exceptionally well with James Last...

Don't think I can drink another drop of alcohol.


AdFreak's Top 30: #8...

Acacia kidnapper tons nosy...

ADVERTISER Parkinson Society Canada
SPOT "Struggle"
AGENCY Taxi, Toronto


Tolerating rotguts' ox,


Saturday, December 26, 2009

AdFreak's Top 30: #9...

Armada herbs thinning months...

ADVERTISER NHS Birmingham East and North
SPOT "Beating"
AGENCY Dr. Foster, London
COUNTRY United Kingdom


Neither fondle nor sort,


Friday, December 25, 2009

Head Full of Cotton Wool...

Hi Again,

Xmas Day - we're pretty much drunk, heading into the third round of powerful, towering martinis. Off to the Hamburger Botschaft in a few secs to continue the cellular purge. Mischa Phonem is behind the decks, so the musik ought to be tip-fucking-top. Hope everyone is well!

Backdated posts tomorrow - lots of TLASILA/Rope Cosmetology/KSV news to tell.



Thursday, December 24, 2009


Hello Everyone,

It's Christmas Eve in Deutschland, known here as "Heiligabend," or "holy night." We're drinking wine, readying a film for our peepers, and chilling the vodka for tomorrow's hellride. Jesus will extract a baby brontosaur from Sarah Palin's bunghole, then ride the lil' bugger through Hannover's red-light district, bringing lapsed joy to the preternaturally besotted.

Back-dated posts to follow, fellow heathens.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

AdFreak's Top 30: #10...

Radials dowdy...

SPOT "Mass Murderer"
AGENCY Das Comitee, Hamburg

Not YouTube-friendly at all... Go to the original post for visual confirmation.



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

AdFreak's Top 30: #11...

Acacia contrived sprint trot...

ADVERTISER Victoria Transport Accident Commission
SPOT "Swap"
AGENCY Grey, Melbourne
COUNTRY Australia


Commas join wisps,


Monday, December 21, 2009

From the Silke Arp Bricht Xmas Party...


We were out quite late at Silke's annual Weihnachten fest - I wandered home around 4:00, and the CP, who had commandeered the club's decks to save all hands from the dire encroachments of Xmas kitschmusik, got back to our flat some time after seven... Needless to aver, paralysis won the day.

Images follow.

(Click for larger versions, etc.)



AdFreak's Top 30: #12...

Nu-dredged liking monotony...

SPOT "Cut"
AGENCY Grey, London
COUNTRY United Kingdom


Ducat winsome,


Sunday, December 20, 2009

GTStM: 20. Dezember Update...

Hi Again,

We've entered otherworldly realms of plenty with the Grief That Shrieked mixbox: well-flayed efforts arrived over the weekend from Hull Curve, Audiomat, and Panagiotis A. Stathis, and word was received late Saturday that we'll have The Teknoist's remix in our grubby tentacles shortly after the New Year. Too much posse!

Have to redesign that damned promo poster again...


AdFreak's Top 30: #13...

Mandala wearies weak Kirk...

ADVERTISER Wakker Dier (Animals Awake)
SPOT "Ancilla Tilla Strips"
AGENCY Revolver Media, Rotterdam
COUNTRY The Netherlands


Scarlatinas' Pill-Lit,


Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Blindingly Kiwi Sumo Ousts...

Re The Saints' virulent '77 remake of "Wild About You," an origin:

More about the Missing Links here.



AdFreak's Top 30: #14...

Cab groceries spurt...

SPOT "Roller Babies"


Wheedled minnow porno,


Friday, December 18, 2009

AdFreak's Top 30: #15...

Degradations flout nun...

ADVERTISER Lustgarten Foundation
SPOT "Dan's Pancreatic Cancer"
AGENCY Gardner Nelson + Partners, New York
COUNTRY United States


Leafier krill spoiler,


It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Rat Schism...

Ladies and germs, we finally have snow in Hannover!

Two days ago, from the sixth floor of one of the energy behemoths I haunt:

And, early this morning:

(Click for larger versions, etc.)

No big deal for those of you reading from Québec, the Dakotas, Russia, or any dandruff-dusted metal fest, but as a rube from the American South, I always get a charge out of blankets of powder...

The morning slog thus becomes more complicated, but shuffling along through paradise is worth the wobble.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

AdFreak's Top 30: #16...

Skunk militiamen knelt...

ADVERTISER Lastenklinikan Kummit
SPOT "Child as a Mirror"
AGENCY King, Helsinki


Railroad Chrism,


Felony Linnet...

Hello Again,

My face is absolutely frozen after the 30-minute bike ride from work. It's -6° out, dry, with an intermittent ball-peen breeze. I'm happy to be at the relative level of fitness I enjoyed in my 30s (not the drop-acid-once-each-day Peach of Immortality TS, but the post-dry-out, pre-Miami me), but the increasingly frigid temps make mounting the Peugeot much more of a challenge...

BTW: the first two three KSV boxes are already spoken (and paid) for - eight seven remaining!

Wrap up tightly,


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Taking Orders: What's a qNadsat Word for Tank Jazz Available Tomorrow...


If you need the KSV 50-disc box (actually more stuffed rucksack than rectangle), feel free to order from the 18th. Each takes a few days to prepare. Act quickly, or don't complain. The run is limited to ten iterations, plus (transparency notice!) a few sets for old friends. Otherwise, no press or promo.

What do you get for your €160? A backpack (customized just for thee, natch), the first 50 KSV releases, two bonus albums, a DVD, a book, and a poster.

And our sincere thanks for helping to sustain Karl Schmidt Verlag during its tumultuous rookie season...

Best Wishes,


AdFreak's Top 30: #17...

Bad pooled torpidity...

ADVERTISER Land Transport New Zealand
SPOT "Trapped (Bloody Idiot)"
AGENCY Clemenger BBDO, Wellington
COUNTRY New Zealand


Dad libido prototype,


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

AdFreak's Top 30: #18...

A prop tort ferments trunk ad...

ADVERTISER U.K. Department for Transport
SPOT "Eyes"
AGENCY Leo Burnett, London
COUNTRY United Kingdom


Your eyes gave me away,


This Is Completely Insane...

But should not have been entirely unexpected...

Grief That Shrieked: Update #668...

Ahoy, Cosmic Bowling Concierges!

Dylan Nyoukis has just slipped his remix box contribution through the micron-wide KSV delirium (and otherwise addled miscellany) slot a-a-and-and-and w-w-w-w-we're st-st-st-stuttering... So GREAT!

Cheers, good sir!


New Release Attack from Karl Schmidt Verlag!

Beloved Mujahideen,

Set your directional suicide beams to strike all unbelievers, as KSV unleashes a merciless fusillade against the probable and drearily usual. You wanted 727 aggressively non-virginal playmates in this, the non-afterlife? Well, we can't guarantee precise numbers, but what the right hand now delivers, the left shall surely wipe away...

Ready to re-emerge?

KSV 059 Patrick Spurlock - Les Circonvolutions du Cortège

Herr Spurlock, a member of the TLASILA cabal since 2007, dismantles raw vocal takes of Cortège compositions, achieving pure, kohl-smeared prefiguration...

Recorded, mixed and produced 2008-2009 by Patrick Spurlock at the Cat House, Valdosta, Georgia, USA.

Edition of 15.


KSV 030 TLASILA - Die Fehde des Gemischs (3xCD)

Toil and trouble... Six months of editing the 1,118 TLASILA Blog fan appreciation mashups (recorded between 2007 and 2009) into a 210-minute recitative nearly shorted Tom's renal functions, but the heavy sledding is over. In this, the penultimate year of TLASILA, it's important to revisit the nascence...

Composed, edited, mixed and produced by Htims Mot.

White cardboard box with individually customized obi-lock and poster.

Edition of 20.


KSV 041 TS - To Which Clotted Horrors Do You Fail to Refer?

An album of disembodied vocal miniatures. It gives everyone at HQ the fucking creeps.

Recorded, edited, mixed and produced by TS.

Edition of 15.


KSV 047 Withered Runes - Unworthy Censer

Censer as in "incense urn," as in attempting to vanquish intolerant spirits threatening to despoil a certain Canterbury legacy by burning the contents of one, as in failing to dispel said wraiths, as in pulling Frith and compatriots through an increasingly thin, impossibly taut wire...

Recorded. mixed and produced by Withered Runes.

Edition of 15.


KSV 050 40 Berlin Versions

One late summer gathering. 20 guests. Booze. Lots of booze... 40 versions were dutifully assembled and sent back to HQ for analysis.

Recorded, edited, mixed and produced by Karl.

Edition of 15.


KSV 052 Linda, Viola & Uwe - Sniper Fantasy

KSV's teen mastering maniacs finally step out of their subterranean liar to reconstruct a malformed gene sequence. Many moons in the stitching...

Edited, mixed and produced by Linda, Viola & Uwe.

Edition of 15.


KSV 058 Gaunt Exes - Schwache Empfangsspannung

Gaunt Exes contemplate the gaps edged out of in-betweens. Static was always their way forward...

Edited, mixed and produced by Gaunt Exes.

Edition of 15.



€ 8.49 EU / € 10.00 elsewhere / €1 for each additional album, with the exception of KSV 030, which is € 15.49 EU / € 17.00 elsewhere.


Many, many thanks for your continued support.

On the 18th, the one-year retrospective box will be ready for orders.


Tom & Karl

Monday, December 14, 2009

AdFreak's Top 30: #19...

Sacerdotalise a frisk...

SPOT "Doubt"
AGENCY Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R, Tel Aviv




Grief That Shrieked: Update #662...

Unbiased Onlookers,

Just received Andreas Brüning's contribution to the TLASILA remix box, and maws are agape here at headquarters. Superlative!

Most of the stragglers have reported in for duty, and although the absolute, final, signed, singed, and deliriously post-perfect tracklisting has yet to be divined, what we're looking at is a goddamned monster...

More on this later.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

AdFreak's Top 30: #20...

Crossbreeding themes, a vent...

ADVERTISER New Mexico Department of Transportation
SPOT "Some Things Can't Be Reversed"
AGENCY VWK, Albuquerque
COUNTRY United States



Redeyes Irk a Maraca...

Meine Damen und Herren, I give you Frank Rich, who nails the American moment yet again:

Hollywood’s Brilliant Coda to America’s Dark Year

(Illustration by the always superb Barry Blitt...)


More Later,


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Requiring a Lean Raga...

Our stupid-ass upstairs neighbors are quarreling again, and who could blame them, as they shared neither this agreeable South African Cabernet nor Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock with us. (Critics were divided on the latter, but we got an appropriate charge from both.)

There's a new KSV title ready for release, but I'm so close to completing another, long-gestating album that I've chosen to delay the pyrotechnics until Monday.

Gird loins appropriately.


AdFreak's Top 30: #21...

Resolving contradictory trudges...

SPOT "Seasons"
AGENCY Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg


Not not buying,


R.I.P. Herr Daninsky...

Sad news for fans of gutbucket Euro exploitation: the great Paul Naschy has snarled off into the void...

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)

Read the Times obituary here.



Friday, December 11, 2009

"Like what’s it like waking up with maggots...?"

The good life intervened this evening, as the CP and I haunted the Nordstadt. We first descended on Bok, where we wolfed plates of garlic-infused curry, and then stank up the strasse as we strolled over to the Kino im Sprengel to view Steve McQueen's brilliant Hunger. (Ironies were apparent.) These relaxing activities were necessary after the frenetic week we'd experienced, so KSV unveilings must wait until Monday...


AdFreak's Top 30: #22...

I approve of this next PSA...

SPOT "Polar Bears"
AGENCY Mother, London
COUNTRY United Kingdom


Man falling, where folding,


Thursday, December 10, 2009


It's been another mad day... Aaron Dilloway sent his mix for the TLASILA remix box, and Toecutter completely re-worked his previous submission, deftly tossing it through the kitchen window all the way from Oz. Both, as you might suspect, are utterly bonkers... Cheers, lads!

We'll have a new KSV release for you tomorrow - stay tuned!

I've had the opportunity to chat with Evan, my son, twice in the last two days. Such a relief to have a semblance of regular contact again. He's in the lovely, sun-dappled, bikini-clad city of Kabul at the moment, and he's getting mighty tired of the Italian house music pumping out of the topless tattoo parlors... Also had a lengthy chat with Ray Brassier, the philosopher and author of Nihil Unbound. Ray will be penning the liner notes to Refusal, the 20-year retrospective TLASILA box coming next year on Menlo Park. It's always a treat to engage in dialogue with Ray - he definitely gets it.

Mark Morgan, Sightings exemplar and occasional TLASILA member, is also preparing a mix for the Grief compilation, as is Dylan Nyoukis, Hannover's own Andreas Brüning, and Warsaw-based composer Dominik Kowalczyk. The box has grown into a 3xCD/1x7" behemoth, and we sincerely hope you'll enjoy it. It's been more than two years in the making, and everyone involved has done amazing work...

Okay, off to bed. The CP is drifting quietly, and I long to join her in slumber.

(That is, until the construction crews start their cruel devices in the morning!)

Gute Nacht,


AdFreak's Top 30: #23...

Death congeals below -- tilt and wilt.

SPOT "Singing Pepperonis"
AGENCY TracyLocke, Dallas
COUNTRY United States




Wednesday, December 09, 2009

My Segregation Whim...

I am content within the grimy sphere.

(The number 3 train rarely disappoints...)

Guten Nacht,


AdFreak's Top 30: #24...

More tweaked copyrighting from AdFreak's '09 overview:

SPOT "Déjà Vu"
AGENCY Modernista!
COUNTRY United States


Can't sync, don't mind,


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

On the Lister Meile, 15:30...

Outsized ennui near Lister Passage...


AdFreak's Top 30: #25...


Below, please find number 25 (wanting):

ADVERTISER New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation
SPOT "Blob"
AGENCY Colenso BBDO, Auckland
COUNTRY New Zealand



Monday, December 07, 2009

AdFreak's Top 30: #26...

This next one makes me cringe...

"Are We There Yet?"
DDB, Stockholm


The color of blood is never analogous,


Even Brighter Supernovae...

Holy God, what a year it's been for Kryptic Minds. They've been on an insane tear since the February release of the brilliant "One of Us"/"Six Degrees" 12" (on Loefah's Swamp 81 imprint; the b-side, failing an exceptional shock, will likely be my favorite track of '09), and August's One of Us full-length was immeasurably great from start to end. Absolutely fucking killer in every respect... They followed these triumphs with two moodier, only slightly less surprising releases, "768" on Tectonic (a split 12" with Pinch & Moving Ninja), and last month's powerfully obstinate "Life Continuum"/"Wondering Why" single on Osiris Music.

But now...

I've just been obliterated by their newest new release of 2009, "Code 46"/"The Weeping" (on Disfigured Dubz). Fuck... And there's also a sensational Loxy & Resound remix of Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch's perfect 2006 "Hide the Tears" single, just issued on Razor's Edge...

These guys were a little shaky ca. 2007, but they've come back at 1,000 times' strength since their defection to the dubstep camp (which is itself mutating faster than even the most obsessive gene mappers are able to follow). Sick, sick greatness...

The future roars past in real time. Shed your skins and get with the slipstream!



Referenced above:

("One of Us"/"Six Degrees," Swamp 81 SWAMP001 12", 2009.)

(One of Us, Swamp 81 SWAMPCD001, 2009.)

("768," split single with Pinch & Moving Ninja, Tectonic TEC032 12", 2009.)

("Life Continuum"/"Wondering Why," Osiris Music OSMUK 007 12", 2009.)

("Code 46"/"The Weeping," Disfigured Dubz DIS007 12", 2009.)

("Hide the Tears," as Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch, split remix EP, Razor's Edge RAZORS008 12", 2009.)

I Smell Like a Haiku...

An excellent waste of precious, precious time...

I have a business installing Styrofoam nuns!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

AdFreak's Top 30: #27...

Hello Again,

Ready to charbroil yr sockets?

ADVERTISER Diesel helmets
"Quique the Head"
Shackleton, Madrid


Yours Headlessly,


A Crazed 48...

Hello Again,

Don't know where to begin, as we've been everywhere, and had a whack at nearly every conceivable human behavioral sidestep, save perhaps the more languid varieties of incestuous cannibalism. (We'll get to it.)

I'll backtrack: we're relaxing post-dinner, and will be off to Pit's salon at Wohlklang around 20:30. An illustrated report (and a Karl Schmidt document) will likely follow. Earlier, we watched Double Indemnity after a hike through the outlying labyrinth of footpaths which crisscross Hannover (and every other German encampment). Barbara Stanwyck played the perfect femme fatale, of course, but when Fred McMurray utters the positively post-modern riposte "I love you too" to Edward G. Robinson, synapses collapse. Superb, superb... Took scores of photographs, some documenting Friday's agreeably odd language school Christmas party, others test images for the forthcoming vinyl release of The Cortege, and at least a dozen new exposures taken whilst strolling through the old royal gardens (I'm making a holiday calendar for my mom)...

Last night, a (not-so) private party at the Ping-Pong Club; our pal Sabine was one of the two DJs on duty, and we talked of Joy Orbison and mixdiscs amid the usual half-blasted blather. Before, a very solid set by Kreidler at Glocksee.

(Fewer than 30 people were in the audience. Two encores were requested, and the quartet were very obliging. Immediately after, teenies arrived en masse for Dubmosphere, which usually consists of Bob Marley's "One Love" shuffled on a fucking Nano for seven hours. Oy, etc.)

In the past few hours, editing has continued on Die Fehde des Gemischs. Making serious headway...

Gotta get ready for the show.



Saturday, December 05, 2009

John Lydon: Culture Show Interview...

In advance of this month's Public Image Ltd. reunion tour (sans Wobble and Levene, avec Bruce Smith and Lu Edmonds), John Lydon appeared on last evening's installment of the Culture Show.

Segments follow...


No use crying for the 1978 lineup. I saw PiL in Atlanta in 1979 and it was pretty fucking mindblowing, but that was then, etc. Only vapidity is eternal.


AdFreak's Top 30: #28...

Continuing our pilfered rundown...

SPOT "Happy"
AGENCY Juniper Park, Toronto


Eye of tiger,


Kreidler @ Glocksee...

(Amended 9 Dec 09. Damned "ie"/"ei" transpositions!)

Frau Franke and I took in a very good (albeit barely attended) set by Düsseldorf quartet Kreidler tonight. Apathy and a persistent cold rain deterred less hardy admirers. Of course, the 40-odd (?) souls who coughed up the entry fee were more than rewarded.

Took a pair of pix with my Nokia; please find them combined below.

See you next time,


Friday, December 04, 2009

AdFreak's Top 30: #29...

The next in AdFreak's series...

McCann Erickson, Bangkok


Until we meet again,


Gott ist der Filme...

Taken Thursday, December 3, 2009, at the Lindener Marktplatz tram stop. Zeal knows few bounds, and thus a blurring of sight lines provides a more compelling text...


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Hairy Beary / Highly Bleary...

I've been working at the editing desk all freaking day. The preliminary travail for two forthcoming Karl Schmidt releases - the TLASILA triple-set of deformations based on the 2007-9 series of mashups, and a new Gaunt Exes album of radio experiments - was wrapped earlier. And now the mixing begins...

I hope to have all the new KSV releases, including the book and the one-year retrospective box, ready in time for New Years, if not sooner. Send more vitamins.

More later, as ever.


AdFreak's Top 30...

From Tim Nudd's year-end list at AdFreak:

"It's the most wonderful time of the year—time to look back at the oddest, creepiest, quirkiest and downright freakiest commercials that we covered on AdFreak this year. We've selected the 30 spots from all over the world that truly left us with that not-peaceful, uneasy feeling. The majority are PSAs—their freaky means apparently justified by humanitarian ends. The list is also heavy on the U.K., another reminder that we can always count on the English (and the Welsh) for a solid dose of depravity. So, here's to the freakiest of 2009, and more of the same in 2010."

I'm not adverse (ahem, etc.) to this sort of time-snuffage, so...

Numero 30:

"Exotic Dancer"
Zimmerman, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
United States

More later,


UbuWeb: Babe's Uvulas Wilt...

Guten Morgen,

Last April at WORM in Rotterdam I ran into Ken Goldsmith, the proprietor of the mighty UbuWeb. He suggested I contribute to the site, a dizzying, rigorous compendium of literature, music, video, and sundry monuments to jagged creativity. I was flattered, of course, but with crazed schedules, constant distraction and intervention, and the usual headless dash through reality, the offer was placed in the nether reaches of memory.

Now, however, it's definite. Be on the lookout for some TS action (assorted aggregates, projects, etc.) at UbuWeb soon...

Sincere kudos to Jeremy Fisher and Kenny G for their interest and support.

Bis Bald,


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Alarm Fleas...

(Amended 3 Dec 09.)

Hello Again,

I was about to write a thank-you post for the enthusiastic response to KSV 057 (the megamix had been downloaded 105 times when I last checked, approx. noon Wednesday), but now the link seems to have been disrupted there the entire time. 'Twas a mere server glitch...

Thanks for your support!


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Remix Box Update...


Forgot to mention that we've received mixes for The Grief That Shrieked to Multiply from Toecutter and Newton (a surprise last-second addition) - both are superlative.

Also, Patrick Spurlock just sent two new vocal dub mixes of the title track from The Cortege!

Our colleagues and collaborators are on fire today...

Sleep Well,


Monday, November 30, 2009

And Yes, We Survived...

Yesterday was a blur, but thankfully not an album by Blur. (Of course, given the desiccated condition of at least one of our brains, perhaps "Trouble on the Message Centre" or "Inertia" would suffice as a substitute theme, if the story of Sunday's hangover was filmed by Brett Ratner...) We ate Vietnamese takeout, watched His Girl Friday, and pulled through.

And the 100 Jahre Musik II party at Silke was excellent, so...

No further complaints.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Karl Schmidt Verlag: Free Album Available for Download!

Hello All,

I began the Karl Schmidt Verlag label in November 2008, shortly after my move to Hannover, Germany.

Envisioned as a wholly private imprint, KSV does no press, issues no promo materials, and is intended strictly for enthusiasts. KSV caters to the advanced aesthetics of its customers by offering micro-edition releases of artworks that defy, renounce, disrupt and dismember the usual, deadening contemporary tropes and wan "extremes."

We publish music, books, the odd short film collection. Some of you have them all.

(Thank you!)

To show our gratitude, we've prepared a free, album-length mega-mix version of the first 47 albums released on KSV.

KSV 057 Hussey He Sisters - Karl Schmidt Verlag Master Mix Nov 2009

If you want it, take it.

Go here!

Of course, if you didn't realize we existed, and thus didn't know - depending on your inclinations - what you were missing, then we have only been doing our job. I trust you'll forgive us if we adopt a less private stance, at least for this brief moment...


About KSV 057:

Hussey He Sisters - Karl Schmidt Verlag Master Mix Nov 2009 (KSV 057)

Compiled, mixed and produced by Hussey He Sisters at KSV HQ, Hannover, on November 27-28.

01 KSV Master Mix Nov 2009 (52:14)

Artwork by Karl.

Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

Unlimited edition.


Vielen Dank!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

From the Consumerist, with thanks:

And by all means, follow this up with a well-deserved break:


Apologies for cobbling this together from others' suggestions, but here in Deutschland, the November gluttony-fest means nothing. I didn't even remember it was T'giving until the CP reminded me...

That noted, I trust everyone ate as much as they preferred without remorse or reason!



Lo, Frenetic!

Yours truly on the platform in Ahlten, murdering time before the train home...

Driving inhibits proper note-taking,


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nerd Alert!

Saturnian aurorae. Hypercool...

Enlarged Ro1exeS...

(Amended 30 Nov 09.)

An action-slathered afternoon of people watching: our Ed Hardy plague is infinitely more malign than the most virulent strain of Schweine-Grippe, and the continued prevalence (inside our Hauptbahnhof) of full-length Matrix faux-leathers and multi-buckled rave bells as signifiers of otherness would give even Hegel pause re the efficacy of dialectic... At Rossmann (equivalent to Walgreens Stateside, albeit without the day-long queues for service), an exceedingly drab salarywoman purchased a bright yellow 12-pack of "Fruity and Fun" condoms. One hoped she'd later be shooting an interracial gang-bang at her flat in Hildesheim. (Or Celle, etc.) Shortly after, a Down's teen in an orange safety vest walked slowly over and stood uncomfortably close to me. Nothing necessarily untoward in his approach, of course, but awkward proximity begets muted shuffling. Finally, on the train to Ahlten, a tall woman hungrily downing a bagel failed to notice two long, white hairs stuck to the crumpled left knee section of her pale beige tights. The fibers were illuminated by the dim afternoon light, thus visible to all, but she was in a literal blind spot...


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

KSV Preview Files: New New New!

Hi Again,

If you like the sweet taste of death, we've got the Maroon 5 appliqué neckerchiefs you crave.

Click here to download the second of KSV's November 2009 preview files, including segments from Crvi's Two Adaptive Behavior Collisions, Tomoko Sauvage's Wholklang: 14. Nov, and Alexei Borisov & Olga Nosova's Salon am Lichtenbergplatz albums.

There's also a message from Karl!

(Click for a larger version.)


Sleep well, lil' droogies,


Hot Off the Teletype from KSV!

Hello Good People!

Very happy to present the latest micro-edition from Karl Schmidt Verlag:

KSV 056 Alexei Borisov & Olga Nosova - Salon am Lichtenbergplatz

This is the complete aktion from Sunday evening, minus ten unnecessarily recorded minutes of random post-performance gab. Those in attendance witnessed a transcendent set from Olga and Alexei, one that evoked the sounds of garbled line readings broadcast from blasted obsidian sets of outer-galactic, multi-species melodramas. Just terrific.

I joined the duo for a short collaborative set afterwards; all has been stitched together, sans the usual interim shuffling and shifting.


Alexei Borisov - voice, electronics
Olga Nosova - voice, electronics, and percussion


Tom Smith - voice and texts

01 Complete Performance (43:31)

Edition of 15.



As usual. € 8.49 EU / € 10.00 elsewhere / €1 for each additional album


Many, many thanks!



Monday, November 23, 2009

Alexei Borisov & Olga Nosova...

(Amended and expanded 24 Nov 09.)

Hi Again,

Sunday night marked the debut of our Salon am Lichtenbergplatz series, and we were pleased to welcome Alexei Borisov and Olga Nosova into our home for the occasion.

It was great to see Alexei again (I first met him in Moscow in 2002 during the inaugural OHNE tour), and a kick to become acquainted with the ebullient Ms. Nosova. They arrived from Berlin shortly after 4PM our time, and by 8:45 attendees were streaming through the doors.

The duo performed an intensely hypnotic half-hour set, followed by a pair of improvisations with yours unholy. It was an exhilarating evening.

Many thanks to Shoobi and Pit for their technical expertise. All credit to the CP for conceiving of and organizing the salon.



Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vulcanizes Lid Genii...

From 3 Quarks Daily, via Sullivan, a representation of futility:


Must leave soon to retrieve Alexei and Olga at the central station. More on their visit in the next post!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

KSV Preview Vid: Crvi / Wohlklang 14. Nov...

Hi Again,

Here's the new promo vid for the Crvi and Wohlklang 14. Nov releases on Karl Schmidt Verlag:


Eyes are bleary,


Earlier Worms...

Hello Again,

Those of you who ordered the Crvi (KSV 051) and Wohlklang: 14. Nov (KSV 055) albums haven't long to wait, as the packages shipped just a few minutes ago.

Herr Bruno B's parcel was the first out the coop:

(Click for a larger version...)

Drop us a line when you've received your swag, please. Karl and I value your thirst for blood...

Bis Dann,


Friday, November 20, 2009

Two New Releases on Karl Schmidt Verlag!

(Amended and expanded 24 Nov 09.)

Goodlier Holes!

The CP is listening to "Heart and Soul", the second bottle of red has drained away, Tobi is gesticulating midway through a disquisition on pink pepper chocolate, and I've crawled away from the kitchen just long enough to spill the pintos on the two newest KSV orthostats!

Threaded foray? Sehr gut!


KSV 051 Crvi - Two Adaptive Behavioral Collisions

Crvi document rusted hulks, calcified electrodes, lost opportunities, and lingering doubts. The duo of Zizic and Mihovilovic hail from Split, Croatia, and their machines have achieved a malign sort of independence. We are pleased by the sounds they refuse to make...


Crvi: power/electronics

01 Two Adaptive Behavior Collisions (29:44)
02 Version (TS mix) (29:47)

Edition of 15.


KSV 055 Wohlklang: 14. Nov (Tomoko Sauvage)

Tomoko Sauvage lives in Paris, and sleeps in the welcoming mouth of a manta. She conjures arid vistas with bowls of water.

As (my Three Resurrected Drunkards partner) Pit Noack noted after Sauvage's performance, she could have turned the master gain of her mixer much louder, but she wisely demurred.

Nature is slow, quiet, and incredibly destructive, one drop at a time...


Tomoko Sauvage - water, bowls, hydrophones and microphones, cups, flexible poles

01 Complete Performance (33:50)
02 Version (TS mix) (33:50)

Edition of 15.


We're going out to Faust now, so I'll have to fill in the details (and upload sound/audio files) on the morrow. If you trust our obscenely high quality, don't require further info, and chose to order now, your panting parcels will go out in the morning's post!

Prices as always: € 8.49 each for the EU, and €10.00 everywhere else.

Gotta run!


Tom (Karl says Hallo too!)

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