Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TSKD: Demand Exceeding Supply, So...

Guten Abend,

Droogs, thanks sincerely for the huge surge of support for Kangol. The initial edition of 50 is nearly depleted... However, rather than cause distress and dismay, a la Obstacles, we've elected to extend the edition. We'll accept orders for 100 copies, but after this number has been reached, that'll be the end of it. OK?

Distrib orders will ship on Friday, and solo customers will have their ashes hauled on Saturday.

In related news, the next Rope Cosmetology full-length, The Honey Fox in Hare's Longing, was completed earlier today. This thing is a goddamned monster - we'll have more info to share soon.



Monday, March 28, 2011

KSV: Slow Rollout...

Droogies, becalmed passersby, we have something you'd perhaps enjoy groping:

KSV 143 TSKD - Kangol

01 Kangol (41:43)

Kevin Drumm - electronics, guitar, organ
Tom Smith - whispered vocals, edit, mix, production

Recorded and mixed February 2011, KSV HQ, Hannover.

Linda, Viola & Uwe (Cluj-Napoca): mastering
Trichoplax Creeps (Essen): design

Edition of 50 100.

Pricing: €8.49 Eurozone, €11 elsewhere, postage paid.

PayPal to tlasila [at] gmail. [com].


Next Monday, a more traditional KSV mass release, featuring Their Mothme - NSFP (KSV 139), Ethical Finale: Bettfedernfabrik 3 (Child Abuse & Major Murks, 10. Januar) (KSV 141), NK: Restricted Access (Berlin, 16. Jan) (KSV 142), Come into My Life, Radio Edit - ''... weder Labor noch Topf'' (Version 02) (KSV 144 ), Tom Smith - Solo Vocal #2 (KSV 145), Sindre Bjerga & Nils Rostad - Solo Solo Trio (Oberdeck, 10. März) (KSV 146), Ex-Nihilo - Loops 19841996 (KSV 147), To Live and Shave in L.A. - Amour Fou on the Edge of Misogyny (KSV 148, expanded reissue of the Billy Taylor-produced anomaly), Sucking Coeds - Team H.E.A.T. (KSV 149, reissue), TLASILA - 2007 Hybrids Vol. 1 (EPs 001-007) (KSV 150), TLASILA 1975 / Born in East L.A. (KSV 151, expanded reissues from the 2000-2001 spin-off/clone tribute cabals), Morrall Discipline - Daungerous and Desperate in All Partes (KSV 152), and two more that I just don't have time to go into. Work awaits!



Saturday, March 26, 2011

KSV Open Vault Weekend!

Hello from the Slow Thaw!

Winter has been an inordinately persistent wretch. To hasten the arrival of blooms, entomopathogenic fungi, and pollen-laden antlers, we offer a sacrifice. The vault has been thrown open through the evening of the 28th. Almost everything, save a handful (really more like the balled fist of a newborn pileated gibbon) of withdrawn titles, box sets and books, is available and at your command.

If you want a title from the archive, send a message and we'll either process the order immediately or crush your soul. Availability is your corpus of penetrability...

The backlog from previous clutch of releases has been cleared (with the exception of a few book and box orders still lingering around flight control - it ain't easy being the perfect label), so shower us with cash and receive endorphins via time-splice...

Coming Monday: Kangol, the third collaborative album from Tom Smith & Kevin Drumm & Tom Smith & Kevin Drumm & Kevin Drumm & Tom Smith, and a damned sight more...

Fuel rods partially happy to see you,


Friday, March 25, 2011

Bob Herbert Leaves the Times...

Evil Ones,

Another exemplar of sustained, reasoned social critique has departed the New York Times' op-ed lacuna: Bob Herbert. Wherever his travels lead him in future, you'd be best advised to tag along.

His final Times column can be found here.



Sunday, March 20, 2011

At Long Freaking Last (Sort Of)...


The majority of orders stemming from the most recent KSV release flotilla have been packaged and are either in the post or will be shipped tomorrow. Everything. No exceptions. Except for a few of the box sets and book orders.

Anyone who ordered anything between late December and the beginning of March will receive two free CDs - Kangol by TSKD (KSV 143), and Come into My Life, Radio Edit's ''... weder Labor noch Topf'' (version), which turned out great and which manifests itself as KSV 144.

Let me know when each of you have received your orders, and when you do, I'll consider the New Year's ordeal officially over. (Insert emoticon volley here.)

Next up, the two new releases referenced above, plus a lot more. (As usual.) And no 72-disc sets to gum up the works...



Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Work Progresses...

Hi Everyone,

Re KSV: it never ends...

The previous rollout, splayed below, still ongoing, still bloody rolling. Cheers for the support - that goes without saying - but fugggg. We are a wee bodega, and have been well snowed under. Shafts of light, etc. We're getting nearer.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wine Time: 11:55...

Hello Droogs,

Re KSV: believe it or not, still burning, folding, packaging.

And new releases stamping around nervously in queue...

Keep everything peeled, as parcels are on the wing.



Sunday, March 13, 2011


Hi Again,

This blog has - in as much as a journal dedicated to the elusive and mercurial whims of a man representing a sundered, somewhat influential avant-freak collective with obscure aesthetic ideals is able to - long championed the writing of the New York Times' op-ed columnist Frank Rich. There is no better chronicler of the ever-fractured American narrative, and today he signs off from the Times in preparation for his new, expanded position at New York.

Every dog and its vet is opining similarly, but it's true - Sundays won't be the same.

Read Rich's final piece for the Times here.



Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Whirling Corridor of Withered Limbs (cont.)

Ich bin sehr beschäftigt. A colleague left the firm, so I've assumed four new classes - I'm teaching around eighteen courses each week, and time has compressed into sand-scoured zirconium dross. I realize, as Germans are fond of saying, that I'm complaining on a high level. Still, the blur is rotating.

News: KSV orders are slowly edging out the door, bonus discs affixed. The new releases are queuing on the tarmac as well. Relaunch and accompanying notes and teasers in a few.

Rope Cosmetology? Tectonic ablutions reveal. From deepest redoubts, tremulous signatures...

KD/TS and TS: solo vocal mini-webs will be updated in the next twenty-four. New promoter tools, pix, sleeves, etc. Looks like we'll be wrapping the tour up in Köln on the 29th. We should know the venue before long. Otherwise, everything's booked.

So many concerts on the (lazily flickering) horizon. Meeting Sindre Bjerga and Nils Rostad at the Hauptbahnhof tomorrow afternoon in advance of their Oberdeck performance on Thursday evening. The flood waves won't crest until late May...

Recording a new Sightings Tom Smith album on April 3rd here in Hannover at the
Institut für Wohlklangforschung. One day, long takes, not a lot of time for anything save foul flecks and attenuated spittle. Psyched.

Parisians, check Jon, Richard and Mark out on April 8th during the Sonic Protest festival; my solo performance for the fest falls on the following evening. We'll be sleeping it off as my birthday rolls round. Can't even begin to complain...

(Love to Evan, who broke a few bones in his hand the other day. Hope you're back on all fours soon, son.)

Yours Faithfully,


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Banality? Only 61 kilometers...

(Cross-posted from F'book.)

A foul video triptych at the fitness center this evening: Um Himmels Willen, a dire familienserie about an order of distinctly non-Jesus Franco-esque nuns; the syndicated "Fight Night in America," ten bleak rounds of doughy heavyweight wheeze; and assorted scenes from the evening's prison/air-crash/Autobahn pile-up fare on tabloid channel N-TV. Time not only stood stock still but crawled inside itself for safety...

Yours in Eyestrain,


Friday, March 04, 2011

99 Eyes: #32

The gaze is all we have...

99 Eyes, #32: Anthony Spinelli's Dixie Ray, Hollywood Star

More Soon,


Thursday, March 03, 2011

99 Eyes: #31

The gaze is important to me.

99 Eyes, #31: Karel Kachyna's Naděje

More Soon,


Wednesday, March 02, 2011

99 Eyes: #30

The gaze is all we have...

99 Eyes, #30: Viktor Sergeyev's Grekh. Istoriya strasti

More Soon,


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Not Such a Terrible Schedule, Ja?

Hello Hello Hello Again,

Good news! The worst of the KSV logjam (caused by the sheer amount of work - unforseen, to be pitifully honest - required to hurl the 72 Hours set into post-production) is now behind us. Most orders should be in the mail by Thursday. Each will receive a pair of free discs - one from the archive, and one from the new release larder (specifically, the forthcoming TSKD album).

Cheers again for your patience. As for our issuing seventy-two-hour collections of anything in future, don't bet the factory farm sewage sump on it...

Book orders and copies of 72 Hours will be mailed separately, but everything should be out of the office no later than next week. Your fearless leader has a fairly crushing schedule at the moment, so lethargy will be piped through the copper in minor key relief through the end of March. Believe, KSV is learning from its errors of hubris. We bit off several mouthfuls more than we were able to adequately masticate....

OK, on to new business. Dig the concert schedule here at HQ!

Crazy, no? It's gonna be a wild-ass spring. One disappointment - Evil Moisture was supposed to kick the March series off tomorrow at the Oberdeck, but Andy B. was forced to cancel after adjoining gigs couldn't be found. Next time, Sir Freak!



99 Eyes: #29

The gaze is important to me.

99 Eyes, #29: Robert Aldrich's Ten Seconds to Hell

More Soon,


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