Friday, May 26, 2006

Gone for the Weekend, but Then...

Hello All,

I'm off to Savannah, Georgia for a few days, and I doubt I'll be lingering in wireless zones long enough to post, retrofit the site with the long-delayed design changes, etc. One thing is certain - I'm done with school for the forseeable future. (At least until 2007, when grad itchings may become too powerful to control.) Work beckons, and muzak is my job. It's time to get cracking...

Hope to have the Noon and Eternity EPK ("electronic press kit," for you jargon-adverse types) assembled and in position by the end of next week. Amongst various delights it features essays by Greg Chapman, Dr. Christine James, and our own Chris Grier.


From today's New York Times:

Jamaican Ska Great Desmond Dekker Dies

I was never much of a ska person, but you've gotta give it up for Mr. Dekker. "007 (Shanty Town)" was extremely badass in its day, and his global smash "Israelites" was sheer perfection.

If you hurry over to his official web (which hasn't yet been updated with an obit) you'll see that he was booked well into November! He may not have sold records in any appreciable quantity since his daliance with Stiff in the early 1980s, but he was still quite the concert draw.

Requiescat in pace...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

One Very Good Reason to Postpone Today's Suicides...

I am overjoyed - a new Crazy Frog EP has been issued!

This, my friends, is - as I have often suggested - the REAL noise music. Total fucking destruction.

'Nuff said!

Want to listen? Click here.



Saturday, May 20, 2006

"Noon" Tour 2006: Canadian Update

(Revised May 29, 2006.)

Movement, at last. Here are the Canadian dates as of May 20. One more may be added; you might want to hold your breath just a little...

September 1 - Montreal (Lambi, MEG Montreal Festival)
September 2 - Toronto (Sneaky Dee's)
September 3 - Hamilton (The Underground)
September 4 - London (Call the Office) *

* (Currently being finalized)

(The welcome wagon... Ah, such hospitable people!)

We want to see all you Canuck fuckers in full force! Why? 'Cuz we wuvvvvvz ewe!



Wednesday, May 17, 2006

News from HQ

Lots going on... Mark Morgan's opted out of the September tour. He's got some gnarly schedule conflicts to deal with, not the least of which is Sightings bassist Richard Hoffman's upcoming nuptials... It's a bummer, but as we're a collective (blah blah, etc.) we must absorb the blow and deal. Mark is much beloved here, and I'll definitely miss him on the cross-country jaunt. As we've not begun to exhaust the possibilities inherent in our collaboration, I consider MM an active, albeit non-participating (at least for the autumnal trek), member of the group. Tears are being shed, old bean.

His performances on Noon are wonderfully sinuous and evocative. (Constant readers have likely surmised as much.) He possesses a near-faultless sense of intuition.

Sightings fanatics can relate, right?

(Mark Morg'n and Benji W ruling at the Bug Jar, Rochester, NY, September 2004. Snap by CG.)

What else? Still assembling the interior sleeve art - that's the final obstacle to be cleared. Ben Wolcott and Syd Garon are racing against the clock to deliver the goods. After it's been approved, off to the plant.

The tour dates are being reconfigured again; now it looks as though we'll begin west of NYC, zigzag around the heartland, zoom through Detroit into Canada, and drive east from there. After Montreal, we'll drop south and finish the tour in Manhattan/Brooklyn/etc. I'll post updated info as soon as I have it...

We're pushing hard to finalize the itinerary; this shit has taken too long, and I'm as agitated as a purveyor of sweetness and light can be.

Fanny has answered the call! He's going to be participating in the Noon remix project we plan to release in 2007. If you haven't heard his new album, Shoebomb Hurricane, you're sleeping. I suggest you run out and grab it immediately. ('Cos it rips.)


Other 2007 news: TLASILA will be releasing new (and maybe archival) music via labels based in France (Savage Land) and Israel (Ron-Zed). Naturally, we're stoked.

That's all for now.

Yrz Internally,


Monday, May 15, 2006

My Favorite Guitarist, 26 Years Running...

Carol Levy was a member of the late 70s, early 80s Athens, Georgia groups Mars Needs Women, Pre-Cave, Nest (adj.), and Boat Of. She died from injuries sustained in a tragic, wholly senseless automobile accident in 1983. I knew her for only four of her 20-odd years, but in that time I grew to love her very much.

There was no sexual chemistry between us; I doubt if we ever so much as kissed. No, the love I harbored for Carol was that which one nurtures for a like-minded provocateur, for - and forgive this rather delinquent choice of words - a bandmate.

Carol was such a brilliant guitarist, such a straight-the-fuck-from-far-left-field player... She was stunning. At that moment when Keith Levene, Nina Canal, Lydia Lunch, Gareth Sager, Arto Lindsay, Viv Albertine, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Sumner Crane, and James "Blood" Ulmer were bashing their way through benign redoubts into a collective, necessarily secretive psyche, Carol was there too, drinking from and spitting back into the slipstream, altering perceptions (or, perhaps more accurately, entirely deflecting them) and challenging norms with self-deprecating subtlety. That this activity went largely unnoticed is of little importance...

(If I seem to make more of her than her talents merited, so be it. Those that knew her well were acutely cognizant of her abilities. Of course, I have an advantage - I have the recordings.)

All I can relate with certainty is that she, in her inimitable, mercurial fashion, helped me better understand the music that prowled around in my skull. She thus was essential not only to the Boat Of sound - as tremulous and oddly perturbed as it must have seemed at the time - but to my knowledge of self. (That's a lot to ask of a friend... I wish I'd done more for her.)

Here is a photograph of Carol, taken in 1981 by Cynthia C***a ("C2" to constant readers of this blog.). It says everything...

I hope some of you will soon be able to hear what I (and Mike Green, and David Gamble, and many others) heard for ourselves.

Until then, a big-ass no-kiss kiss from me to you, CL.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

By His Majesty Queequeg's Request

Ratness cannot be rationalized - it can only be lived.

To that end, we present a tableaux of that which cannot otherwise be represented. Your eyes will bleed, but within our control group the test subjects' hemorrhaging eventually subsided.

(The Rat Bastard at Tom Smith's pre-b'day dinner, Decatur, April 8, 2006. The drinks hadn't quite kicked in, but the heroin suppositories were beginning to tickle.)

(Rat, ready for another keg run, sometime between 1:00 and 3:00 AM, April 9, 2006.)

(Rat records the next nine Squelchers albums while Brent - later punctured in a traffic mashup - lunges for the mortar and pestle. April 9, 2006.)

(In this great copse the ripening harvest of post-post-post-post-post-pre-post-noise theology awaits. Are you human enough to receive the word?)

(Rat talks to Ben Wolcott while TS, shell-shocked, recovers stage right from a brutal roasting. Decatur, April 8, 2006, just a block north west from the old Microgroove studio compound.)

(Okay, we zombified the snap in P'shop, but even with the exaggerated ugh-gradient you gotta admit these living dead overlords don't look a day over 999... Photo by C2, Decatur, April 8, 2006.)

Friday, May 12, 2006

Some Info Regarding...

To Live and Shave in L.A. - Noon and Eternity
(2006, Menlo Park Recordings)

This is the cover:

Here are the song titles:

This Home and Fear

Early 1880s

Percent Obstruct Street

Mothers over Silverpoint

The personnel:

Rat Bastard
Don Fleming
Chris Grier
Thurston Moore
Mark Morgan
Tom Smith
Andrew W.K.
Ben Wolcott

Release Date:

July/August 2006...



Thursday, May 11, 2006

Talk to Me, Please

I'm slowly recovering from the meltdown. Last semester was far too stressful, and I have vowed to take some time away from the grind. I'm too distracted (my father's illness weighs heavily upon my half-devoured mind), and I've at last admitted to myself that under these circumstances, I can't properly focus on academics. I want to tour with TLASILA (and other aggregations, if opportunities should present themselves) and see a bit more of the world.

Stark reality: I can't repair my dad.

Although my presence here is doubtless mollifying, I've begun to question the wisdom of my actions. Fuck, I dunno. I'm conflcited...

Right. Now, a few questions for you:

Do you like the blog? Do I post often enough? Would you prefer to be offered more mp3 downloads? Any specific requests? Should I just dump the fucker?

Re TLASILA's forthcoming tour:

Given the still-nascent state of our itinerary, are we ignoring your town? Are there venues you would recommend? It's your soapbox too, y'know... Any ideas?

Gotta run, but I'll be back tomorrow.



Wednesday, May 10, 2006

CG Adjusts Rabbit Ears, Receives Rapturous Reception

From the DC benefit concert for Carly / Twigg / Tarantula Hill, May 2006:

Chris Grier, basking...

Suck it up,


Monday, May 08, 2006

Emerging from Hibernation...

Uggh... I've been asleep for four days, give or take a moment. So much fucking STRESS!

Oh well, more of the same (albeit in a far more manageable dose) begins on Wednesday. One final "Maymester" at VSU (a five-month Russian 2010 class distilled into 15 four-hour M-F sessions) and then it's off to TLASILA land for at least a year. Gotta tour, my droogies...

The August/September itinerary had to be pushed back two weeks to accommodate a possible AWK/Rich Russo swing through Australia. Our initial domestic date should fall on August 31; we hit Toronto on September 1.

Resumption of normal blog sked around 5/10.



Thursday, May 04, 2006

Last Day of Finals...

Wish me luck... Please? (I need it - two hours of Russian prepositional, accusative, and genitive case declinations... Иисус Христос!

More after the collapse,


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