Friday, August 26, 2005

To Live and Shave in L.A.: Quasar-Mottled Update

Here's what's been happening: Marky-Mark Morgan performed a solo gig at Tommy's Tavern in Brooklyn on the 24th (no reports yet from the site of the massacre); Andrew Wilkes-Krier is making a handful of detailing tweaks on the Noon and Eternity paint job; Fleming, Wolcott, Bastard and Grier are their usual, preoccupied nogoodnik selves; honorary Shaveling T. Moore is probably juggling one overripe melon and a pair of sputtering chainsaws; TS continues to shake off jetlag while working out details of the forthcoming TSSR release sked.

TLASILA may yet tour Europe in November; US/Canadian dates are possible in December. Noon drops in February. Consult Menlo Park Recordings for further details.



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