Thursday, May 08, 2008

Torino to Marseille: Pix

(Captions to follow...)

Torino Pix: Harshcore e Nana...

(Captions to follow...)

beau-fils à cheveux rouge dans le nouvel enfer...

(Amended May 9, 2008.)

A depressing evening in Marseille. No posters or flyers or signs of promotional activity (we were told there was some sort of promo effort in the city center, but we saw no evidence of it, nor were posters given to us when we asked for them; in contrast, dozens of copies of posters for various upcoming performances were stacked and hung throughout the venue), a truly inept support act (Belgians again) who sang incompetent, detuned gloom-pop with ridiculous black metal vocal inflections, poor PA (we couldn't hear ourselves think), shit fee, etc.

An audience appeared out of nowhere for our set, and although they accorded us a warm and lengthy ovation at its conclusion, the net effect was nullity. I passed out, awoke at 2AM, and will soon sleep again. Two weeks remaining, and exhaustion has taken root. It has been an amazing tour, but already we are discussing strategies to maximize our efforts and eliminate dates like this one. We crossed the Alps to get here, and arrived to cold porridge.* Oy fucking vey.

We retrieve Gaybomb tomorrow...



(* Not literal porridge, you gits - the food prepared for us was serviceable.)

To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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