Thursday, July 02, 2009

Aufstieg in Fahrtrichtung verkehrt!

Hello Everyone,

I've been working quite a lot of late, traveling throughout Lower Saxony to various corporate strongholds where I parsimoniously impart the gnostic secrets of English. Apologies for falling behind in posts these last two weeks - I've been filling in the gaps whenever I have a spare moment.

Re KSV: still working out the kinks of the Female Reggae Showcase album. Chris Grier's parts are superb, as might be expected, but I'm being overly exact with the surrounding sonic elements. Just can't help myself... As for the long-delayed Three Resurrected Drunks opus, it's all done, save for a final round of dithering. Sometime next week?

In the meantime, I've completed two "instant" releases, both recorded on Saturday, the 27th of June. The first of these details the music I composed for a dinner party that began the evening, and the second documents a truly epic DJ party at that went down at favored hangout Silke Arp Bricht. Turntables were set up all over the club, and the inspired local jocks pulled out gem after coruscating gem. The howls of delight you'll hear were all too real...

I would have posted these new collections earlier in the week, but I reckoned it would be best to give everyone a respite from Karl's punishing regimen.

Here are the new releases:

KSV 032 Tom Smith - Hintergrundmusik

Recorded June 27, 2009. Mixed June 29-July 2, 2009 by TS at KSV HQ, Hannover. Initial playback (rough version), June 27.

01 Hintergrundmusik (68:45)

Composed and produced by TS.

Edition of 10.


KSV 033 27. Juni: Strict Sevens (A Dogma Diary) (2xCD)

Recorded by Karl throughout the evening of June 27, 2009, at Silke Arp Bricht, Hannover, on the occasion of their "Strictly 7" Vinyl Only" party. One of the best, least despairing, most engaging nights out I've enjoyed in ages...

DJs: Celler Loch, Major Marks, Stan das unausstehliche Ehepaar, David 7Lynch, Dr. Sleaze, Micha Phonem, Magnetfolie, and Ratte Bruns.

Edited, mixed and produced by yours truly at KSV HQ, June 28-30.

101 23:30 to 1:50 (61:05)

201 2:10 to 5:25 (67:53)

Edition of 10.



KSV 032 is € 8.49 within the EU, €10 outside the EU.

KSV 033 (a double disc album) is
€ 10.49 within the EU, €12 outside the EU.

Postage paid. Add € 1 for each additional album.

Send orders to: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com.

Our sole distribution partner is Tochnit Aleph. Daniel is a brilliant fellow. Support him.

Coming soon, new releases from Rope Cosmetology, Katja Fregatte, TLASILA, and the Was du nicht wissen wolltest and Twenty Years of Sudden Infant compilations.


We're off to Hamburg tomorrow.
Pix and sounds to follow!

The CP and I must soon turn in - work begins anew in the morning...

Love and Fortuitous Exits,


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