Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ms. Orzolek, Meet Mr. Burrell...

(Revised March 10, 2006.)

A few hours ago I was in the gym, doing my usual workout on the eliptical trainer. As I listened to Show Your Bones, the forthcoming Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, my attention was drawn to a video monitor which displayed Too Legit, VH1's lamentable 2001 MC Hammer biopic.

Two diversions fused. I waited for Bones to ignite, but I may as well have been listening to Sting. (Or redacting the comments of the participants of the "Reinterpreting The Funky Headhunter" panel from HammerCon '00...)

I got nothin'. Mild frissons, the usual burdensome, post-fame production slather, and no memory of the album once I'd left the rec center. Kinda draggy overall, as I wouldn't have illegally downloaded it had I not wanted to hear it. (Yes, as an ethical absolutist I'm a failure.)

Contrast this testimony with Sasha Frere-Jones' current New Yorker review. A different opinion is proffered.

(Granted, I've only listened to it once, in the midst of an eight-mile workout slog. It might conceivably grow on me, but I tend to either immediately react or not... Not that I really give a crap - I'm as much into the YYYs as I am His Name Is Alive... I like O's taut gams and Nick's retro Cave-y hair, but beyond that point interest expires. All music is gruel.)

As I slid my ID through the exit gate card reader I imagined Hammer's eldest daughter essaying the role of Ms. O in some future MTV2 sludgedoc. My mind then began to clear...

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TLASILA Rarities, Part 3

(No longer available as of March 19, 2006. As always, thanks for your participation, sharing the swag, etc.)

To Live and Shave in L.A. - Vedder Vedder Bedwetter (contiguous mix) (1995, rejected)

This album struck with a soundless thud in the summer of 1995. Although I hated everything about it for a very long time, I've slowly warmed to it. Now, I've at last made my peace with it.

The thaw can be attributed to my recently having stumbled over Vedder's original, contiguous (uninterrupted) mix. I cleaned up a few rough spots, remastered it, and...

01 Vedder Vedder Bedwetter (contiguous)

Backstory, scans, and other ejecta will be posted eventually. Apologies for the delay. Meanwhile, lyrics are available here.

File size: 163 MB / Ripped at 320 kbps / Total time: 71:16

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Ali Farka Touré...

Ali Farka Touré, the extraordinary Malian guitarist and singer, died today...

I'm cranking Radio Mali in tribute. Farewell, Farka!

(Ali Farka Touré, from the World Circuit Records archive...)

Click here for Jon Pareles' New York Times obituary.


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