Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New! TLASILA/Harshcore Split CD3!

Hi Again,

Just received a box of our new split 3" CD with Italian freak-scene stalwarts Harshcore. Released by the fine Dokuro label, and featuring sleeve design by the always sterling Merlo, this Piemontese/Pazzi convulsion awaits your collusion...

A hearty (and mask-muffled) salute to H'core! Your track is excellent, gents...

Released in a limited edition of 70 and on sale NOW!

For this recording, TLASILA was:

Ben Wolcott (oscillator), Rat Bastard (electronics), Gaybomb (magnetic card reader), Graham Moore (electronics), and TS (voice, manipulations, mix and production).

(Above, the outer sleeve, as illustrated by Merlo.)

(The TLASILA half of the inner sleeve, again by Merlo.)

(And Harshcore's interior fold, also inked by Merlo.)

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