Sunday, April 02, 2006

No Blooz on B'Day (Blackouts, Howev', Are OK)

My 50th birthday falls on the 10th - man the battlements! To assist in the cerebration of the vagaries of flesh, Cyn is organizing a mini-bash in Atlanta. Members of TLASILA, Boat Of (!), and related terror cabals might actually attend... What's the diff between 18 and dotage? I'm less likely to run across town at full springbok gait / pilgrim lope to tell Don Fleming of a new Cluster edit I've created, but I'm not so jaded as to not want to blog about how bloody handsome I've become in the intervening centuries. Yes, my droogs, all is well (within strict parameters).

The question I now pose: If we provide cake, will you deign to devour?

From The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers:

April Tenth: The Day of Daring

April 10 people have the courage to be themselves and to see their projects and ideas brought to fruition. Although they are not afraid of opposition and of fighting for their way of life, those born on this day do not seek out confrontation. (Truer words have ne'er been spoken...) They are not daredevils in any sense of the word; their courage is more a kind of moral fortitude based on strong principles and simple common sense. (Truckloads of same...)

There are two distinct types of April 10th "stars": the first is the loner, working on solo projects, developing a style, craft or talent in relative isolation from others (one requires strict solitude to shepherd a project as, uh, singularly brilliant as Without the C); the second type is the full-blown social star, a leader who seeks out followers. (Shave Army Bathist Auxillary, Ten-Hut!) April 10 people of the second type have a missionary zeal which can galvanize others to their cause in the most energetic fashion. (Warriors of PRE - lick the furniture of the office of the Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations, NOW!) Unlike the introverted April 10 person who devotes his/her energy to a personal, often technical, study, the extroverted April 10 person spends his energy organizing group or social endeavors, often with a grand design. (I call this meeting of the Galactic Comprehensive Downloaders of Out-of-Print Dave Douglas Albums to order!) But though they are outwardly oriented and wish to be appreciated (Soon-to-be-debased Village Voice writers, LOVE me!!), these realistic gamblers have no time for sycophants or hangers-on who are only there to provide a kind of false pride of conceit. (Bono, goddamnit, I told you to LAY OFF!)

More highly evolved April 10 people (of both types) recognize that blinding egotism or belief in their own infallibility may prove fatal in the next encounter. True warriors, they know their limitations well, and although they push them to the limit, rarely overstep. (Vedder Vedder Bedwetter to the contrary, anyone? I rest my case...)

Authors' Advice to April 10th People:

Let up in your intensity and beware of your obsessive-compulsive side. (Wha-?) Enjoy the simple pleasures of life; personal success is just as important as social success. (Ahhhh... Let me count my friends. Well, for starters, there's mom. And, uh, well, mom, then...) Follow your heart sometimes, not always your head. (Rat, I have a feeling this Death Cab tribute of ours is gonna KILL!)

If you're in the area and want to drop by, shoot us an email.



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