Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dilloway Smith: FSK, Hamburg...

Hello All,

Aaron Dilloway and I enjoyed our June 15th duo gig at Hannover's Oberdeck (and the subsequent June 16th LP recording session at the Institiut) so much that we decided to mount a third offensive against another immovable edifice: FSK (Freies Sender Kombinat) in Hamburg. Friday's show was well-attended, considering there was a somewhat relevant Euro 2012 match (Germany vs. Greece) going on at the same time...

Excellent supporting sets from Helge Meyer and TBC (aka Thomas Beck). And Asmus Tietchens was there too! (Cool...)

Aaron's solo set was (seriously) epic. Our duo thing left us babbling about future collaborative schemes. PSYCHOTIC!

Bis Dann,


(AD and TS, live at FSK/Radio Gagarin, Hamburg, on Friday, June 22nd, 2012. Photography by Claudia Franke.)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dillo und ich: Session at the Institut, Hannover

Hello Droogz,

Here's one of the images taken just before the start of my duo session with Aaron Dilloway at the Institiut, Hannover, last Saturday (June 16th).

(Our engineer Flori sets Aaron's levels as I shoot from the left of the board. A few minutes later we'd move the vocal mics top the left of Dillo's position. Intimacy, man.)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You Have No Idea / Oven, Adieu, Ahoy!

Hello Again,

Completely insane weekend. Aaron Dilloway and family departed Sunday afternoon; R. Stevie Moore (as you may have noted elsewhere) arrived Sunday night. It's been a trip to the wheelhouse of the Flying Dutchman's marzipan cyclotron alright - still recovering from the sticky recovery...

While working off a few kilos of stress at the fitness center yesterday I listened to Aaron's recording of our duo live set from Friday. Resolutely, utterly gone, Daddy-O.

Posting from a desk on the second floor of the Hannover HQ of a certain evil empire, easing toward calm, but feeling uncomfortably fuzzed. Too humid for words. Surrounded by lethargic, data-devouring ghouls. (Bills are paid, KSV keeps going, blah blah blah.)

All in all, though, a terrific 72 hours. So many new recordings to sift through!


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