Saturday, January 20, 2007

Minutiae Unveiled...

Another very busy week... Here's what I've been up to:

1) I began preliminary sketches for a remix I'm doing for Fanny; 2) I'm still wrapping up the post-production of the Miss High Heel album for Blossoming Noise; 3) continued work on the forthcoming TLASILA release on Teenage Whore; 4) submitted a short piece commissioned by the editor of We Are Bandwagon zine (I was only three days late!); 5) assembled a new quartet of Les Tricoteuses loop studies for our MySpace profile; 6) mapped out the TLASILA half of a forthcoming split 12" with Italian malcontents Harshcore; 7) hit the gym every day (save for Thursday); 8) saw my father become progressively more ill; 9) didn't hear from my son (fuck Bush, by the way); 10) received a letter and five recent photographs from Elvira Solodkaja - she's bought a new car, and seems quite proud of it; 11) listened to Zofka's latest album, Bikini, again and again (I've been to St. Tropez - on the cheap, mind - so it all makes sense, plus I really like Myriam, the group's resident chanteuse - she tolerates my appalling French); 12) twice watched the Criterion version of Seijun Suzuki's devastating, gloriously unsentimental Story of a Prostitute; 13) missed several cell messages from Andrew W.K.; 14) almost finished reading Friedrich Dürrenmatt's The Judge and His Hangman; 15); was invited to perform at the 404 Noise fest in Atlanta (I've agreed to, in a trio comprised of Graham Moore (TLASILA, Black Meat, Blossoming Noise, etc.) and Andrew Barranca from Gay Bomb); 16) received an outstanding parcel of new discs from Reto Mader (!); 17) slept whenever I could (not much luck, however); 18) mailed CDs, responded to emails, consumed a great deal of feminizing soy, etc.

Love to All,


To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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