Thursday, April 24, 2014

To Live and Shave in L.A. - S.H.P. (Graveyard)

Blowback Thursday: To Live and Shave in L.A., Sync Studio, Miami Beach, January 1992. The group was just me at this juncture. An invitation to contribute a cover version of an R.E.M. chune for inclusion on a tribute compilation was cheekily extended by the Texas-based (and presumably long-defunct) Staplegun label. I accepted their dare, recording five or six different versions of "Shiny Happy People." A dirty fucking job, but someone had to do it. I sent my favorite take to the label, and... Heard nothing. In the end they used a far more reverent hog call by Mitch Easter. BORING. "S.H.P." was tracked by Edward Bobb (ex-Happiness Boys), who acted as my engineer for the better part of a year until I switched him out for the one, the only Rat Bastard. 30-minuten männercreme was still two years off. We had nearly 80 songs in the can by November 1993. "Shiny" remained at the bottom of the receptacle. Until NOW!
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What's Wrong with Me Inherent Sense of Self?

Tom Smith Group - Radio Adel. A very hazy afternoon, sometime in 1977. Don Fleming and I, stoned out of our everloving minds, channeling the Bowery but delivering a basket of deep-fried confusion instead. Don titled the forlorn session years after the fact and as usual, he was spot-on. I molded a lump of it into a backing track for the first After That It's All Gravy album issued in 1996. Really, really embarrassing. Yeah!! 

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50 Cent Slams Kanye West's Bikini Body Critics with 20 Years of Marriage! (aka Bloody Korvettes!)

For fuck's sake. $3.99.

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