Monday, August 31, 2009

"An Rigis Drum Machine Patterns..."

Hi Again,

The CP and I are settling into our new flat. A slew of friends dropped by at noon Saturday to lend their support, and with their able assistance the move only took two hours. Surely some sort of (gender-obscured/neutral) record... Slept most of yesterday, rising periodically to make sense of the array. It's a far nicer space, with more room, higher ceilings, and a very nice view of the spiral of streets underneath. (The car noise is a slight problem, however, but as veterans of Lisbon's constant clamor I'm sure we can handle the racket in Linden...)

No Internet access for a few more days, but I'll be able to catch up on mails periodically here at the office until our service has been switched to the new address.

Coming soon on KSV, a slew of releases: Anne, Three Resurrected Drunkards, Tom Smith, and, as previously noted, the long-gestating KSV comp., and the TLASILA triple set.

That's all I have time for tonight. I'll toss up some moving pix later in the week.

Bis Dann,


Cab Heresies: Limo Junks Ovum...

TLASILA - Henri Texier vs. Village People vs. Lol Coxhill vs. Click Box vs. Times New Viking

Ambiance hunt snotty...


(Four tracks, 26.1 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Spiry oil carapace nonetheless,


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Academia Shunning Sorry Sort...

TLASILA - Quel & Jackson Jones vs. German Top 20 Dance Charts vs. Bob Desper vs. The Penelope(s) & Morpheus

Stagnated snorters worn...


(Four tracks, 23.5 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Wipe hyphenate soloist,


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jangled Lilies' Lug...

The sixth of our original hybrid remix EPs, first posted to TLASILA Blog on July 20, 2007:

TLASILA - Judee Sill vs. GG Allin & Antiseen

"Ms. Sill, the deceased, previously born again smack Ophelia, goes candle-to-spoon with Mr. Allin (equally non-sentient as of this post), here ably assisted by Michael Nyman protégés and five-time MacArthur Fellows grant recipients Antiseen.'

'Antipodes? We think not. Listen to the texts - similarities abound."

The '07 links are as unresponsive as the protagonists limned above. Peek below, bitte, for resuscitative info...


(Four tracks, 19.2 MB, ripped @ 320.)



A crow or encroached virgin rots,


Friday, August 28, 2009

Ausfahrt auf den nächsten Zug...

Guten Abend,

Just watched Inglourious Basterds.

Worked all week like a bloody dog. (Albeit one who teaches English within cozy confines.)

CP and I are moving to a new flat tomorrow.


The first of two new flotillas of Karl Schmidt Verlag releases will hit the post...

(L to R, clockwise: KSV 036 Maude - York Year of Critical Will; KSV 017 Female Reggae Showcase - Ascendance Surged Red (Distorted in Hegel); and KSV 037 Alpha 66 - Pax Sovietica.)

(Click for a larger version of the image.)

Sleep well,


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not So Fast There, Doritos Boy...

Finally, a reason to permanently stay the fuck away from the chips, the fatty meats, all Dolly Madison products, pork rinds, Slim-Jims, the colas, the white breads, and the (non-vodka) booze...

Read here (or scan the original abstract here) and weep copious, cholesterol-free tears.

TS, at the salad bar (i.e., my desk...)

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)

Re: Tatort / Tar Otter...

Very good piece this morning in the Times concerning Tatort, the 39-year-old (!) police procedural which airs Sunday evenings here in Deutschland. I shall always give Tatort a little bit of my time, seeing as they gave the too-frequently ignored Sam Fuller a moment of theirs. His perennially misunderstood 1973 feature, Dead Pigeon in Beethoven Street, originated as a series episode.

More info available here.

(By the way, Can provided the music for Fuller's Tatort episode. And yes, it came from a cop show...)


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Hound Conceded Thorny Ilk...

The fifth of our original series of hybridized EPs, first posted to TLASILA Blog on July 18, 2007:

TLASILA - Alec Empire vs. Country USA 1955

"I've been mixing non-stop since returning from North Carolina, and while juices are coagulating, what better time to rub out another mashup? Herein we send a squadron of Nashville's mid-50s finest against Alec Empire's arguably weakest (and most unintentionally comic) collection, 2005's Futurist. We trust we've done everyone a favor..."


(Nine tracks, 35.6 MB, ripped @ 320.)

The old links died eons ago. Go here.


Refereed tin oneness,


Monday, August 24, 2009

Croak Subject...

The fourth in our original series of hybrid EPs, first posted to TLASILA Blog on July 18, 2007:

TLASILA - Odetta vs. Derek Bailey

"Wherein we pit the titanic songstress' 1956 Sings Ballads and Blues collection against the peerless improv stalwart's 2002 Ballads compendium. Seven tracks of smoldering, inexpressible desire, wholly wrested from intent."

Links are long dead. Grab them again!


(Seven tracks, 27.3 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Scold labial loin,


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Viet Deadbeat Re: Yolks...

The third in our original series of hybrid remix EPs, first posted to TLASILA Blog on July 13, 2007:

TLASILA - Björk vs. Cactus

Dissolve under tongue...


(Five tracks, 18.2 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Nervous tousling deed,


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Euphemistic Hush-Wonk...

The second in the original TLASILA hybrid series, first posted on July 12, 2007:

TLASILA - The Chipmunks vs. The Beatles vs. Whitehouse

"Mr. Seville and his sciurid charges throw their '64 Beatles playbook against the recent Racket."

This and the 360-plus other Shavian remix EPs will be bound, gagged, pummeled, and fed very tasty (albeit indeterminate) jellies on the forthcoming triple-disc set Die Fehde des Gemischs.

Links are long expired, so partake, please...


(Seven tracks, 25.1 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Macht's gut,


TRD Pix, Baukasten, 21 August...

It was bloody hot below deck...

The dreaded hallway...

Tweaking the Bpitch...

Pre-perf. ambiance...

Baukasten's excellent poster, in the manner of gutter-trash broadsheet Bild...

Karl glowers...

Pit at the bioport...

(Click for larger versions of the images.)

Three Resurrected Drunkards, Performing "LRRH"...

Three Resurrected Drunkards:

Pit Noack, on tape machines, prepared cassettes, and speaker array
Tom Smith - voice

The song is "LRRH."

(Refer to KSV 014 for solo vocal iterations of same.)

Recorded at the Baukasten Cellar, Hannover.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fifteen Rooms, One Musty Odor...

Just back from a brief but effective Three Resurrected Drunkards rehearsal at the Baukasten complex here in Hannover. For tomorrow's concert there, Pit Noack will be using six mono cassette recorders and an array of his newly-constructed speakers, while I'll be singing without amplification.

Photos will be posted tomorrow.



Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two New CRUSHING Releases on KSV!

(Amended 21 Aug 09.)

No time for introductory hype. Very busy all week with work, editing and mixing various releases, preparations for moving (to a new flat), not to mention the enjoyment of life itself...

These next two releases have been in the post-production queue for months. I promised them today, et voila!

Return tomorrow afternoon for sound samples, additional info, etc. Until then...

KSV 020 Rope Cosmetology - Spezial: Gedankengefüge (Compound Thought)

Two audio discs of live studio rehearsals (recorded March through April of this year), and a third DVD, documenting the process.

Rope Cosmetology:

Tim Lane Seaton
Ryan Parrish
Feri Kovacs
Tom Smith

Balazs Pandi was on assignment.


Disc One:

101 Visit When in Sympathy (10:13)
102 Grateful, But Some Fur / Otherwise She Agreed / Third Symbol May Stumble (22:51)
103 All Is Lead, Corporeal (9:44)
104 Otherwise She Agreed (5:49)
105 Grateful, But Some Fur (20:05)
106 I Must Mourn (5:52)

Disc Two:

201 All Is Lead, Corporeal / Grateful, But Some Fur / Jean Heap Came Off His Pen / Otherwise She Agreed / Visit When in Sympathy / Third Symbol May Stumble / The Cortege (54:02)
202 The Cortege (8:11)
203 Jean Heap Came Off His Pen (7:02)
204 Dirges One Ruined (5:16)


19 clips, 42:00 in length.


Edition of 15.

2xCD / 1xDVD

KSV 020: € 16 EU / € 18 Elsewhere


KSV 024 Katja Fregatte - Coldplay Nancarrow Burzum Hines

Precise, cold, analytical, and utterly demonic sound art from Bulgarian composer (and OHNE friend) Fregatte. She's been working on this composition for five months, and the proof is in the shrapnel extraction.

Composed and produced by Kaja Fregatte.

01 Coldplay Nancarrow Burzum Hines (32:18)
02 Version (32:22)

Edition of 15.


KSV 024: € 8.49 EU / € 10 Elsewhere


Both albums available NOW!

More tomorrow...



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ace Represents Tight Two...

Hello All,

Seeing as how TLASILA's forthcoming three-disc KSV set, Die Fehde des Gemischs, revisits (and re-posits) the mash-downs, crackups, and sundry products of malefic hybridization posted here between June 2007 and the present, we thought it an opportune time to pay a visit to the first in the long-running series.

TLASILA - 9 for 502: Sweet Spot Hybrids

(Originally posted on June 12, 2007.)

The old links have been dead for quite some time. Bitte...


(Nine tracks, 27.7 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Best, as ever,


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

KSV Post-Chiropractic Report

Hello Again,

We've had to adjust our release schedule again, albeit just slightly. The Rope Cosmetology double disc and the Katje Fregatte album will both be available on Thursday, August 20. Set your cicadas accordingly...

Still a few copies left of the Maude and Female Reggae Showcase albums; the Alpha 66 release is almost gone, so if you were waiting, act!

(Wow... One of our neighbors is having an epic shouting match with her partner.)

An additional pair of releases (KSV 038 and 039) are in the post-production queue as well. You will receive ample warning.

All the Best,

Tom & Karl

Sunday, August 16, 2009

27's for My (Sideways) Whip...

Late this afternoon...

CP and I pedal leisurely down a path near the garden district on our way back from (the great) DJ Sabine's birthday bash. This is living...


Von Mittwoch bis Samstag V (Finale)

And, a convolution of loose ends, unspoken farewells...


(Four tracks, 30.8 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Sleep well, Brian...


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Von Mittwoch bis Samstag IV

TLASILA - Yntse Vugts vs. Mika Vainio vs. De Sekte vs. Belladonnakillz

Day four...


(Four tracks, 29.5 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Walk slowly toward...


Friday, August 14, 2009

Von Mittwoch bis Samstag III

TLASILA - Didaktische Einheit vs. Paul White vs. DJ Obscurity & DJ Rampage vs. The Art of Seppuku

Day three...


(Four tracks, 28.7 MB, ripped @ 320.)



For intemperate spectres,


Very Sad...

Spied this poster on the walk to one of the energy company offices in which I teach Shakespeare's tangled, oft-tortured tongue...

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)

Snap's "The Power" single was a platinum smash here in Deutschland, so it makes sense that Merkel's Christian Democrats would adopt a ubiquitous vanilla anthem (and translate it so literally) as their election coalition campaign slogan. Just fucking awful...


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Von Mittwoch bis Samstag II

TLASILA - Mark van Kempen vs. A.M. Architect vs. Des Duyvels Doedelsack vs. Broken Haze

Day two...


(Four tracks, 27.4 MB, ripped @ 320.)



For friends now departed,


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Von Mittwoch bis Samstag I

TLASILA - Institut für Feinmotorik vs. Brute Force Steel Bands of Antigua, BWI vs. Das Synthetische Mischgewebe vs. Tesendalo

A four-day meditation on the transfigurative, beginning now...


(Four tracks, 28.6 MB, ripped @ 320.)



These are for Melinda, in memory of B...


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Los sobrevivientes demanda de acción!

Hello Again,

Brian Cook's favorite unreleased TLASILA-related oddity was the 1998 album by Alpha 66, Pax Sovietica. Once on the Smack Shire shortlist (but sensibly scrubbed when my partner in the label, Gerard Klauder, reckoned it would return less than an nth of our investment), this paean to Cuban-American paranoia was hatched in Miami Beach during an impossibly muggy, appropriately ominous June afternoon by yours truly, and quickly filed away after an ex-girlfriend implored me to burn the tapes, lest I be murdered by anti-Castro extremists.

It's far less threatening an affair, if truth be pried from shattered molars. I merely plopped a cassette into a boombox, tuned the unit to a local AM station specializing in overdriven salsa and merengue, and edited the proceedings in real time. (I grant that it's extraordinarily fucked, however...)

Brian often privately expressed his delight with the results, and decried the cruelty of a marketplace gone far too pink and prickly to allow for Pax Sovietica's release. But, the marketplace is finished, and the old paradigms are wizened beyond resuscitation.

Time, then, for Alpha 66!


KSV 037 Alpha 66 - Pax Sovietica


Tom Smith - radio, real-time edits

Recorded June 25, 1998 in Miami Beach, Florida by TS on the Western Blot mobile.
Edited and mastered August 10, 2009 by TS at KSV HQ, Hannover.

01 Pax Sovietica (Pt. 1) (36:06)
02 Pax Sovietica (Pt. 2) (20:48)


Edition of 15.

For Brian...



€ 8.49 within the EU, €10 outside the EU.

Postage paid. Add € 1 for each additional album.

Send orders to: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com.

Our sole distribution partner is Tochnit Aleph. Copies of selected out-of-print KSV albums may be found there...


Love to All,


Monday, August 10, 2009

Mick Rock Missed the Big One...

TLASILA - The Big Pink vs. Motohiro Nakashima vs. Vivian Girls vs. Seph vs. The Very Best vs. Maybelle Carter

Rolling with Syd and Serge, at last...


(Four tracks, 28.9 MB, ripped @ 320.)



For Brian.


Sunday, August 09, 2009


(Expanded August 10, 2009.)

Very sad news...

My friend Brian Cook, a devoted husband and all-round brilliant fellow, an indefatigable collector geek possessed of a devious and genuinely subversive aesthetic, a superb bassist with an unerring ear who graced the lineups many outsider ensembles (including Pineal Ventana, Accustat, A AAL Aachen Nevada Jim, and Black Love), and most humbling of all, an avid supporter of TLASILA, died earlier today in Athens, Georgia.

His wife and childhood sweetheart, Melinda Henon, is devastated, and my heart goes out to her. She and Brian were fused for as long as anyone could remember. They were soulmates, and I make no apologies for the use of the term. There was nothing saccharine or soporific about their wild, three-decade-long ride...

I am stunned and deeply saddened by his death, by this sudden and all too cruel departure. It's a goddamned shame...

In shock, I took my bicycle and drove through the deserted Sunday morning streets of Hannover. Apart from the odd clump of stumbling drunks and unfortunate 6:25 commuters, I had the city to myself. I took Brian's spectre on a tour of one of the office complexes where I teach, stopping to admire a favorite crumbling wall here, an anomalous suburban garden structure there. I've scarcely felt more numb, but somehow the ride managed to induce a temporary sense of calm. I phoned Mel later in the afternoon, and wept silently with her.

She is one very strong woman. Brian adored her, utterly...

He was tortured, yes, but even in his flailings he was courtly, compassionate, infused with a compulsive, tangled joy... He was a splendid human being.

(Melinda and Brian, from B's MySpace profile...)

I love you, Mel. Stay strong...

Requiescat in pace, B...


Saturday, August 08, 2009

Poor Nina...

All "extreme" or "noise" musics utterly, completely, and forever pale in comparison to the performances witnessed during the broadcast of RTL's "Die ultimative Chart Show" last night... Something - four fat alcoholics pulled from the currywurst stand across from the network's Westliche Außenstadt studios in Nürnberg, by the looks of them - performed as "T. Rex," and Andy Scott's ersatz Sweet embarrassingly lip-synched to "Teenage Rampage." NIHILISM.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Hundreds Had Personality, Television Entrances...

TLASILA - Jon Rose vs. Gil Trythall vs. Behemoth vs. Dubravko Detoni

Activist yelled protesters' points; talking activist challenge promoted...


(Four tracks, 25.3 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Inside-out photojournalist,


Thursday, August 06, 2009

My Eyes, According to Police Reports, Adored Your 'Stache


Long years of people-watching were rewarded yesterday by the ultimate prize: a shriveled sex dwarf, stepping lively on the Limmerstrasse in short-shorts (who looked as though he'd been huffing amyl nitrate poppers in a Bavarian latex dungeon for the past 35 years, all the while listening to Italian Hi-NRG versions of late 70s Frankie Valli comeback dross), wearing a denim rucksack emblazoned with the logo "JEANS."

(No photos, unfortunately. He was moving too fast...)


Upkeep (Cont.)

I've updated the Karl Schmidt Verlag profile at MySpace. Preview files for the Female Reggae Showcase and Maude releases can be found there...


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ordure with Confidence...

Two new releases from Karl Schmidt Verlag:

KSV 017 Female Reggae Showcase - Ascendance Surged Red (Distorted in Hegel)

Kid Traumgekrönt: Chris Grier
U-Hölderlin: Tom Smith

An hour of attenuated disregard.

Edition of 15.


KSV 036 Maude - York Year of Critical Will

Mark Morgan (Sightings, TLASILA, etc.) - guitar and voice
Tom Smith (Ohne, Rope Cosmetology, et al.) - voice and electronics

Recorded and mixed in NYC by Patrick Spurlock, 2007.
Remixed by TS at KSV HQ, Hannover, 2009.

An hour of abrupt regard.

Edition of 15.



€ 8.49 within the EU, €10 outside the EU.

Postage paid. Add € 1 for each additional album.

Send orders to: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com.

Our sole distribution partner is Tochnit Aleph.


Hope everyone is well...



Sunday, August 02, 2009

Er, August 5?

Hello Droogs,

Last night's seven-hour punk club/minimal techno tent crawl yielded much fun and, unfortunately, a vicious, synapse-frying hangover...

Is it alright with you if I launch the Female Reggae Showcase and Maude albums on the same day? I beg your collective indulgence.

KSV freaks, see you here Wednesday!

Yours in enervation,


Saturday, August 01, 2009

Sentiment, $10. Life? $14...

TLASILA - Kevin Coyne vs. Ecovillage vs. Goreaphobia vs. Moritz von Oswald Trio vs. Artery vs. The Year in Seven Inches

Unclear about budget low-Earth financing...


(Four tracks, 25.1 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Asteroids avoid the time,


Happy New Year from the Harz...

Hello Droogs, Happy 2019! I‘m in the Harz region of Germany, enjoying a three-day getaway to cap off an eventful year, one marked by celeb...