Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some Monster in Thy Thought...

Woozlebug - Dewclaw

(1996, no label, one-sided C-90.)

The unreleased follow-up (or predecessor) to Woozlebug's Mullicana album. A slow, hellish burn...

01 Last Train to Skullville / Sacred Pool of PCP / Union Crack Bed Flooded (27:55)

02 Fiery Miremaid (7:50)

03 Dewclaw (2:34)

The fifth installment in our Infinite Brilliance of Greg Fucking Chapman series...



Bruce Anderson - mossbunker bass
Greg Chapman - toxic foxfire guitars
Paul Glaser - teutronics & samples
Evan Light - Moog Monk
Guy Wilde - drums (or, ex-drummer)

Recorded 1996 by W'bug & Co. at the Red Murk-Bank, NJ, USSA.

Remastered by TS at Western Blot, September 30, 2008.


(89.6 MB, ripped @ 320 from the original cassette.)



Both quiet and tense for several seconds,


Don't Laugh...

It's the red, horizontal progress bar that likely provokes the laughter for the audience. As it pings back and forth over the first syllable of "Venice," only the stout of heart (or humorless, or those lacking a sufficiently wide cruel streak) suppress chortles. As for the others (the contestants), I can relate. I watched hillbillies mangle Russian for three freakin' years, and although ridicule was discouraged, it nonetheless occurred...

Monday, September 29, 2008

I've Yet to Netflix "The Challenge," However...

I was so disheartened by reality today... A Frankenheimer mini-fest was the only possible solution. The classics wouldn't do, nor would the spectacular misfires. No, it had to be mid-level or nothing: The Fourth War, Dead-Bang, 99 and 44/100 Percent Dead, The Holcroft Covenant, and The Gypsy Moths. The lineup so depressed me that the fog immediately lifted. I ended up watching Ray Milland's The Panic in Year Zero! instead. That's what I get for being a moody fucking fartiste...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Inside the Fetid Spud-Brain of an Uncongenial Drama Whore...

A lacerating op-ed today from Frank Rich:

The question is why would a man who forever advertises his own honor toy so selfishly with our national interest at a time of crisis. I’ll leave any physiological explanations to gerontologists — if they can get hold of his complete medical records — and any armchair psychoanalysis to the sundry McCain press acolytes who have sorrowfully tried to rationalize his erratic behavior this year...

Friday, September 26, 2008

And on a Related Note...


(With thanks to our Balazs Pandi for the link!)

As Values Crumble...

Costes - Katai Udon (Hard Noodle)

(1994, Beast 666 Rekords BST 023 C-60, out of print.)

For my 2.12 Yen, the best Costes by far. No explication is adequate, or necessary...

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)


Side A (29:10)

01 Sir Meat
02 Japan Heil!!!
03 I Love
04 Japan Hard, Help Beast 666
05 My Name Is Bank
06 Please Have Some Sweets
07 Japan Movie
08 Hard Noodle
09 Look at Costes Pants Near

Side B (17:19)

10 Round-Trip Fuck
11 Hiroshima, It Was a Hot Day
12 I'm Sick
13 Bad Son
14 Costes Sad
15 Harakari Noodle
16 It's Over

Composed and performed by Costes.


(108 MB, ripped @ 320 from the original cassette.)



Despite victory,


Back-Lit Cibachrome Again?

VA - Highlights of Vortex

(1959, Folkways Records FSS 6301 LP, out of print.)


01 David Talcott - Trilogy
02 Henry Jacobs - Chan
03 William Loughborough - For the Big Horn
04 Henry Jacobs - Logos
05 Henry Jacobs - Rhythm Study No. 8
06 Gordon Longfellow - Notes on the History of a World Pt.3
07 David Talcott - Loop No.3
08 Henry Jacobs - Electronic Kabuki Mambo
09 Gordon Longfellow - 350-2


From allmusic.com:

The Vortex project began in 1957 under the sponsorship of Berkeley, CA, radio station KPFA and the California Academy of Sciences, and the music it created was played at shows in San Francisco's Morrison Planetarium, where 38 speakers could help simulate sound as a moving entity. Then it must have sounded futuristic, but to later generations this recording of highlights from the pieces used might sound relatively primitive. That's not just because of the more basic technological level of 1950s instruments, but also because stereo recording can't hope to simulate the surround sound of 38 speakers. Here the sound-in-action simulation is limited to volume swells, fades, and travel between the mere two speakers that are standard hardware for most home audio systems. Still, these are interesting avant-garde experiments in their own right -- far more avant-garde when listened to in isolation than as accompaniment for a planetarium show -- that use eerie combinations of percussive noises, electronics, distortion, and loops to create a creepy sci-fi atmosphere...


(68.1 MB, ripped @ 320 from the original vinyl. It was reissued in 2002 on CD as - unfortunately - Electronic Kabuki Mambo, but the 49-year-old grooves presented herein grope and flutter in a far more interesting manner...)


(New link, posted 17 May 10.)


Spoke Out Against Aspects,


Harwood on the McCain Fumble...

Gramps, get off the fucking highway!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ferguson on McCain's Suspension (Of Principles)...

Craig's having a very good year. Further proof:

Introduced Pubic Hair to the Loft Scene...

(Amended November 19, 2010.)

Sunny Murray's Untouchable Factor - Apple Cores

(1978, Philly Jazz 1004 LP, out of print.)

Epochal. Staple it to your forehead...


Side 1

01 Apple Cores (7:41)
02 Past Perfect Tense (9:24)
03 One Up, One Down (4:34)

Side 2

04 New York Maze (18:32)
05 Applebuff (6:50)



Sunny Murray - drums
Abdul Zahir Batin - flute, whistles, percussion
Hamiet Bluiett - bass
Arthur Blythe - alto saxophone
Sonny Brown - drums
Frank Foster - soprano saxophone
Fred Hopkins - bass
Oliver Lake - alto saxophone
Cecil McBee - bass
Don Pullen - piano
Monnette Sudler - guitar
Jimmy Vass - alto saxophone
Youseff Yancy - trumpet, flugelhorn, theremin, various electro-acoustical sound manipulation devices

Recorded at Blank Tapes Studio, NYC, January 1, 1978.


(107 MB, ripped @ 320 from the original vinyl.)


(Re-upped by request.)


Between these gestures,


Oedipus Knew a Thing or Two About When to Gouge...

If those screengrabs of Senator McCancer staring at Vice-GMILF Palin's ass didn't make you wretch, you've obviously been inured to contagion. There may be a remedy, however. I suggest you prepare for ropes of projectile rainbows...

(Click above for a link to Thread Pit. Cheers to TLASILA's Patrick Spurlock for the ghastly info.)


Death to American Trophy Hunters (and Duplicitous Prey),


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bright Flashing Strobe Effect!

You're about to be blind-sided by a fourth parsing of the Insurmountable Genius of Greg Chapman:

The Squibs - Din Pinwheels with Report

(1995, Woozlebug Recordings one-sided C-90, no matrix number, unknown edition, out of print.)

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)


01 Last Gleaming / Rockets Dead Glare / Grand Finale (23:05)



Greg Chapman - guitar and treatments
Others (?)

Recorded live on the "Reverberations" program on 91.7 WLFR -FM, Pomona, NJ, July 1, 1995.

Remastered by Tom Smith at Western Blot on September 24, 2008.


(55.1 MB, ripped @ 320 from the original cassette.)



Liberty Times 69,


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My First Food Riot...

(Amended March 30, 2009.)

The Inexpressible Greatness of J. Marlowe, Pt. 1...

(For those delightful occasions when your constabulary conscripts the pockmarked.)

Imp Rape Express - Imp Rape Express

(1995, A Loco Motive Production C-90, distributed by Ugly American, no matrix number, unknown edition, out of print.)

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)


01 Cancer Panzer (45:53)

02 Torture and Torture (33:19)


Memory failed, I erred utterly, and I apologize to J. and Edward, who were kind enough to rewire my synapses with swift corner kicks to the dome.

Herr Marlowe, a once and future (and unrelentingly caustic) Ugly American scribe, clues me in:

"While I can appreciate your tentpole-in-pants enthusiasm for the phenomenon that is Greg Chapman, your avid readers should be aware that both tracks on Imp Rape 2000 were cranked out solely by yours truly, one forty-five- (or thirty-) minute guitar track at a time (sorry, no samplers, sequencers or keys - I was indeed listening to techno, but also to the Herzog-esque, dragging-the-boat-over-the-mountain madness of Branca and Chatham). “Torture and Torture” is, in fact, the track that eventually morphed into “Seething Deluxe” from the Holland/Skin/Tunnel CD that lurks somewhere in your collection. I’m sure that you’re very busy creating the missing algorithm that will conclusively link mortgage rate trend analysis with shitting-in-sock-drawer porn, but your attributions need sorting directly."

And so they have been.


J. Marlowe - guitar


Original recording information unknown, but I'd guess that the masters were captured direct to four-track in Red Bank, NJ, sometime in 1995.

Remastered by Tom Smith at Western Blot on September 22, 2008.


(163 MB, ripped @ 320 from the original cassette.)



Dr. Lao,


Neurasthenics Trump Calisthenics...

The second installment in our Greg Chapman, Greatness Be Thy Name series:

Frown - Live at PKN Stock 3

(1995, no label, no matrix number, unknown edition, deleted upon release.)

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)

No personnel or technical credits listed, but Greg probably played guitar, a keyboard, and summoned loops from gloomy Jersey redoubts. As for others, I await the word of the creator...


01 Untitled (19:37)

Recorded live on WPKN, 89.5 FM, Bridgeport, CT, February 26, 1995.

Remastered by TS at Western Blot on September 22, 2008.


(45.7 MB, ripped @ 320 from the original cassette.)



Pest Strip,


I Voted Today...

Yup. Took advantage of the first day of early voting in Georgia and cast my ballot for president, the senate and congressional races, local contests, proposed constitutional amendments, the works. The precinct was deserted when I arrived at 2:00 PM, but the clerk indicated she'd been swamped during the morning hours. A good sign, I suppose. Gave my vote to Obama, of course, but as I live in a provincial backwater (where the Illinois senator currently trails his senescent opponent by 10-plus percentage points), my efforts will likely be neutralized. So be it. I wanted to do my duty before leaving for Deutschland. So should you, you fuckers.

(Regardless of where you may be traveling in the near future.)


Sunday, September 21, 2008

From Kos: "Three Times is Enemy Action"

As brutal indictments go, extraordinary... Read the post (by Daily Kos contributor Devilstower) here.

The Deepest Decent Yet into the Archive...


As you may recall, for the last few months I've been repelling down the TLASILA wormhole, gathering material for the Refusal box forthcoming on Menlo Park Recordings, combing through the oldest, dustiest sedimentary recesses of our tape archive for evidence of the evolutionary shift - the moment when Peach of Immortality kissed its latent DNA goodbye and the grotesque we've come to know and loathe breathed its first lungful of argon. I think I've just found it...

We've previously established that the original TLASILA demos were recorded on five cassettes between May and July 1990, and were collated and sent to Don Fleming for feedback. Don seemed to like what he heard, and the word of my oldest and most trusted friend thus gave me the confidence to trudge onward.

Memory seems to have degraded in the intervening years - I'd forgotten much of what was happening on the To Live and Shave in L.A. front, primarily because Tim Seaton and I were still engaged in a last-ditch effort to complete POI's Taxi zum Shoah album to our satisfaction. We recorded as often as possible on Tim's then-radical Hi-Fi VHS tape system (several years before the introduction of the ADAT, another once-revolutionary, now impossibly quaint medium), transferring final mixes, sketches, live recordings and assorted shrapnel to cassette.

I've just found a cache of 47 C-90s documenting the creation of Taxi. That's 70.5 hours of tape. No wonder we could never get our heads round the fucking album!

Digression leads to new obsessions: a cobbled-together version of Taxi makes the rounds of labels in 1990. Don Fleming, then red-hot with Gumball, writes a lengthy PR manifesto, and signs off on the project as executive producer. We were subsequently rejected by everyone, save for tiny malcontent imprint Noiseville. Prescient, non, mes amis? They thought Taxi too large a chunk of human flesh to swallow, but were willing to release a maxi-single. Hmmmm. Not wanting to rend the carefully soldered armature of TZS, we decided to start from scratch. Unfortunately, Tim had already moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles, and I'd relocated to Miami Beach. This is where the DNA trail gets murky...

The original demos map out fully-realized, yet still very obtuse compositional templates. In other words, songs. Songs without words or titles, but songs nonetheless. This dirt-simple development seemed to engender a palpable sense of excitement and urgency, and capstans were soon whirring. Last week I found two utterly forgotten 1991 sessions recorded with Fred Ware III, including the first-ever composition (with completed vocal!) in the style of 30-minuten mannercreme (titled "The Other House"), and tonight I've dusted off four more C-90s recorded in July 1991 which were created independently of the proposed Noiseville EP.

So, I think I've finally cracked the code.

To Live and Shave in L.A. was conceived in 1988, born in May 1990, took its first awkward steps from the summer of '90 through the winter of 1991, and then let out an apocalyptic keening wail in November '91 (although still swaddled by blankets bearing the POI crest) with the Spatters of a Royal Sperm EP. (Noiseville of course went bankrupt before the four-track single could be released. Oy...)

The Lady Tigra, Traci Phillips, and Oscar Perez leaped upon the stage soon after, followed by Bill Orcutt from Harry Pussy. In mid-1992, Rat Bastard joined me on Churchill's fetid boards for the first of at least a thousand flaming wipeouts, and our marriage of inconvenience began. I've recently uncovered the November 8, 1993 tape marking our permanent adoption of the TLASILA moniker.

Eight months later, 30-mm was in your older sisters' and brothers' hot fucking hands. Ben Wolcott was aboard. History hit the wall at 666 clicks below light speed...

It's gonna be a sick fucking box.



"Truthiness Stages a Comeback"...

Read Sunday's Frank Rich op-ed now, and pack that emergency bag now before it's too late...

(See also the best Mo Dowd editorial in many months, courtesy of Aaron Sorkin.)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Prayed to Jesus Christ for a Movie I Could Show My Kids...

And did that martyred motherfucker ever deliver!

Screengrabs from Noboru Iguchi's gloriously insalubrious 2008 neo-pinku:

It's way too heavy on the CGI, shot directly to hi-def vid, and cuts more corners than a Republican ethics commission, but it serves its sapid slop in silo-loads. A winner!


Thank you, Lord...



RIP Mauricio.

Download Acustica and Der Schall here.

Friday, September 19, 2008

If You've Been Nodding Off in the Kino...

Fuck, there's little wonder! Apart from WALL-E, a decent chunk of Iron Man, the odd peal of Tropic Thunder (forgive), Wanted (although I prefer Timur operate within Russia) and I suppose Ghost Town (I haven't yet been troubled to see Dark Knight or Burn After Reading), this summer's mainstream offerings have been thin fucking gulag gruel.

Why waste precious time and increasingly worthless dollars on Death Race or Righteous Kill when you can instead revel in the (recent) unrepentant?

Here's one from last year:

Any synopsis proffered here would spoil everything. Just take my word for it...

Paths of Glory,

Rififi B. Defa

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Taking the Lying Cunts to Task...

McCancer has but one remaining gutter rejoinder: Ayers. Otherwise, he and Tina Faylin got nothin'.

I pray to Bishop Nicholas of Myra, the patron saint of prostitutes and repentant thieves, that America will be wise enough to reject Team 1929, and elect Obama/Biden...

Monday, September 15, 2008

RIP Rick Wright...

Damn... Well, anyone who knows the history of The Pink Floyd understands that they didn't always suck, that they once evidenced a tenuous sort of greatness, and that Richard Wright was a fine keyboardist. Sad that you're gone, sir.

(Rick's sitting with his hands on later nemesis Roger Waters' back, to the right (your left) of Syd Barrett. To the left (your right) of Waters is Nick Mason, who produced Robert Wyatt's stunning second solo album Rock Bottom, and The Damned's too-frequently maligned sophomore LP Music for Pleasure after the group couldn't get hold of the long-incapacitated Syd...)

After 1971 or thereabouts, all bets are of course off, but prior to bloat and ignomy...

The John Peel tribute blog Perfumed Garden has the Floyd's August 11, 1968 BBC session posted here. (And features David Glimour, Mr. Barrett's de facto replacement, on guitar.) To my ears, this is what they were all about. The Syd years constitute a separate and wholly other paradigm, infinite magnitudes betwixt and beyond the turgid dross of Dark Side of the Moon, Animals, The Wall, et al.




Torrent Artifact Tests Vol. 4...

Samuel Fuller's 1949 directorial debut, the acrid, necessarily low-key I Shot Jesse James, captured at 30.9%...

Happy New Year from the Harz...

Hello Droogs, Happy 2019! I‘m in the Harz region of Germany, enjoying a three-day getaway to cap off an eventful year, one marked by celeb...