Friday, February 16, 2007

TLASILA Album Flood: An Interview with the Mitchell Brothers

Oh my, another moldy chestnut from our first decade... Chuck your crap-ass share rips, devour these fetid morsels, and cough up a blood-flecked essay on this topic:

"Why Doesn't Trevor Wishart Ever Have Anything Good to Say About Winger?"

Say, 2,000 words?


To Live and Shave in L.A. - An Interview with the Mitchell Brothers

(1995, Audible Hiss CD 012)

Availability: out of print since 1997.

01 Kopenhagen Lounge
02 Flesh and Brimstone
03 Scrimshaw Woman
The Resurrection of Eve
05 Beyond De Sade
06 Never a Tender Moment
07 CB Mamas
08 Inside Marilyn Chambers
09 Sodom and Gomorrah

Engineered at The Studio, Miami, on August 11, 1995 by Rat Bastard (bass parts only) and Tom Smith (the rest).

Mixed and Produced by Tom Smith.

Tom Smith - voice, tape edits, shortwave
Rat Bastard - bass
Ben Wolcott - oscillators

Music Tom Smith & TLASILA / Lyrics TS

(100 MB, ripped at 320 kbps, compressed into two RAR files.)


Obtain part one here; part two here.


As some of you may be aware, we dashed out Mitchell Brothers in a day on a dare from Ned Hayden, the erstwhile Action Swinger and Audible Hiss (the short-lived, Caroline-distributed imprint) COO. Hayden thought our recordings a trifle mediated, so he threw down an ill-fitting, provocatively rust-dappled gauntlet:

"Write, record, mix, and master an album in an afternoon, and I'll release it."

Oops... Wish we hadn't taken the bait. Not dire, but five-sixteenths malodorous. (It was a little rushed.)

Our forthcoming Savage Land release - Les Tricoteuses - provides an opposing perspective.


Syd Garon's design for the Mitchell Brothers digipak featured a cover inset photo of the titular siblings, and stills derived from the films referenced in the album's song titles. Caroline's lawyers flipped when they saw the artwork, and demanded we make changes. A compromise design was assembled and accepted; Syd's original version (from an old, low-res scan) can be seen below. Apologies for the poor quality of the image.


Next up? Tonal Harmony.



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