Friday, March 07, 2008

Ready to Send Gifts of Soft Cheeses to Azerbaijan on Day One...


To commemorate WFMU's selection of our September 5, 2006 studio session as part of their permanent Free Music Archive, I've thrown together a mashup EP of both TLASILA's '06 and 2007 visits to their august domain. Many thanks to Brian Turner and Jason Sigal, 'FMU's Licensing Director, for thinking of us...

Our 2006 session featured Ben Wolcott, Rat Bastard, Andrew W.K., Chris Grier, Don Fleming, Graham Moore, and me. The 2007 session was performed by Chris, Rat, Graham, me, Patrick Spurlock, former Peach of Immortality roustabout Mark Shellhaas, and erstwhile Ill Humor succubus Kelly Jamison. (Mark and Kelly perform under the sobriquet Truth Serum.)


(Four tracks, 15 MB, ripped @ 320.)

Get it here.

And an alternate link, here.


Toxic defoliants used in the production of cotton,


The British Board of Censors and a Magnifying Glass...

TLASILA - Desperate Bicycles vs. Walter Smetak

Projections of liquid tables and purported images...


(Two tracks, 7.27 MB, ripped @ 320; 15 minutes into the 61:46 short...)



Through filters,


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