Monday, October 22, 2007

Thank Christ for Sunday (Pt. 666.7)...

A reason to rejoice: Evan called. He's arrived in Kansas! I'm so relieved... His flight took an absurdly circuitous route from Iraq: after arriving in Kuwait, the commercial jet he and his Army comrades were bundled into landed first in Romania, then Iceland, before finally touching down in New fucking Hampshire! Another layover, then a cross-country hop to Topeka, where he deplaned Wednesday afternoon. He's undergoing the standard debriefing regimen prior to the start of a month-long leave, but took time out over the weekend to visit a ten-story haunted house in Kansas City with his wife Dawn, who drove out to Fort Riley to welcome him home. His priorities are thankfully in order.

He's not wounded, and seems not to have lost his sense of humor. FUCK! I'm still so amazingly stressed by all of this. The line of fathers who've lost their daughters and sons (in all the regions scarred by this insane occupation) stretches nigh to infinity...

Fuck it. For now, for the sake of my tenuous grip on sanity, a reprieve, a celebration.

Can't wait to see him!


Today's New York Times offers another paint-peeling op-ed from the great Frank Rich.

Read it.




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