Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rest, Obscured Scum...

So: the VHS masters for Peach of Immortality's 1991 Succumbs (restored) compilation and To Live and Shave in L.A.'s Spatters of a Royal Sperm, the unfinished 1992 long-form video directed by the late Doris Wishman, have been transferred to digital. The former will be reissued via Karl Schmidt Verlag in 2012, and the latter will be re-edited/"completed" for the bonus disc of the re-release of Ms. Wishman's A Night to Dismember DVD. Three cheers for climate-controlled storage (i.e., Mom's house back in the USA)!

Yours Faithfully,


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

RIP Pat Passlof...

Another titan passes... She was a native of Brunswick, Georgia. A homegirl...

(Ms. Passlof with her husband and fellow artist Milton Resnick...)

(Passlof's Housetop, from 1958.)

"... canvases vibrate with unpredictable line and thick, luminous color..."

The Times obit may be found here.



Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Hope Leatherette's a Spinoff...

Hello Friends,

Still folding and tucking. Must be barreling toward a career in custom curettage for the next null-and-void hereafter. As the last orders of Blue Before Blackface lazily drift into HQ, available post-prod time recedes. Still, all KSV enthusiasts are likely to enjoy a Very Merry...



Thursday, November 03, 2011

Why Hand-Folded Is Better Than Hand-Wrung...

Hi Again,

A mosquito just picked the green start button of my laptop as the spot where it wished to die. Its proboscis was bent, bereft of function. Must have had a rough afternoon. It fluttered, tried to right itself, flew a few inches into some cords, then expired...

Got the snap-front bags from the supplier, and so I've begun folding and packing the remainder of the outstanding orders for the KDTS Blue Before Blackface set. The first spool had 42 audio discs, and six PAL DVDs. That took a little over an hour to assemble. Slowly, surely...

Images from the aforementioned struggle:

The above? About 67 minutes of our time, happily given over to thee. We'll try to have the lot in the post by late tomorrow afternoon, Saturday at the latest. At the very latest latest, well, uhh, let's not think about that right now...



Wednesday, November 02, 2011

KDTS Blue Before Update!

(Amended 2 Nov 11.)

Hello Everyone,

Hope all is well out there.

If you ordered Blue Before Blackface a few weeks back, you'll notice that KSV hasn't yet claimed your funds. Why why O why? Well, the company that supplies the snap-front bags we're using for the release informed us they'd run out of them. (I won't take your hard-won geld before orders can be filled. Remember, we make everything on-demand. There is no inventory.) This occurred after I returned from Berlin with the first six orders, which were purchased by Daniel at Rumpsti Pumpsti. (No other copies of the six-disc/one-DVD set have gone out thus far.) Much irritated thumb-twiddling ensued, as is always the case when delays throw themselves in our path. The bag company finally got new stocks in their sumptuous showrooms on Tuesday, but because of work I couldn't pick my share of them up until today. Why bother with the fucking bags? Cos the discs look so cool inside 'em.

A tedious, wholly anodyne tale, but true. We're meticulously transparent here at KSV...

So, with 45 new snap-front bags in my larder, all I have to do is fold, snap, and post. (The discs for all extant orders, including DVDs, are already burned.) In the post maybe by Friday? I'll grab everyone's cash just before the mail drop.

Oh yeah, there are seven sets left, so if anyone still hasn't thrown their lot in with us, now's your fat chance...

Alles klar?



Tuesday, November 01, 2011

November 1st, and the Children Are Barking...

Hi Again,

Still here, just absurdly busy. So much content in the holding pens - I hope to add at least a portion of it in the next few days. Lots to report, including: excellent solo/solo/duo concert the Saturday before last (October 22nd) with Wouter Jaspers at the Oberdeck here in Hannover; saw the Daniel Richter 10001nacht exhibition at Kestner Gesellschaft - mostly very blah, unfortunately; Weasel Walter, Jim Magas, Azita Youseffi (no shit) and I (and perhaps others from the original sessions - who knows?) will be reuniting as Miss High Heel, but probably only for a new series of recordings; I'll be opening for Sightings at Friese in Bremen on November 19th, and we'll be performing together as the Sightings Tom Smith quartet in NYC on January 4th (venue TBA); Rope Cosmetology's website is almost up and salivating - we'll be on tour in Europe during the first three weeks of March - we'll have our first non-KSV releases out by then (if luck holds) as well; a newly commissioned Three Resurrected Drunkards C-90 will soon be available via an Australian imprint whose name escapes me at present; there'll be a new TLASILA C-60 soon as well (info will be posted as soon as my mind clears); the three-disc Shave remix box on MonotypeRec is in production, but probably won't see the grim light of doom until 2012; Epuration is also now set for a 2012 release; I decided to stop giving interviews for The Cortege - you've never seen such insipid fucking inquiries; and, not that you wouldn't have guessed, but there's been lots of tweaking and editing, as usual, at KSV HQ...

That's it for now.



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