Friday, June 30, 2006

New Download Series: "Helen Butte" (remastered)

(The download window expired July 7, 2006. Because we were groggy after returning from our holiday, we kept the sluice open two additional days... As always, thanks for sharing. - TS)

Here's the first of what will likely be a second raft, a flood, an eroded, lacerated beach full of TLASILA/ommyth-related albumi...

"Helen Butte" vs. Masonna Pussy Badsmell was commissioned by Michigan indie Bulb Records in 1994, shortly after the release of TLASILA's first alb, 30-minuten männercreme.

(Well, to be transparent and precise, James Marlon Magas, who in '94 was managing the label in the absence of Bulb founder Pete Larson, asked us to create the album. Larson, if memory serves, was away in Japan, and had little to do with Magas's A&R decision.)

We recorded it at Sync Studios, Rat Bastard's second (or third) of several Miami Beach studios he ran with partners Looch and Ralph C. (I also tracked parts of it at Telemundo, the Spanish-language television network where I was employed as an audio engineer. Most of the Telemundo stuff was done in '93; at their studios in that same year I also edited and EQ'd Harry Pussy's debut Siltbreeze long-player, In an Emergency You Can Shit on a Puerto Rican Whore, and assembled the first, eponymous After That It's All Gravy collection. )

(Which, like HB, sat unreleased for eons.)

"Ass God" and "Heavy Bribe" were recorded live at Churchill's, Miami, in the Spring of 1994.

[By glutenous admission I find the latter track to be almost wholly bereft of logic. The album, in either the best or worst sesnes, was genuinely irrational... It seems rather ahead of its moment, yet somehow sprung from the loins of load-bearing mammals. Were we but sumpters with overactive cerebra? Oxen with near-encyclopedic knowledge of the lives of pornographic actresses of the early 1970s? 'Tis true, a certain blogging donkey was getting a good deal of tail at the time of the album, but hubris was oh-so-fleeting, and a humbling collapse was just around the foot of the unvarnished sleigh bed. See Wigmaker for details...]

"Helen Butte" vs. Masonna Pussy Badsmell was eventually issued (or, dumped into the cutout bins, depending on the cynical depths of one's perspective) by cash-poor but tax write-off savvy DC indie Fifth Column, under their short-lived Full Contact imprint. Michael Bull, one of the label directors at Caroline Distribution, later informed me ('97-ish) that Butte had Soundscanned an astounding 72 copies.

Stardom... So delicious.

Those of us manning the bilge hydrolics at TLASILA HQ reckon few of you have heard the damned thing, so please, download! Spread it around the Usenets, burn it for easily aggrieved neighbors, bootleg it into emerging redoubts, etc.

Because our bandwidth is finite, this offer expires Wednesday, July 5, 2006. Act fast or moan later. (It was extended to Friday, July 7. Thanks for downloading!)

Remastered, remixed (most of the tracks were in some way tweaked), and otherwise reconsidered by TS between June 27 and June 30, 2006.


To Live and Shave in L.A. - "Helen Butte" vs. Masonna Pussy Badsmell

(1994; issued 1996 on Full Contact Records 9868-63235-2, CD)


01 Root of Pop Compulsion
02 Tina Russell, Free
03 Take a Lot of Ofay
04 The Ass God
05 Open City '72
06 Shit If They Hit
07 Spelvin, the Righteous Bush
08 Veinsearchin'
09 Superhype Security Probe
10 My Third Decade of Ultrafuck
11 Crypt Rocket, Tomb Rocket, Turd Rocket
12 The "Six" in The Six Wolves
13 Mizrahi Speculum
14 I Learn to Inject Morphia
15 Lady Dedlock
16 Hypecuff
17 A Low Mass Will Be Said
18 I Suppress Nothing
19 Wanna Bust Up a Virgin Ass?
20 One Navel of Decline
21 Rexroth, Cozy Cool
22 I Used to Pay a Heavy Bribe
23 Kama Sutra '71
24 Anne's Eager Bottom
25 Shivman Destroys Spoonman
26 "Godspike" Soph. Hoax
27 Theresa Soder in My Hot Hands
28 Television's Over
29 "American Car"
30 Gone and Bitched Up
31 I Slur a Name
32 Tealink
33 First Pop Novice
34 Lock of Gut Twine
35 Balling Andrea True
36 Bataille = No Stipe
37 In the Assworks


Report broken links, please - I've not yet had time to check them. Lyrics? Right here. (No longer, tho. Sorry.)

Approx. 159 MB / ripped at 320 kbps (better than CD quality) / TT: 69:10


Rat Bastard: bass guitar

Ben Wolcott: oscillators

TS: voice, tape manipulations, small electronics

Engineered by Rat and Tom; mixed and produced by TS.

Composed and performed by TS/TLASILA 1993-1994

(Except "Television's Over," composed by Tim (TV) Smith of the brilliant, ever-relevant Adverts.)

C+P TLASILA 1993-2006.

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