Monday, September 11, 2006

Tour Wrap-Up and Photo Deluge Later Today...

Hello... I've been sleeping it off since arriving home late on the 9th. Updates will arrive later on the 11th. Fucking ironies...

(Perfect detailing... This flat black, no-frills bile was parked on the curb adjacent to the NYC Choppers shop on Mahhattan's West Side. "Awesome" doesn't quite do it justice. Razr snap by TS, September 6, 2006.)

Update, 9:35 pm... Still groggy. Earlier, I enjoyed a two-hour sweat slog at the gym, my first non-stage workout since embarking on the tour. Energies flag nonetheless. Mental fatigue, baby. I'm too wiped to maintain consciousness. Just as we hit our peak in Brooklyn (of all places), the rug was pulled out from under. Then, two solid days of zero-sleep driving, and the resultant return to somber realities. At least the 9/11 remembrance horseshit keeps the lids extra heavy. Anyhow, tour pics and diary entries should pop up on the morrow...

(Assorted tour vidcaps added 12 Sept 06...)

(Chris Grier at the Perv Stop, pre-realization, Upstate NY, 31 Aug 06.)

(Tom driving while doing baritone warm-up exercises; consternation assured. Somewhere in Quebec, Canada, 31 Aug 06.)

(Ben and AWK, wilting; see above.)

(Ditto Rat...)

(CG shocked to find bagels exist north of Houston Street... Snap from Montreal b'fast, 1 Sept 06.)

(Ben delineating finer points of Dade County politics during breakfast, Montreal, 1 Sept 06. Wait... Aren't such expository flights Rat's stock in trade? What gives?! Call the union rep stat!)

(TLASILA soundcheck, Hamilton, September 3, 2006...)

(After the gig, a furtive search for an all-night breakfast joint... Hamilton, 4 Sept 06.)

(AWK, behnd the eight ball, but back in NYC, 5 Sept 06.)

(Some room, somewhere, Earth, 2006.)

(TS in the van, beatific to the bitter end, 5 Sept 06.)

(CG and sex-seeking Shave stalker, Perv Stop, Upstate NY, 31 Aug 06.)

(Grier and TLASILA enthusiast at Korean Christian tea room, Hamilton, 3 Sept 06.)

Hope these'll tide you over 'til later...



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