Monday, June 23, 2008

I'll See Your Aesopian Metaphor, and Raise You a Lifeless Ideology...

TLASILA - Chic vs. Mystic Moods Orchestra

A fraudulent smear campaign; flies hover over gaily festooned wounds...


(Four tracks, 14.6 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Resectioning the psychomontage,


R.I.P. George...

(The clip above ends abruptly, but no matter - it displays Carlin's ever-adroit ire to excellent effect. The Countdown interview, while comparatively brief and constrained by the necessities of format, was slyly caustic; in retrospect, far more poignant for its reserve.)

Also: George Carlin Reads More Blogs Than You Do

KD Returns to KSV!

Hello Droogs, Kevin Drumm and I picked up our conversation - one that surges, drifts off, abates, and swells with elliptic certainty ever...