Saturday, July 15, 2017

Episode 014 Is LIVE


We're up to episode fourteen of our R.E.M., REO, Indigo, Chicago pod/gramme. This week's digs are beautifully appointed - we urge you to visit our showroom! Go here.

Mixed, produced and presented by Tom Smith on July 14, 2017 at KSV HQ, Hannover.

The playlist:

01 Vice Versa - "Polanski's Macbeth" (1978-1980) (from Electrogenesis 1978-1980 compilation box, 2014)
02 Juicy the Emissary - "Attention K Mart Choppers A6" (from Attention K-Mart Choppers CD, 2017)
03 Stuart Saunders Smith - "Links No. 9 (Mosque)" (from The Links Series of Vibraphone Essays compilation CD, 2009)
04 Tuca - "Tempo glacial" (from Drácula I Love You LP, 1974)
05 The Undisputed Truth - "1990" (from Cosmic Truth LP, 1975)
06 Brötzmann, Van Howe & Bennick - "Nr. 6" (from Brötzmann / Van Howe / Bennick LP, 1973)
07 Rolf Julius - "Music for the Eyes" (1981; from Early Works Vol. 1 compilation CD, 2004)
08 I Roy - "Point Blank" (from Point Blank 7", 1977; also Blood & Fire: Hit Sounds from the Observer Station 1970-1978 compilation, 2005)
09 William Parker - "Rise Up in Sound" (from For Those Who Are, Still CD, 2015)
10 Patricia - "It Gets Worse at Night" (from Several Shades of the Same Color CD, 2017)
11 Sympathy Nervous - "Inverted Type" (from Sympathy Nervous LP, 1980)
12 Oblivians - "Jim Cole" (from Soul Food LP, 1995)
13 Witch - "Blood Donor" (from Lukombo Vibes LP, 1976; also We Intend to Cause Havoc! compilation, 2012)

and, a bonus track:

14 Rip Rig + Panic (feat. Nico) - "Pullover No Sox" (from BBC Radio 1 John Peel Session, recorded September 14, 1981) (unreleased)

I recommend you jump all over it.

Apropos of the series, here are my replies to some of the questions asked in regard to the program by a Spanish journalist in advance of TLASILA's upcoming EU mini-tour: 

1) Q: Why the name? What's its origin? 

A: It rolls particularly well off a wicked tongue. And, obviously, it uses the names of four of the most dismal, prosaic bands of all time. It's counterpoint. It's the opposite of what you will find within. 

2) Q: Why don't you talk between tracks? We're interested in your opinion. 

A: There's no need to oversell this music - it speaks for itself. I prefer immersive experiences. No need for narration. 

3) Q: Your tastes seem almost too eclectic. Why not choose a theme? 

A: Well, it should be obvious that I've no fondness for a wide swathe of sound, but I'm always scouring for new things, emerging sounds, provocative ideas, arrogant displays, and older / obscure works of which I was never aware. If that's too eclectic, then I'm guilty as charged. But, there is a theme of sorts - the abrasive, flagrantly anti-rock end of the Neue Deutsche Welle. It's music I never tire of hearing, and I've programmed quite a lot of it into the show.



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