Tuesday, April 22, 2008

From the Wrocław Deep-Freeze...

(Captions to follow...)

Polish Cruise Down Bloglane,,,

SICKBOY writes:

hells yes! we are flying down the highway to our first Polish show in Wroclaw. Berlin yesterday, was a very intresting experience. First we had to pick up Eva fairytale at the airport, who had been playing a few solo shows here and there. It was great to team-up and catch up on the past few days, who have been flashing by like a wild rollorcoaster ride. Once we entered the center of Berlin, we went straight to Joke Infant's flat. A nice and wide place in Friedrichshein. Sipping on some tea, smoking on some trees, and squatting a local wireless network, all was just relax and chillin.. But not for long, since there was soundcheck to do, and Joke was in a hurry to meet up with his band! thats right, we had the pleasure of witnessing the Sudden Infant Trio. A trio consisting of another Swiss and a Englishman. That other Swiss guy i had never met before, and excuse me but i forgot, or never got your name. Bill, the Englishman, I had met before on the Colour Out Of Space festival in Brighton, UK, last year.

As the evening progressed and we had filled our stomach with energy-fuel, more and more faces come showing up. I must have mailed a dozen people i know who live and shave in Berlin. Some of them were out of town, others showed up. The first one to greet was Matthieu aka Electric Kettle. Who told me he was looking for a new direction with his music, and had been feeling a lil uninspired. I told him what a great time i had been experiencing with The Shave and how it was all new and inspiring for me to be out of the loop of the breakcore/hardcore scene for a while. And it is true.. I've been developing my style, my set, my way of improvising.. by leaps since this tour has started. to do something different with almost the same equipment. a greqt challenge i have been embracing with both arms. Then a few of members of Birds Of Delay entered the backstage. Steve, who has been living in Berlin, and ofcourse, Younger Luke himself! Him self was having a birthday! Dude came out and celebrated on a TLASILA show in Berlin. Good folks. Eva, who was actually sick upon arrival, was crashing out in the backstage while i set my journey onwards and went into the crowd, to look for more familiar faces. Hells yes.. more friends were there. Christian and Basti and some more of their roommates. I always hang out with Christian and Basti whenever i go to Berlin. They are the best folks and it was great to see them. Hmm althou i didnt see Christian, he was there, but we somehow missed eachother... And then there was my good friend Christoph and Lauren from Praxis. Greta to see them and share my/our experiences with them.

The first band, took forever to start, and it took them forever to stop aswell. they were named BA24 or something. to be quite honest. the dudes were a lil weird and out of place. Still good folks ofcourse.. but the main thing was that it was getting later and later. As the evening progressed and the Sudden Infant Trio was performing i think 1/3rd of the crowd left, mailny because it was a sunday and trains stop running after midnight. Ah well. the best thing was, we played a killer set! Me, Tom and Eva set the tone with Flattering Circles Of Hell. and went straigh into Hell Will Envenom Them.. played a few other time-warped segments and things really took of. Once we had finished, the crowd roared really enthousiasticly.. and Tom announced that the Sudden Infant Trio would join us onstage for a Monster-jam. And that was great! Although some weirdo also wanted to join in and started playing with eva's pedal and effects. it's all cool man, you do what you cant hold back. Somehow i hate people who invited themselves onstage and pretend they know how your gear works. somehow this guy just made fool of himself, at least towards me and Eva, and the rest didnt have a clue what was going on.

Once it was all over, we packed our shit together and got way from the venue, to find ourselves some decent rest. Dennis (our driver) and Tom went to Joke's flat. Me and Eva went to Christian and Basti's.. where we drank some tea and passed out. the next day we got up, drank coffee, ate soup, bought sunglasses, drank bionade, went to buy a new camera for Tom and got out of berlin. to be right here, in this car on shitty highways in Poland. Up to another adventure, into the unknown, and it aint far from over. Until next times infinity.


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