Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Someone Demanded a Fitting Room... (aria)

(Amended from original post.)

It was a frantic, albeit Ambien-filtered weekend. We got a lot of work done, and one of us was groggy throughout...

404 Noise, Eyedrum, Atlanta, March 17, 2007

I got there quite purposely late, just after midnight. The damned fest had been wheezing along since 5 PM... Graham Moore and I were supposed to have performed as a trio with recent TLASILA draftee Andy Barranca, but the latter wouldn't have arrived in time from Charleston for any sort of rehearsal. Plan Z was thus put into effect...

As I walked through the gallery entrance, I heard a muffled shuffling in the distance, an enervated series of sounds akin to those produced by a 1994 Dodge minivan inching through the terminal rinse run of a Citgo car wash adjacent to a Days Inn near the Kansas-Nebraska border.

Turns out it was J****e's set... (Hate to hate, but truth must be told.)

Naturally, I preferred hanging with GM and the Bobbster up front...

Someone finally had the sense to switch off the CD that had been blaring on the main stage. Years passed... The floor was at last ceded to unremunerated co-headliner Gaybomb, who excited, perplexed, and irritated the remaining punters in short order. Probably the best Barranca set I've yet witnessed.

(Black Meat, running Quicken Books through an old Sinclair ZX81... Who says accountancy couldn't be sexy?)

(The Bobbster and Bridgett, running fest black ops with customary zeal.)

(Some old dude wanders in off the street looking for pomade, instead washes ashore at the Blossoming Noise merch table. GM tries not to look askance.)

(Gaybomb, ripping up Eyedrum with the a very wicked card reader.)

(The Atlanta scene.)

TLASILA tracking, March 17-19, 2007

We recorded over three hours of Shavian titanium sludge at Blossoming Noise HQ, the majority of which will likely emerge, following the accustomed post-prod ablutions, within the curio-strewn dividers of our forthcoming 7xCD3 box on Melted Mailbox.

(A typical death platter on Blossoming studio steel. Genesis are the new Magical Power Mako.)

(This Califone blur makes my eyes bleed voice mail.)

(Barranca, stimming in real time.)

(Graham puts the boot right where it belongs...)


A good weekend, smeared with just the right amount of ironic remove. Wish all of you could have been there with us. (Our Saturday search for Lawrenceville Korean vegan was especially edifying...)

Got home, watched the superb new Criterion edition of Bresson's Mouchette, then died the death.


RLW / Aube - Organized Split EP (1996)


Run wild-eyed toward your precipices...

RLW / Aube - Organzied

(1996, Meeuw Muzak mm006 10".)

Availability: out of print.)


Kant 1

01 RLW - Erased Phasings (9:41)

Kant 2

02 Aube - Embossed Phrasings (10:09)

Aube is Akifumi Nakajima; RLW is Ralf Wehowsky.


(45.4 MB, ripped from the original Meeuw Muzak vinyl at 320 kbps, and compressed to RAR.)

Get it here.


Until Later


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