Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Carlos António da Silva Out Now on KSV!

KSV 008 Carlos António da Silva - Lissabon Lieder (CDR)

Recorded at O Século, Lisboa, Portugal, on January 28, 2008.

Part One: Duo

01 Honeycomb Tripe
02 No Swollen-Bellied Comet Blown

Pedro Gomes - guitar
Tom Smith - voice

Part Two: Trio

03 Till Their Legs Gave Way
04 Bright Lights, Theatre, Furs

Joana da Conceiáao - keyboard & electronics
André Abe - guitar
Tom Smith - voice

Joana and André are also known as Tropa Macaca.

Mixed, mastered and produced by Carlos António da Silva in Hannover, Germany, February 3, 2009.

Photography by Claudia Franke and Karl Schmidt.


Edition of 30. Sleeve design by Emília Francisca Paraguaçu Guimarães.



€ 7.49 within the EU, €9 outside the EU. Postage paid. Add €1 for each additional album.

So, one disc ordered from Portugal = € 7.49. Two discs ordered from the USA = € 19. Three discs ordered from China = € 29. Four ordered from France = € 32.96. Et cetera...

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