Friday, December 08, 2006

Post-Tour Tours: Update

Please note that four of we dozen-odd Shavelings (Rat, Chris, Graham, and I) will be touring in the special, Mad Dog 20/20-shaped Laundry Room Squelchers configuration from December 16 through the 23rd. Check back here for itinerary and additional details, or visit

Sidebar: We'll be honoring TLASILA's December 20th date at Jacksonville, Florida's Yesterdays Social Club, and have no ethical qualms in doing so. (I, not our former agent, booked the gig.) Our local contact, Lowgun, informs us that they've convened the eighth (known) Shave spin-off clone, one christened To Love and Shave in L.A. This Duval County iteration will be making their live debut at Yesterdays. A must-ogle gig.

In March, Mark Morgan (Sightings, TLASILA, Cocaine, etc.) and I will be touring the American Midwest together. We've bandied about one duo moniker, but we're just as likely to go out sans appellation. Still rather early.


Shrapnel Composite: Surgery Is for Sissies...

(A Wonkette comic-fumetti, itself detourned from Salon and pilfered from the former by yrz truly...)


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