Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bonzenspeck und Prollgehabe...

The Scheld'apen gig was fucking mental. We have a perfect mini-disc board mix and we're looking to release it ASAP. Eva, Jurgen, Erwin, Joke and I performed a 45-minute "Flattering Circles of Hell"/"This Home and Fear" extrapolation and by the end of the evening we owned the metaverse. Today is another bloody day, however, and chilly Tilburg awaits... Pix will be posted soon.

We're at the Ultra Excema compound. Dennis, Carlo and Eva have been faultlessly hospitable.

Sickboy and I strolled through Antwerpen's red light district yesterday, sort of a two-block retail adjunct lined with dozens of brothels. It all looked very Ubran Outfitters-like, except of course for the smiling whores sitting in the windows...

More ASAP,


Antwerpen > Scheld'apen Pix

(Captions to follow.)

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