Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hors d'œuvre?

While the faithful (eight) pace their garrets, carving into thighs and foreheads rude ideograms symbolizing the passage of the remaining hours (decades?) until TLASILA rarities skulk into view, please accept this humble appeasement.

They fell to earth as the half-devoured fruit of a favorite game of mine, one I've named Pulling-Out. It's dead simple, really - you insert an mp3 data disc into your CD-ROM drive, start your soundcard capture utility (I like TotalRecorder), fire up Winamp (or whichever player you prefer), give your box a moment to craft a sweet lil' cache, and then eject the disc. After a second or two, you're flying above the Glitch City landfill.

Most of 'em are semi-tepid. Other attempts fare, uh, less well. The point of the game is to plug away, regardless.

No editing (save clicking "start" und "stop"); no sonic treatments splooged over the tracks (save normalization, to balance overall volume)...

These pull-outs (others might deign to call them expulsions, evacuations, withdrawals, freedom jags, etc.) were recorded in August, 2004 and (earlier today) on February 11, 2006.

(Uncertain if p'ing-out would work on a Mac. Prob. not.)

Systems with insufficient memory return the coolest results. In mid-2000, TLASILA recorded a 75-minute album (entitled Other Criteria) for the woeful Freedom From imprint (which we ultimately decided not to deliver) consisting solely of the background music from a pop-up ad recorded off a Windows 98 system pulling a mere 48 megs of RAM. It was really fucked-up...

Anyhow, nothing amazing afoot, but enough of a lark to justify the many seconds expended on the effort.

Don't dig these? Try it for yourselves, devise your own time-snuffing activities, etc. No innovatory leaps intended - in pulling-out I wring cheap laughs from the gloom of stormy days, university overload, and the usual grim minutiae of privileged existence... Stardom is pain.


Tom Smith - Pull-Outs Vol. 1-2 (2004/2006)

TT: 11:28 / each file 320 kbps / total download 26.5 MB

(Note: the download period for these files expired February 26, 2006. We thank you for your participation.)

Volume 1 (recorded TS 08-04)

101 The Pop Group - We Are All Prostitutes

(this one's kinda ropey and way too obvious, but its incongruity repels torpor - in other words, it sounds nothing like its source...)

102 Mr. Airplane Man - LRRH

103 Spirit - Right on Time

104 Black Flag - The Bars

105 Carla Bley - Fast Lane

106 Detroit Grand Pubas - Definition of Sick

107 Elmer Bernstein - Tree Treasure

108 U-Roy - Flashing Whip

109 Steve Lacy Trio - The Door

Volume 2 (recorded TS 02-06)

201 Ed Kuepper - Little Fiddle

202 John Lindberg Revolving Ensemble - Arenas

203 Lou Reed - I Can't Stand It

204 The Cynics - Get My Way

205 Alec Empire - Make 'em Bleed

206 George Jones - You Comb Her Hair

207 I Am Kloot - Strange Without You

208 Olivier Messiaen - Les Sept Anges...

209 Suppa Micro Pamchopp - Darkstars




Avian Fuckheads Reject Warmed-Over Tantrum...

Instead, they offer new proof of a greater anger...

Splotch have long been one of our favorite groups here at TLASILA HQ; having last appeared live in 2001 (?), they've since shattered, scattered, embraced goals beyond.

We last saw Sam Sebren (Splotch frontperson dude) during the Shave 2004 tour; Sam was kind enough to interview us for the college station at which he DJd.

(Sorry, I've forgotten the city, call letters, etc.)

Anyhow, Ben Wolcott just forwarded an email from SS to which was attached a previously unreleased studio track from Splotch, who at last roll call comprised: Paul Tiers (killer tubsman, bro of Wharton), Chicklet (splattery guitarist and occasional voxish foil, aka Karen Mantler, spawn of free jazz titans Carla Bley and Michael Mantler), David Middleton (bassiste très formidable), and Mr. Sebren (adequate singer, decent enough photographer, scion of Hasan-i-Sabbah...).

The track is entitled "Bird Flu." Just a tad prescient, huh?

Sam relayed the following message:

Here's the tune -- we recorded it in '98 (!). Karen's guitar makes me drool and the sweet background vocals are her and a guest, Jeff, who was crashing at Paul's at the time. We taught him the words and they nailed it on the first take. Wharton Tiers mastered it with me a couple months ago at Fun City (NYC). If anyone feels compelled to make a video for this, be my guest. At least , please "spread" the song around!

We hear and obey...

All hail Splotch!

(You must not forget these... Consult Menlo Park Recordings. Stocks are likely very limited, so act now!)




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