Friday, July 16, 2010

Your One-Stop Desynchronization Shop...

Hello Everyone,

In response to numerous requests: Portsmouth Sinfonia.

Odd, the version of Hallelujah that's been coursing through the global system of interconnected computer networks is clearly, obviously the same one I originally shared with you in October, 2007. (Not that I care.) The iteration you'll discover below has been cleaned up yet again, and re-encoded for maximum nerd-info impact. As for the rip of Plays the Popular Classics, 'twas also was sourced from my own, somewhat frazzled vinyl copy (purchased in 1973 for $3.49 at a J.C. Penney store located in the now forlorn Five Points Shopping Center in Valdosta, Georgia). Re-encoded and slightly scrubbed as well. The versions of 20 Classic Rock Classics and Classical Muddly originated elsewhere (copied many years ago from a college radio station's larder), and as such have been appropriately spruced, re-encoded (ever crucial), and administered B-12 injections about the taillights and bony labyrinth...

What are you waiting for?

Plays the Popular Classics


20 Classic Rock Classics / "Classical Muddly"

Info files and images within each archive. Everything ripped at 320.




Vor der lange Tod...

Despite the inept direction, GREAT.

Courtesy of Frau Franke...

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