Friday, March 26, 2010

Waking to Find the Day Serrated...

Hi Again,

Nearly aced the German exam. Thirty-four of 35 responses correct. (Whew...) It's just a start, of course. I'm much older than I was when I began studying Chinese and Russian, and in its way, German is as complex a language as either. I've a long, bloody, limb-strewn road ahead.

All twelve of the recent KSV releases are SOLD OUT. Many thanks to everyone valiant enough to take the plunge. Orders will be shipped in three waves - some today, a few on Saturday, and the remainder on Monday. Let us know when you've received yours!

New interview mit mir: The Captain Is Dead blog.

Sayeth one anonymous commenter: "The EGO has landed." He or she, of course, was gripped by altruism.

Guest DJ/podcast curator for the April 20th edition of WLUW's Delirious Sunrise program. Two hours of music, a few minutes of explanatory blather...

More Later,


Brothel Fibrin...

Thomas Fehlmann and Gudrun Gut on the Birth of Berlin Techno and Life Beyond the Wall We approve. Read the piece in Sleek .