Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Diamanda Galás - Faust. Eros. Tod (1982/1988)

Hello Again,

Moved by the astonishing example set by Mutant Sounds (and that of the many other admirable shareblogs), I've decided to post a handful of rarities myself. Interested parties should find these to be sufficiently difficult to obtain.

Please note the word "handful" - maybe 50, tops. We all have other things to do.

Some, as with this first post, have been ripped from albums I own. A large chunk of the series will be comprised of recordings I copied from Rudolf's personal archive while rehearsing with OHNE in Aarau, Switzerland in 2002.

(I make no bones of it; Mr.'s aesthetic judgments have proven exquisite time and again. Bravo, sir!)

There'll be no schedule. I'll upload when I've extra time.

Rapidshare only - no bitching, please. If you find these to your liking, make copies for your friends. Or, find a way to have them legitimately issued, re-released, banned, etc. Just get off your arse and make something happen.


Diamanda Galás - Faust. Eros. Tod

(LP, 1982 bootleg recording, released 1988.)

Availability: sold out, dead and buried.

01 Les Litanies des Satan (17:06)
02 Hymne a la Beauté (13:22)

(Ripped at 320 kbps from the album I purchased at Atlanta's Wax N Facts in 1988. Approx. 70 MB, compressed into an RAR file.)

Get it here.

(New link added July 12, 2010.)

No need to pontificate - it's essential, it's yours. Take and eat.


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