Tuesday, July 05, 2005

No Longer Gargling with H2SO4

The afternoon of the 4th was spectacular. Perfect conditions, minimal pedestrian traffic, fewer dining options (thus focusing our efforts and eliminating consumer guilt). Found a secular Hindi spot; AWK and C had their fill of meat, and I was served a delightful platter of tepid chai and three small radish cross-sections. This was topped off by a spoonful of distilled water and a 1/64th portion of roti...

C cabbed it downtown to attend a party, and your TLASILA reps decamped to HQ. We composed a new song, rehearsed it for several hours, and spent many more recording it. Must have run through 60 takes. (My voice is only slightly tweaked; the vocal instruction's already paying off.) We were at it from 8 PM until 3 AM, and then AWK tweaked album mixes until dawn. Slack fucker. We've since roused, and the process begins anew in a few hours.

Elvira and I have decided on Spain for our holiday. Can't wait to chill with ETA insurgents and Jack Abramoff's golfing buds poolside.

More tour action possible in September - a solo (or duet) trek through Australia. TLASILA is tentatively set for a November swing through xxx.

Life beckons ever onward.



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