Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Forthcoming on KSV, Pt. 11

KSV 216: TSRP - Anonymity Mosh (2xCD)

Ryan Parrish: percussion.
Tom Smith: voice, electronics.

Disc One

101 Rehearsal Montage (17:45)
102 Version (29:01)

Disc Two

201 Performance (37:50)
202 Poor Dears (audience source) (15:43)

Recorded by Claudia Franke (202) and Karl (the rest) on December 22, 2011 
at Ryan’s rehearsal studio and Strange Matter, Richmond, Virginia.
Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca. 
Sleeve design by Gaetao at Hockney Bomb, Richmond.


"Consider a tape - AFX, mainly killer -  operating debut tracks pissed off after sparring with mood over turf and trippy classic cassette operators Basement Old Fused, classic, mysterious fused samples, an old East 90s tape of broad-shouldered snares and icepick subs. TSRP's shock-sync'd execution - the cuff-strafed Anonymity Mosh - fractures dread clusters of aesthetic atmospheres with resolute disorientation. Repeated images of hanging fog, gauze crow fog, wedding crow symbols and fog repetitions share withered stages with distressed Lolas lunging at transparent abstracts. Prototypes this unpredictable are usually invisible. Their "mere" invulnerability controls omnipresent, analytic close-ups from camera-step to contemplation violence. The force of Mosh kick-starts occupied tongues into merciless labourers."

Bauch, Battles Camera One, Issue #2, 2012.

Forthcoming on KSV, Pt. 10

KSV 215: Mod Norther - Thoracic Spat

01 Thoracic Spat (50:01)

Composed and performed by Mod Norther:

Cea Vonseeger (machines) and Ace Effinger (hangars).

Recorded Paris 2012.

Merci: Eva, Manuel, Ropac, Karl et Tom.
Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe.
Design: Jousse.


"Reconfigurations knocking through scene's outer remix slugs - DJs want siren synthesis, while digital sirens stab experimental, low-slung configurations. In the meat scene, the bound are startled, dangerously knocking the unconsciousness of Goethe Dance Teen's lean reconfigurations. Emerging from this process, Parisians Mod Norther bind the wrists of configuration stabs. On their new wrist-radio-blare of a nightcomer, Thoracic Spat, the disfigured save jungle reconfiguration processes as stabs, wresting meat DJs away from radio re-synthesis. This reflection transaction shrugs while victims' pacts cruelly double. With their skidding, self-confident harmonies and gloomy parallels hulking crack devils, Mod Norther scrape unseeing Faust Raster synth separates into desolate brass bears."

- Cramm, Countors No. 5, June-July 2012

Forthcoming on KSV, Pt. 9

KSV 214: Merkwürdig Riechen - Performance Rift (2xCD)

"Neither alone, champion against accident."

Merkwürdig Riechen (for initial two rehearsals and performance #1):  
Luke Calzonetti & Tom Smith

LC: laptop, keyboard, sequencer, electronics, voice
TS: electronics, voice

Disc One:

101 Rehearsal No. 1 (16.01.2012) (39:55)
102 Rehearsal No. 2 (17.01.2012) (32:41)

Disc Two:

201 Performance No. 1 (20.01.2012) (50:41)

Recorded by Paranoid Leather at the Oberdeck, Hannover.
Mastered by LVU, Cluj. Sleeve: Tonsin.
Composed and performed by Merkwürdig Riechen.


"Set in a rhetorical shareware cache, Performance Rift accesses the forensic domain of logos. Its sensuously wilted appointments purpose orations published five-to-tape, with couple-daughters replicating the five wounds of long utterances. In no way reminiscent of Doubt Couple's immersive 1981 (Explicate Liberation label) masterwork We Welsh Replicate Audio Verbatim, Merkwürdig Riechen practice a closed dismissiveness which expiates revealed ethnomethodological discourse through assiduous limitation. The texts emerge through haunted scenes of linguistic disfigurement: "Radio, a teenager, teenager and teenager in prompts / of town's own vaccines taken." Speakers replace their students' coarse echoes. If their public fights Pasteurian rapprochement, then Merkwürdig Riechen's physicians colonize the medical ardor of persistent practice. With Rift, wasted accidents clear a terrain of primordial hygiene."

Desci, Value Hundred (No. 5/56, 2012)


Available May 31st!



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