Monday, April 27, 2009

KSV Has Its First Distributor...

Tochnit Aleph is now carrying selected Karl Schmidt Verlag releases (including a few copies of KSV 021), so, if one of these micro-editions is sold out here, look for it there!

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)

From left to right: Rope Cosmetology - Diffusion de la rue de la Double Identité (KSV 021); TS - LRRH im Schimmel (KSV 014); Tom Smith - Vampire Weekend Is a Timeshare in Secaucus (KSV 010); Karl & die Leidenschaften - Unnötigerweise Auto-Getunete Klassiker (KSV 009); Rope Cosmetology - Discoteca Festival (KSV 011); and Karl Schmidt - Remediated and Decontectualized Field Recordings Vol. 1 (KSV 006).

Tochnit may also have one or two pocket squares of KSV 001 (TLASILA's Konstriktion und Narzissmus album) still tethered to cracked and battered mannequins. Seek, find, etc.



Following This Blog...

Hello Again,

Any of you using this new "follower" feature? It all seems a bit too Twittery and Facebookish for my tastes, but I refuse to stand in the way of unnecessary innovation. If you got it, use it, and follow us to Hell.

Yours Indecisively,


Late, But Never Never!

The most recent rash of Karl Schmidt Verlag orders has been delivered to Deutsche Post and should be on the wing to Your Hometown, A Nation, Earth. Apologies again to those of you who were wringing hands and plucking nose hairs with pliers in anticipation, but a certain new cabal's daisy-cutter detonation runs blasted the balance of my free time to Svartalfheim. Sufferers will find a free bonus disc (KSV021, Rope Cosmetology's Diffusion de la rue de la Double Identité, recorded at the group's debut Paris performance on April 3 and not otherwise available, unless you were at the Silke Arp Bricht show on April 11!) inside their padded bags o' swag...

New releases on the way soon!

Vielen Dank,


For H1N1 Symptom Completists Only...

TLASILA - James Last vs. DAF

Another contusion, first aggravated in mid-November, now fully fibrous and buffed to a glistening gray...


(Four tracks, 18 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Try not to touch surfaces,


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